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What Does a Rabbit Nest Look Like?

rabbits in a nest.

The spring time is a wonderful time for any nature lover. It’s also a time (easter especially) that’s heavily associated with rabbits. In spring newly born rabbits are huddling in their nests or burrows, exposed to the world for the first time.

Lots of people associate baby rabbits (known as kittens) and their nests with the countryside. Yet it’s very common that rabbits nest in residential and built up areas such as suburbs.

A rabbits nest often look like wilting patches of grass, and are very well hidden to the untrained eye. A key indicator that you’re dealing with a rabbit nest is movement or sounds coming from the patch of grass. You might find leaves on top of the nest, or even traces of rabbit fur.

Great footage from Brians Art For Animals shows you what a rabbit nest can look like: 

What Should I do if I find a Rabbit Nest?

Mother rabbits aren’t usually present and return to the nest very occasionally. It’s common for people to stumble across rabbit nests and assume they need rescuing. Yet, this is not the case.

You should never try to move the nest. You risk traumatising or even injuring the babies. Not to mention you’re likely to end up separating them from their mother.

If you find the rabbit nest on your own piece of grass you should do your best to protect them without moving them. Don’t mow your lawn, inform your family the nests there to prevent them stepping on the nest. If you pets that might cause the babies harm, keep them indoors!

If you find the nest on someone else’s property such as your neighbour you should inform them the nest is there, and advise them to take precaution.


Don’t take matters into your own hands. When unsure about the health or safety of rabbits always seek professional advice.


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