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49 Types of Show Rabbit Breeds (With Pictures)

jersey wooly rabbit

There are over 300 domestic rabbit breeds in the world. Of those rabbits, only a fraction meets the qualifications to compete as a show rabbit. Show rabbits are often prized for their fur or wool, beauty, use-value, and how well they conform to the standard of the breed.

The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) recognizes 49 rabbit breeds eligible for show. We’ve listed all 49 types of show rabbit breeds and given you a brief description of each rabbit, along with interesting details.

1. American Rabbits

American Rabbits

This critically endangered breed weighs between 9 and 12 pounds and has a semi-arch body and flyback fur that comes in either blue or white.

2. American Chinchilla Rabbits

American Chinchilla
Image: Anna Hesser, Flickr

Of all the Chinchilla breeds, the American Chinchilla is the rarest. Weighing up to 12 pounds, this breed has rollback fur and a commercial body shape.

3. American Fuzzy Lop

American Fuzzy Lop
Image: rabbit_mage, Flickr

With lopped ears and a plush wool coat, the American Fuzzy Lop is a popular show rabbit. This compact, sweet-tempered rabbit weighs a maximum of 4 pounds.

4. American Sable Rabbits

American Sable
Image: Sonofsami, Wikimedia

With a mink-like fur coat, the American Sable is an ideal breed for show, meat, and fur. Weighing up to 9 pounds, they have a commercial body.

5. Argente Brun

argente brun
Image: kasiaczernik from Pixabay

The Argente Brun is the newest accepted Argente breed for show by ARBA. They have a semi-arch body, weigh 8 to 10.5 pounds, and have a soft, short brown coat.

6. Belgian Hare

Belgian Hare
Image: Quimby, Wikimedia

Among the oldest breeds of rabbits in America, the Belgian Hare has a graceful full-arch body type and weighs between 6 to 9 pounds.

7. Beveren

Pointed Beveren Rabbit
Image: David Monniaux, Wikimedia

The lively Beveren weighs 8 to 12 pounds. They have a semi-arch body and rollback fur recognized in three colors: black, blue, and white.

8. Blanc de Hotot

Blanc de Hotot
Image: Image: Carly & Art, Wikimedia

The Blanc de Hotot has snow-white fur accented by black-lined eyes. This popular show rabbit weighs up to 11 pounds and has a commercial body shape.

9. Britannia Petite

Britannia Petite Rabbit
Image: Pinterest.com

Also known as the “Polish” in Britain, this small rabbit breed weighs up to 2.5 pounds. They have a high-strung temperament and a full-arch body.

10. Californian

Californian Rabbit
Image: Kathy Shea, Wikimedia

One of the most popular show breeds of rabbits, the California has a commercial body type, weighs over 10 pounds, and is prized for their meat and their fur.

11. Champagne d’Argent

Champagne d'Argent
Image: Corinne Benavides, Flickr

With a stunning silver coat, the Champagne d’Argent is a common show winner. Weighing up to 12 pounds, they are sought for meat and fur.

12. Checkered Giant

Checkered Giant Rabbit
Image: Wikimedia

With bold black markings on a white coat, this large rabbit weighs over 11 pounds, has a full-arch body, and is shown as a running breed.

13. Cinnamon

Cinnamon Rabbit
Image: Cinzia Rizzo, Flickr

The Cinnamon rabbit breed has a russet-colored coat. Used as a meat rabbit, they weigh between 9 and 11 pounds with a commercial body type.

14. Creme d’Argent

creme d'argent
Image: tdfugere from Pixabay

A rare breed, the Crème d’Argent has a cream-colored coat with orange undertones. They are a commercial breed and weigh up to 11 pounds.

15. Dutch

dutch rabbit
Image: Xaya from Pixabay

Among the top 10 most popular show breeds, the Dutch rabbit has characteristic color markings. This compact rabbit weighs a maximum of 5.5 pounds.

16. Dwarf Hotot

dwarf hotot
Image: ahmed abdallah from Pixabay

A popular show rabbit known for their black-lined eyes, snow-white fur, and compact size, the Dwarf Hotot weighs a maximum of 3 pounds.

17. English Angora

English Angora Rabbit
Image: Wikipedia.com

The English Angora is one of four Angora breeds recognized. This approximately 7-pound rabbit has a compact body with abundant silky wool fur that can be spun.

18. English Lop

English Lop Rabbit
Image: Cliff Reppart, Wikimedia

The English Lop has the longest ears of all listed rabbit breeds. This easy-going rabbit weighs at least 10 pounds, has a semi-arch body, and flyback fur.

19. English Spot

English Spot Rabbit
Image: The.Rohit, Flickr

With unique markings and spots, the English Spot has a full-arch body, weighs about 8 pounds, and is shown as a running breed.

20. Flemish Giant

Ears and Body Type
Though Gustav is a semi-arched Flemish Giant, an accident when he was young causes one of his ears to droop down in adorable fashion

The largest rabbit breed on our list, the Flemish Giant can exceed 20 pounds. This rabbit is considered a “gentle giant.”

21. Florida White

Florida White
Image: rabbit_mage, Flickr

This popular white rabbit breed often wins Best in Show. Florida White rabbits have a compact body shape weighing between 4 to 6 pounds.

22. French Angora

French Angora
Image: vjmarisphotos, Flickr

With a docile temperament and an amazing wool coat, the French Angora is an increasingly popular show rabbit. They weigh about 10 pounds and have a commercial body shape.

23. French Lop

Male French Lop rabbit
Image: Lottie, Wikimedia

The French Lop is a massive yet docile rabbit that weighs well over 11 pounds. They are impressive as a show rabbit.

