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The Best Rabbit Tunnels 2020 – Reviews & Guide

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Finding the best rabbit tunnel isn’t easy

This article brings you the 5 best rabbit play tunnels on the market along with a buyers guide.

We found the rabbit tunnel from Feline Ruff to be the best on the market, to find out why to keep reading.

A good rabbit playpen should be durable and breathable. You’ll want to find something with a sturdy steel frame and tear-resistant polyester.  Something that’s easy to fold is always a time saver when it comes to storing and transporting the tunnel.

Below we’ve listed 5 of the best rabbit play tunnels on the market for keeping your bunny entertained.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

ModelPriceTypeEditor's Rating
Feline Ruff Large
Feline Ruff Large Collapsible Play Toy
(Best Overall)

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Prosper Collapsible
Prosper Collapsible 3 Way Play Toy

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Pawaboo Tunnel
Pawaboo Tunnel S-Shaped

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Juvale Play
Juvale Play Tunnel Tube

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PetGuard Collapsible Crinkle
Collapsible Crinkle Pet Play Tubes Tunnel

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The 5 Best Rabbit Tunnels 2020 – Reviews

1. Feline Ruff Large Collapsible Play Toy – Best Overall

Wide Tunnel – Something we love about this tunnel is that it’s an impressive 12 inches in diameter. This means that regardless of your bunnies size, it should have no trouble playing in this.

Long – Another great feature of this play tunnel is its overall length. At an impressive 56 inches at its longest your bunny will have plenty of room to exercise.

Play Balls – This tunnel comes with two quiet playballs. This prevents any irritating jingling sound that could be made by balls with bells in.

Warranty – This comes with a 3-month warranty and if you choose to return it during this timeframe you can get a no questions asked refund.

2. Prosper Collapsible 3 Way Play Toy

Plenty Of Fun – Made up of 3 spacious tunnels, with built-in crinkle paper a peephole and a toy bell this will give your bunny lots of fun.
Durable – Made of extra strong tear-resistant polyester. This is wrapped around a steel frame for safety with protective ends. Meaning as enegrtic as your bunny is feeling the tunnel shouldn’t collapse.

Easily Portable – Due to the fold-down mechanism it takes just seconds to put this away for travelling or storing. It comes with an elastic band to hold it in place when folded.

Money Back Guarantee – The manufacturer state customer service is their number one priority. If you aren’t satisfied with the product simply let them know for a full refund.

3. Pawaboo Tunnel S-Shaped

toy 3

S-Shape Design – The S-Shape design is fun for your rabbit to dart through, helping build agility for quickly changing direction.

Easy Fold Away – This tunnel can pop open in just seconds and folded away just as easily. Again this tunnel is securely folded by elastic bands which hold it in place.

Considerate – We love the thought that’s gone into this design. The peepholes and hanging ball toy with the bell will help keep your bun entertained for a long time.

Quality – Tear-resistant equipped with a strong steel frame means this tunnel is built to last. It’s built to deal with cats claws so you know this one won’t be easily ripped.

4. Juvale Play Tunnel Tube

toy 4

Great Fun – The long and bright design on this tunnel makes it great fun for your bunny to dart through.

Simple – Despite the straight-line design this is still a really great tunnel. It allows it to be easily put along the side of a room somewhat out of the way compared to larger more complex tunnels.

Sturdy – This has a rugged design with built-in steel to maintain the shape and a polyester tube which is tear-resistant.

Easy Fold Away – Due to the simple straight design this is easily collapsed and folded away. Great for if you decide to store it somewhere when your rabbit isn’t using it.

5. Collapsible Crinkle Pet Play Tubes Tunnel

toy 6

Great Quality – The steel frame and tear resistant polyester means that your pet will have great fun for a long time with this tunnel.

Interconnected – Three separate connected tunnels make up the overall tunnel. This has a peephole in the middle and is made of crinkle paper to keep your bun excited.

Easy Foldable – This tunnel comes with an elastic band to hold the folded up tunnel. It takes up very little space and can be folded up very quickly.

Multi Pet – As you can see from the picture, this product was built with more than one pet in mind. This is great for those of you with multiple pets.

