Why Rabbits Make Great Pets

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Last Updated: January 3, 2019

Want to know what makes rabbits good pets?

This post explores exactly why rabbits make great pets.

Rabbits are a popular pet, but not everyone understands the appeal. The fact is, rabbits are wonderful companions and additions to your family. Rabbits, when given the opportunity, bond deeply with their humans and can be a joy to interact with. It is just a matter of knowing how to care for and treat your new pet. If you’re looking for information on rabbits or considering getting one you’ll be pleased to know they make fantastic pets.


People sometimes think of rabbits as boring, but that is far from true. Each rabbit has its own personality. Some are playful, others come across as more mischievous. Your rabbit may be clingy or fiercely independent. Some rabbits absolutely can’t get enough of playing with toys, others turn their nose up to them. Be prepared to learn about your new rabbit and their preferences. You will likely be entertained by their antics!


Once bonded with a human, a rabbit will show signs of enthusiasm when they see them. Your pet rabbit may enjoy doing things like watching TV with you or playing with empty paper towel rolls. As long as you understand the preferences and limits of your rabbit, the two of you can have a great time.

Child Friendly

There is no doubt that rabbits can make fantastic pets, but they are not well-suited for every family. Due to their preference for a calm and quiet environment, they are best kept away from small children. For an older child, however, a rabbit can be the ideal pet. Just be sure to train them on how to properly handle and care for their pet. Until you are confident they know how to handle the rabbit, supervise them closely while they are interacting. Having a pet rabbit can offer a good level of responsibility for a preteen or teenager.

Rabbits and Other Pets

Whether or not your cats or dogs can get along with a rabbit will depend largely on the temperament of all the animals involved. While sometimes these types of critters can become lifelong friends, a hyper dog or especially predatory cat may not make a good roommate for a rabbit. If you do decide to introduce a rabbit to your cat and/or dog, do so slowly and carefully in a controlled environment.

Learning About Rabbits

Before making the leap and bringing a rabbit home, it is important to learn everything you can about them. For instance, did you know they can live 7-10 years? Some make it well into their teens.

Getting a pet rabbit is a major time commitment for years to come. They should never be brought on a whim.

Many people see rabbits as the type of pet that you feed and forget. This is simply not the case, and it is why so many of these rabbits end up at shelters. A rabbit needs regular exercise and interaction as well as a special diet. Learn as much as you can before adopting your new pet. You should take the responsibility of a new rabbit as seriously as you would a new puppy.

Decisions to Make About Owning a Rabbit

Rabbits are great pets but they are not without their challenges. There are several questions to ask yourself when committing to care for a pet rabbit, such as:

Will they be indoor or outdoor?

Although your rabbit may enjoy getting outdoors sometimes (safely!) it is better to have them live indoors with you. You do not want to expose them to extreme temperatures or predators. This will require buying a cage and “rabbit-proofing” part of your home.

Will you attempt litter box training?

Although it works differently than with a cat, you can absolutely train your rabbit to do their business in a box. This can make cleaning their cage easier and give them a more sanitary living space.

What will you feed them?

The digestive system of a rabbit is delicate. You cannot just throw down some “Rabbit Chow” and expect them to be healthy. You will need to research what is and is not good for rabbits and feed them a varied diet.

Are you ready to groom a rabbit?

Rabbits need their nails clipped often to stay comfortable. Certain breeds also need weekly brushing. Be sure you have the time and equipment to take care of your rabbit’s grooming needs.

For more information check out our guide on things to know before getting a rabbit.

Final Thoughts

Owning a rabbit can be a very rewarding experience. As long as you go in with your eyes open and know what to expect, there is no reason to not consider having one as a pet. Be sure to check your local shelters when looking for your new furry friend.