How To Transport Your Rabbit Safely

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Last Updated: November 23, 2018

From time to time, you’ll need to transport your rabbit from A to B. This could be for a wide variety of reasons, from vet trips to visiting family members during the holiday season. However, it’s likely that these trips are going to be an unpleasant experience for your rabbit. After all, it’s accustomed to a pleasant and quite life. The experience of being in a noisy car, and taken to the vets with lots of noise and fuss can be startling for any pet.

Rabbits especially as small pets are likely to be susceptible to fear and anxiety for these kind of trips. So, it’s important that you make this experience as painless as possible for them. In this article we are going to discuss the ways in which you can safely transport your rabbit. Remember, most rabbits aren’t used to travelling, in fact some of them may have never even been in a car. However, this is usually the best way to get them to the vets.

How To Transport Your Rabbit

So, the need to take your rabbit somewhere is fairly inevitable however, figuring out exactly how to plan this trip can be difficult. This section looks at the best ways to transport your rabbit.

Don’t Use Public Transport

If they have fallen ill, they are going to be feeling especially delicate and uncomfortable. When they feel like this, transport other than a car is likely to be frightful and raise their anxiety levels. For example, taking your rabbit on a bus while it’s not well, is definitely something we don’t recommend. This is because the bus is likely to be noisy, and surrounded with people chatting and making noise. We recommend that you always take your rabbit to the vets by car.

If you don’t own a car then get a taxi, but make sure to check the taxi firm is happy for you to bring your rabbit with you.

Always Use A Travel Carrier For Rabbits

We can’t stress the importance of using a purpose built rabbit carrier for transporting your bunny. These things are specially designed for doing exactly this. Many people, feel that home made equivalents such as cardboard boxes with breathing holes in suffice. Just note, rabbit carriers are built with the comfort of your bunny in mind.

These things aren’t expensive, but make the world of difference when you need to transport your rabbit.
When looking for a rabbit carrier make sure you pick one that’s the right size. This means that there’s plenty of room for your rabbit but not so much that it could slide around and hurt itself. Of course, it needs to be durable and long lasting. You wouldn’t want to buy something flimsy that your rabbit could chew its way out of. It also needs to have easy access, if your rabbit becomes distressed you need easy access through doors or flaps to remove your rabbit quickly.

Consider Using Carrier Backpacks For Rabbits

In special circumstances carrier backpacks for rabbits can be useful. Especially so for trips that don’t warrant a car journey. This can include trips such as short walks to places that you need to take your rabbit. You will find these useful, as backpacks will free up your hands for carrying other things. Just make sure that you choose a carrier backpack which is spacious enough for your rabbit with plenty of ventilation for breathing. Again these are relatively inexpensive products so the benefits of having one heavily outweigh the costs of purchasing one.

Final Thoughts On How To Transport Your Rabbit

Transporting your rabbit isn’t something that you can do without putting in any thought. We appreciate that as a new rabbit owner, you may be slowly acquiring an arsenal of rabbit equipment. However, we do urge that if you haven’t already you make sure you at least own a rabbit carrier.

Never travel with your rabbit loose, it’s one of the most irresponsible things you can do as a rabbit owner. It puts your rabbit in a huge amount of unnecessary danger and discomfort. If it’s the price you’re concerned about we’ve written an article on rabbit carriers with some very affordable options that you can read here.