Rabbit Tunnel Buyer’s Guide

Rabbit tunnel buyers guide


Rabbits are very playful creatures who need a lot of mental and physical stimulation to be happy. Even in the wild, rabbits are observed running around chasing each other. When kept as pets, it is the owner’s responsibility to provide them with entertainment. Play tunnels are an excellent way to do that.

Tunnels are a big part of a rabbit’s life. Many gardeners know this from experience. Wild rabbits live with their families in extensive networks of tunnels called warrens. One of the best things you can do for your rabbit is to give him the opportunity to act as naturally as possible.

There are several types of rabbit play tunnels you can get or make for your pet.

Benefits of a Rabbit Play Tunnel

A bored rabbit can be a destructive rabbit. Chewing and digging are both common behaviors of a rabbit with too much time on his hands. In order to protect your carpet, furniture, and rabbit cage, you have to provide your pet with an outlet for his energy. The mental stimulation is crucial for his overall health.

Playing in a rabbit tunnel is a great way to bond with your pet. It is important that you spend time with your rabbit every day. They will need a time out of their cage every day for exercise. By allowing them to play with you and a rabbit play tunnel, you will be meeting two of their needs at the same time.

Exercise is especially important to a domestic bunny. Some experts recommend at least two hours of time outside of their cage every day. The space inside a hutch or cage is simply not enough for your rabbit to properly stretch his legs.

Being overweight can result in a lot of health problems.

A rabbit that does not move around much is risking muscle loss, as well as cardiovascular issues. Many toys can help with this, but none better than a rabbit tunnel. If you want to get really fancy, a play tunnel can be used to connect a rabbit hutch with their run or outdoor space. You can then block off one side to keep your rabbit in the area you want.

What to Consider When Buying a Rabbit Play Tunnel

Some of the main things to keep in mind when choosing a rabbit play tunnel are the price, materials, and how much maintenance it would require to keep safe. You may also want to find something that matches the décor of your home.


There are several types of rabbit play tunnels on the market. Some you can find in the pet store. If you have a hard time finding them there, try the cat section. Many rabbits seem to prefer the tunnels designed for cats above any others. Play tunnels can be purchased from speciality sites online. You may even find yourself inspired to make one yourself.


The size of your rabbit should be another factor in your decision. Rabbits can squeeze into some pretty tight places, but you do not want to risk your pet getting wedged in his tunnel.


Some tunnels will last longer than others. The amount of upkeep required will also vary. Cardboard tunnels have a lot of advantages but are very difficult to clean. Between that and the chewing, this type of tunnel needs to be replaced fairly regularly. A tunnel that has an open bottom will be much easier to clean than a solid plastic one.

What type of tunnel is best for you depends on how much space you have and whether your rabbit lives indoors, outdoors, or both. Some tunnels are only appropriate for indoor use while others are perfectly fine outside.

As previously mentioned, rabbits can get bored easily. If possible, have more than one rabbit tunnel that you can rotate into your pet’s living space. This is true of all rabbit toys. By rotating them in and out, you can get more enjoyment out of them and will have a happy rabbit.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

What Makes a Good Rabbit Play Tunnel

Almost every play tunnel on the market can be considered good, but not everyone will work for your rabbit. The following is a list of types of play tunnels that your rabbit and you might enjoy:

Twig Tunnel

These tunnels can meet two of your rabbit’s needs: exercise and chewing. They are attractive and may blend in with your home décor. This is fortunate, as this type of tunnel will not fold up for easy storage. Only use a twig tunnel from a pet store. You may find similar things at a craft store, but those twigs were likely treated with chemicals or had a varnish applied. These are not things you want your rabbit chewing on!

Tunnel Warren

Meant to mimic the types of tunnel systems rabbits make in the wild, a tunnel warren is a great choice for keeping your pet fit and happy. They generally have three tubes that connect in the middle. Some that you buy can be connected to other tunnels, adding to the fun. If possible, get one with peepholes so that you can interact with your rabbit while he plays. You can check up on him or offer him a treat through these holes. A bonus here is that most of these tunnels will fold up for neat storage.

Chew Tube

Just as the name implies, this is a tube designed to be chewed up by your rabbit. They are a relatively cheap option that you should be able to find at any pet store. Be warned, they can be quite messy. Some of these tubes come with filling inside, such as alfalfa or hay. You can also just add that yourself.

