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Trixie Rabbit Hutch Review: Pros & Cons

Trixie rabbit hutch

Considering buying a Trixie rabbit hutch?

This post gives you an in-depth review of the popular rabbit hutch.

As stated on the companies website, pets have been the center of Trixie’s attention for over 40 years! They provide around 6500 products for pets across 5000 retailers in Germany alone! Their products are also exported to over 80 countries.

It’s great to see a company so serious about providing great pet products.

What we love about this hutch is the two-storied design, which has a retreat for your bun on the upper floor. This is great for nesting in the winter or getting some shade during the summer. You don’t need to worry about your rabbit being able to get up and down safely. This is due to the non-slip ramp which means it can easily come and go as it pleases. However, this access can be limited when needed. The hatch door can be used to restrict access between levels of the hutch.

This is a good hutch for handling all of the elements. It has rear wood panels that provide additional structural support for the hutch. It’s covered with a glazed pine finish, made of top quality materials to create an overall solid wooden construction. This will provide you with years of use. Many hutches begin to deteriorate after a couple of years usage, this hutch will be with you for the long run.

Due to the sloped roof on the hutch, if you live in a rainy climate there’s no need to worry. The water will just slide off the hutch rather than sitting on the top. Another great feature of the roof is that it can be opened from above. This makes it nice and easy to access your rabbit from the top if need be.

There’s also a pull-out tray which makes cleaning the tray so much easier.

If you’re the owner of other Trixie products such as their outdoor runs you’ll be happy to hear that this hutch is compatible with the run. This hutch isn’t just perfect for rabbits but also other small animals such as guinea pigs. Depending on where you order this hutch it can also come with a year’s worth of warranty. Make sure to check the listing before purchasing the make sure this is the case.

Dimensions: 46” x 25” x 38” in length, width and height respectively.
Weight: 58 lbs.

Final Thoughts

Our overall view of this rabbit hutch is very positive indeed. This is a great hutch for owners of rabbits and guinea pigs. Its design has clearly been well thoughts out and the ease of use combined with comfort for your pet shows just that. You’ll be set up with a rabbit hutch for many years to come if you opt to buy this hutch.

Remember, be sure to check for warranty with the retailer that you’re buying the product from.

If you’re looking for different options when buying rabbit hutches, make sure to check out our rabbit hutch buyers guide found here.


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