Travelling With Your Rabbit To The Vets

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Last Updated: September 22, 2018

Taking your rabbit to the vets can be an unpleasant experience for both you and your bun. Often your rabbits under some discomfort, and naturally you’ll be worried about your pet. So, it’s important that you try your best to make the experience as comfortable as possible for your bun.

Tips for Travelling With Your Rabbit to the Vet

Whether you’re concerned about your first trip to the vets, or want some guidance we’ve got you covered. It can be something you push to the back of your mind but you need to have everything in place when the time comes.

After all, it’s an emergency vet trip chances are you’ll be panicked and might not think straight. It’s good to have all considerations accounted for before taking your bunny to the vets.

Below we’ve listed some useful tips to consider before making your first visit to the vets with your rabbit.

Call The Vet Before Turning Up

It’s important you call in advance to your visit to the vets. After all, if the vet has a busy day ahead. Without calling you might take your rabbit to the vet only to find it can’t be seen for a few hours. Taking your rabbit on unnecessary trips when it’s stressed and ill could result in its state becoming worse.

Make Sure Your Vet Isn’t Too Far Away

If your vet is far away from your house, this can be problematic. You will need to spend an unnecessarily long amount of time driving to and from the vets. This is a big risk, your rabbit may already be extremely stressed before it gets in the car. Putting your rabbit through long car journeys can make it become panicked for a prolonged amount of time.

Another obvious issue with using a vet that’s far away from your home is treatment time. The further you live away from your vet, the longer it takes for treatment. If your rabbit develops a serious issue, and your vet is an hour away your rabbit may not get helped in time. It’s your responsibility as an owner to make sure you pick a vet that isn’t too far away.

Use A Vehicle Fit For Purpose

You need to make sure that your vehicle is adequate for making your trip to the vet. If you have noise issues with your exhaust for example, your rabbits journey will be made much more stressful. After all, if your vehicle broke down on the way to the vets, your rabbit is at risk.

If your budget allows, you should drive a car that has air conditioning. Rabbits need to be kept cool. If there’s intense heat inside the car your rabbit is at risk of overheating. Opening the windows can cool your cat but often frighten your rabbit. Ever opened the windows when travelling at some speed? It makes the car a noisy and pretty unpleasant place to be.

Use A Travel Carrier To Get Your Rabbit To The Vets

Buying a good rabbit carrier for your car is the most important consideration when making a trip to the vets. A rabbit travel carrier will help keep your rabbit in a safe environment during car trips. Never travel to the vet with your rabbit loose. It’s dangerous and put your bun at huge risk especially if it gets startled and starts running around in a panic.

Even if you have a passenger, never consider carrying or holding your rabbit during journeys. Rabbits tend to dart around when scared. If this happened while you carried it, it could easily jump out of your hands. If this happened and you dropped your rabbit much more harm could be caused. As a responsible owner it’s important you avoid carrying your rabbit loose.

Remember, after every vet trip you need to make sure you clean your rabbit carrier. This is because your rabbit is usually unwell when you take it to the vets. If you’re using your carrier for other rabbits then you wouldn’t want bacteria to be spread. It’s bad enough when one bunny is out of action for a while, you don’t want to make any others ill.

Final Thoughts On Travelling With Your Rabbit To The Vets

Taking the rabbit to the vets needs to be as smooth as possible for you and your rabbit. This will ensure that it’s the least stressful experience possible for both of you.

However, it does require some legwork before hand. You need to be prepared, buy yourself a rabbit carrier. Make sure that you know the address and directions to your vets. If you haven’t found a vet, use a directory to search for one in your area.

Also consider the travel conditions for your rabbit in the car. Make sure that your rabbit isn’t too hot, we recommend using air conditioning from preventing your bun from overheating. If your car needs repairs carried out, get them done. If you don’t and your car breaks down on the way to the vets your rabbit can come to harm.