Corrugated Plastic Tube

If you plan on using your tunnel outside, this would be a great option. Plastic stands up very well to the elements. If you do use it indoors, it can get quite loud as it slides across the floor. Your rabbit is unlikely to chew on it but be sure to keep an eye on him while he uses it. After the fun, it collapses down and can be easily stored. The bright colors are fun for you and your rabbit.

Grassy Tunnel

This tunnel has many of the same benefits of a twig tunnel. Your rabbit can safely chew on it for hours and you don’t have to worry about him swallowing any of it. These tunnels are often designed for smaller animals, so make sure it is big enough for your furry pet before buying one. Air can move freely in this tunnel, so your rabbit can spend as much time as he wants inside of it without overheating.

Laundry Basket Tunnel

This is something that you can make with a few inexpensive materials. Pop-up laundry baskets are easy to find and are a nice shape and size for your rabbit to run through. All you need to do is cut out the bottoms. You can then sew together as many as you’d like. While cutting and sewing, be sure not to expose any of the metal wirings. With this tunnel, you will need to check for damage quite often. You also should not use it outside unless you cut plenty of ventilation holes in it. This type of tunnel may not last very long, but it is inexpensive enough to still be worth trying out.

Cardboard Concrete Rolls

Although not designed for rabbits, these concrete forms can be bought at hardware stores. These rolls can be ideal for even the biggest rabbits to run through because you can get them in a few different sizes. Just make sure they are plain cardboard. Some come with a plastic film on the inside and a rabbit could chew that off and swallow it. Be extra cautious when allowing your pet to play with something not specifically designed for rabbits.

Wooden Bridge

Although it is a pretty short tunnel, rabbits love flexible wooden bridge toys. Rabbits enjoy sitting on top of them or underneath them. Most of these are very sturdy and can be left outside for long periods of time. These can also be put up against door frames or wrapped around table legs to prevent your rabbit from chewing on them.

Snuggle Tunnel

These tubes are generally shorter and lined with soft padding. They are designed more for sleeping than for playing, but that doesn’t mean your rabbit won’t appreciate one! They provide a safe and snug place to rest that will help keep your rabbit warm.

wood tunnel
Credit: Ben Salter, Flickr

Things to Avoid When Buying a Rabbit Play Tunnel

The biggest thing to steer clear of when shopping for a play tunnel is anything that can be dangerous for your rabbit. Do not buy your rabbit anything that he can swallow whole. Also, avoid anything that can easily be broken down into bite-sized pieces.

Sharp edges are an obvious danger that should be avoided. Run your hand along the edges and be sure to check this every so often. If the tunnel is made of wood, splinters become a possibility. Either avoid wood altogether or be sure to check for wear often.

If the tunnel has an open bottom, be sure that your rabbit can’t flip it over. Larger rabbits, in particular, may have that problem until they get the hang of hopping on top of them.

Unsafe Play Tunnels

Do your research before giving your rabbit any toy. Some may include treats that are actually not good for your pet. Be wary of things that may have chemicals in them that could make your rabbit feel ill or worse. If the tunnel has any sort of varnish on it, do not use it.

A tunnel that has poor ventilation can be quite dangerous, especially if you use it outside.

You do not want your rabbit to sit in it and bake. Twig and grass tunnels are very good at letting airflow in and through. A tunnel designed for sleeping should be kept inside in a cool place.

There are plenty of safe play tunnels on the market, so if you are questioning the safety of a particular toy, it is probably best to just skip it. Some tunnels are made out of waterproof material. If your rabbit is not litter box trained, this could lead to puddles forming inside the tunnel. Whether that is better or worse than it is soaked into the material is a matter of opinion.

Final Thoughts on Bunny Tunnels

A play tunnel or two is a great addition to any rabbit’s life. The exercise provided alone makes them well worth any money you spend. The most suitable one for your rabbit will depend on their own tastes and how involved you want to be.

It may take some trial and error before discovering what tunnels make your rabbit happiest. Reading reviews and online forums can help you get an idea of what other rabbits seem to like. This process can be exciting for both you and your rabbit. Some rabbits will like wide open tunnels that they can race through while others will prefer tight spaces that make them feel secure.

In the wild, rabbits tunnel all of the time. They feel the most secure when nestled inside of one. Allowing your pet to fulfil this need is a great way to build a bond and keep them mentally happy and physically fit.


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