Essential Things Every Rabbit Owner Needs

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Last Updated: November 23, 2018

Whether you’re a new rabbit owner, or an experienced one having all the essentials for your rabbit is vital. If you are looking to get yourself a rabbit, then this is a great place to start. This post will provide you with some must have rabbit essentials that will be sure to make you and your rabbits life a lot easier. 

Essential Things Every Rabbit Owner Needs

Whether your rabbit is big or small, young or old there are some things that every rabbit owner needs. We explore 4 of these essentials in this article.

Below we have listed some of the things every rabbit owner needs, and we’re sure you and your rabbit will agree.

1. Litter or Bedding with Odor Control

Having a good rabbit litter for your rabbit is absolutely vital. It makes sure that number one, your rabbit is able to live in a comfortable environment. Secondly, it means that you are able to overcome the foul smells created when your rabbit ‘needs to go’.

You will find that without a rabbit litter with good odor control, the smell of your rabbits toiletry habits can linger through your home. This is certainly not the most welcoming of smells for guests to your house. Choosing a good rabbit litter like Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding comes highly recommended.

2. A Predator and Weather Proof Rabbit Hutch

Your rabbit needs a home to feel safe and comfortable in no matter what. You need to have a rabbit home which is purpose built. We recommend you do not attempt to build your own rabbit hutch or enclosure, even if you feel you have the skills to do so.
 Buying a purpose built home will remove the risk of damage to your rabbit rather than a self constructed hutch. We recommend buying a rabbit hutch which will stay strong in all weather conditions. Something like the Ware HD Rabbit Hutch would be a highly recommended option due to its robust and elevated design preventing threats from all weather conditions and predator attacks.

3. A Rabbit Carrier for Travel

If your rabbit ever needs to get somewhere, you’re going to need something to help you carry it. Again, we recommend buying something purpose built, as using something you fixed up, or letting your rabbit free in the car can cause it harm. You can get some great travel carriers for a reasonable price, these are perfect for those car journeys or vacations that your bunny needs to come with you for.

4. Healthy Rabbit Food

Getting your rabbits diet right is absolutely vital for its health and wellbeing. If you’re considering buying a rabbit you, your may be under the common misconception that their primary form of food should be carrots; this is incorrect. Vegetables and fruit are too sugar dense to be your rabbits main form of food.
Your rabbit needs unlimited access to Hay, or grass (both if possible) so that it can graze all day. We recommend also purchasing a healthy rabbit food, helping your rabbit to get all the vitamins, minerals and protein that it needs. Our favourite healthy rabbit food is VitaSmart Pet Rabbit Food.

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We hope this article has been some help in providing you with information on the essentials needed for you and your rabbit. The tips in this post will help you make your house an odor free zone, or help give your rabbit a safe hutch with weather & predator protection. 

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