24. Giant Angora

Giant Angora
Image: Wikimedia

Developed as a wool producer, the Giant Angora is a large, commercial rabbit breed weighing well over 10 pounds.

25. Giant Chinchilla

giant chinchilla
Image: Annick Vanblaere from Pixabay

Prized for their large pelt of smooth flyback fur and their meat production, the Giant Chinchilla has a semi-arch body and can weigh up to 16 pounds.

26. Harlequin

Harlequin Rabbit
Image: Corinne Benavides, Flickr

The Harlequin has a marked split of two alternating colors on their flyback fur. This rabbit weighs over 9 pounds and has a commercial body.

27. Havana

Black Havana Rabbit
Image: The.Rohit, Flickr

With mink-like flyback fur, the Havana often earns top honors as a show rabbit. This compact breed weighs over 6 pounds.

28. Himalayan

Himalayan Rabbit
Image: Amy Youngs, Flickr

Standing out as the only cylindrical-typed breed recognized by the ARBA, the Himalayan is a 3- to 5-pound rabbit with a relaxed nature that shows well.

29. Holland Lop

Holland Lop Rabbit
Image: Image: Katie Henthorn from Pixabay

As one of the top five most popular show breeds, the compact Holland lop weighs a maximum of 4 pounds. They have lopped ears and a large head.

30. Jersey Wooly

Jersey Wooly Rabbit
Image: rabbit_mage from Flickr

The Jersey Wooly has a unique mug head, wool coat, and a compact size at about 3 pounds. They rank highly among the most popular breeds of rabbit to show.

31. Lilac

Lilac Rabbit
Image: Christathunder from Wikimedia

Known for their pink-tinted light gray plush coat, this compact rabbit weighs up to 8 pounds. The Lilac rabbit has low population numbers.

32. Lionhead

Lionhead Rabbit
Photo by Chan Swan on Unsplash

With a mane of fur encircling their head, the Lionhead is a compact rabbit weighing under 4 pounds. This newly recognized breed won Best in Show at the 2018 ARBA Convention.

33. Mini Lop

Miniature Dwarf Lop
Image: Peter Jung, Wikimedia

Gaining in popularity as a show rabbit, the Mini Lop is a compact rabbit weighing around 6 pounds. They have large, round heads and charming lopped ears.

34. Mini Rex

mini rex
Image: rabbit_mage from Flickr

The Mini Rex is named for their rex coat available in multiple colors. This popular breed has a compact body weighing up to 4.5 pounds.

35. Mini Satin

mini satin
Image: rabbit_mage from Flickr

Known for their color diversity, the Mini Satin comes in 16 showable varieties. At under 5 pounds, the Mini Satin is a compact rabbit with a satin coat.

36. Netherland Dwarf

Netherland Dwarf
Image: Regan Hill from Pixabay

Growing in popularity, the Netherland Dwarf is a small, compact rabbit weighing just over 2 pounds. They have a unique head shape and come in over 20 color varieties.

37. New Zealand

New Zealand Rabbit
Image: SaskiaFire, Wikimedia

The New Zealand has been awarded the most ARBA Best in Shows. This large rabbit has a commercial body, weighs up to 12 pounds, and is used for fur and meat.

38. Palomino

Image: rabbit_mage, Flickr

Popular as a show rabbit, the Palomino is also used for fur, meat, or as a pet. Weighing up to 11 pounds, they have two fur varieties: golden and lynx.

39. Polish

Polish Rabbit
Image: Sean, Flickr

The Polish is a popular show breed. Although not considered a dwarf breed, the Polish has a compact body weighing just over 3 pounds.

40. Rex

Broken Castor Rex Rabbit
Image: Wikimedia

Known for their velvet-like rex coat in 16 color varieties, the Rex rabbit is the top breed for fur production. Weighing just under 10 pounds, the Rex has a commercial body type.

41. Rhinelander

Image: rabbit_mage, Flickr

With a full-arch body, the athletic-looking Rhinelander is shown as a running breed. Weighing under 10 pounds with flyback fur, they are a rare breed.

42. Satin

Satin Rabbit
Image: Wikipedia

The unique satin coat on the Satin rabbit breed has a dazzling sheen. This rabbit has a commercial body and weighs a maximum of 11 pounds.

43. Satin Angora

White Satin Angora Rabbit
Image: Lanafactum, Wikimedia

Considered a valuable commodity, the wool on the Satin Angora has a distinct sheen. These rabbits weigh just over 9 pounds, with a commercial body type.

44. Silver

The Silver was one of the first rabbit breeds recognized for show. This compact rabbit weighing under 5 pounds has flyback fur that gives off a silvery sheen.

45. Silver Fox

Silver Fox Rabbit
Image: Wikimedia

A large rabbit with a maximum weight of 12 pounds, the Silver Fox has a commercial body shape and rollback fur with silver tips mixed with white hairs.

46. Silver Marten

Silver Marten
Image: Wikimedia

At between 6 to 9 pounds, the Silver Marten has a commercial body with flyback fur.

47. Standard Chinchilla

Image: The.Rohit, Flickr

Popular for their fur and for show, the Standard Chinchilla has a compact body and weighs a maximum of 7.5 pounds.

48. Tan

Tan Rabbit
Image: Corinne Benavides, Flickr

A highly competitive breed, the Tan has a full-arch body, flyback fur, and a maximum weight of 5.5 pounds.

49. Thrianta

Image: Semin, Wikimedia

With a magnificent orange-red fur, the Thrianta is a compact rabbit weighing under 6 pounds.

Featured Image Credit: laurendotcom, Shutterstock


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