Small Pet Select Premium Soft Paper Rabbit Bedding Review

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Considering using small pet select premium soft paper bedding? In this post we bring you a rabbit bedding review for this highly popular product. Finding a new rabbit bedding for your bunny isn’t exactly a simple process. This is why we’ve decided to bring you an indepth review of this highly popular product.

 Suitable For Multiple Small Animals

Although we’re a rabbit website, we’re expecting a few of you reading this might not be bunny owners. This is purely down to the fact that Small Pet Selects natural paper bedding is intended for a wide variety of small animals. Some of which include; rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas and guinea pigs.

100 Percent Safe

With many differences between these small animals, you may wonder how this bedding acts as a “one size fits all”. Fear not, this bedding is 100% natural and completely safe for these animals as listed by the manufacturer. This gives the product a real thumbs up from us – There’s nothing worse than looking for a new product and wondering about the legitimacy and safety of it.

Especially for rabbit bedding which your bun or small animal will spend a great amount of time in.

As well as being labelled 100% safe this comes without any harmful chemicals or additives that you’d want to avoid. Its good to know that this bedding is made from purely unbleached paper which has never even been printed on.


This is a hugely important factor for something your bunny will spend vast amounts of its day surrounded by. You will be happy to hear that this rabbit bedding is highly comfortable. This is partially due to the high level of absorbency. Meaning it spends less time surrounded by damp dirty bedding and more time feeling fresh and dry.

Available In Different Sizes

This is great news for those of your that are bulk buyers. You can get this rabbit bedding in sizes 56L, 178L, 3x 56L and 3x 178L. If you prefer to buy in larger amounts then this is an added bonus as its easily available in large quantities.

Customer Focused Manufacturer

We get the impression that there’s a real customer focus from the creators of this product. They state themselves that there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It’s great for a company to be so focused and confident their product will satisfy its end customer.

Small Pet Select Premium Soft Paper Review: Summary

This is a product we really like the look of. It ticks all the boxes in terms of what you’d want from the product and the manufacturer. This is why it came out on top within our best rabbit bedding article which you can read here.

Remember whenever you’re considering changing a product for your rabbit make sure you read the consumer reviews of others. This will allow you to get a good idea of what the product is like in practice. We hope this rabbit bedding review has proved somewhat helpful and helped you make your decision on whether to buy the product or not.