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Rabbit Hutch Buyers Guide

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Choosing which rabbit hutch is best for your rabbit isn’t always an easy decision. After all, rabbit hutches are likely to be lifetime investments for your bunnies. This means that your hutch needs to be tailored to the requirements of both yourself and your rabbit.

Things You Need to Consider

This becomes a more complex decisions if other rabbits will also be living in the hutch. It’s far from just a financial decision and requires thoughtful consideration of various aspects. Just like any other beloved family member, your rabbit needs somewhere comfortable and safe to get all important rest.

Below we have listed some of the most important buying considerations to make when buying a rabbit hutch.


You need to consider where the hutch is going to be kept. Keeping your rabbit hutch outside is often a great option, but you need to make sure you have outdoor friendly hutch. This would be something that is both weather proof and predator proof.

If you’re keeping your rabbit indoors in a rabbit hutch, remember the importance of making sure it gets plenty of time for exercise and playing outside the hutch.

Rabbit Size

Remember, rabbits come in a wide variety of sizes. It would be a waste of time to construct the hutch only to find that there isn’t enough room for your rabbit.

Make sure that you check the dimensions of the rabbit hutch, against your rabbits size before buying.

Do You Have Space?

This ties in closely with the last point regarding size dimensions. You need to make sure that you have the room available before purchasing.

If you don’t have the available space for a hutch, consider how you can find room for one. Do not consider down sizing just because you don’t have room at the moment. It’s never worth compromising your rabbits comfort for the sake of squeezing a hutch in somewhere.

How Many Rabbits Do You Have

This is a fairly obvious point but one that can’t be ignored. You need to make sure that your hutch has the necessary space to accommodate however many rabbits you have.

It’s no use purchasing a rabbit hutch intended for a single rabbit, then trying to squeeze multiple rabbits in. Putting multiple rabbits in a hutch without enough space to live is animal cruelty.

Hutch Cost

Of course, a factor which affects every buying decision is the cost of the product. When it comes to hutches the same applies. However, skimping out on a rabbit hutch is something we really don’t recommend.

As previously said, a rabbit hutch will last for the duration of your rabbits life. If you buy a poor quality hutch you will find yourself having to spend more later to repair or replace it. It’s definitely worth spending a little bit extra with the assurance that it’s built to last.


This is a huge factor to consider when buying a rabbit hutch. Remember, your rabbit hutch needs to protect your rabbit from everything, including weather and predators.

If your rabbit hutch is insecure, your rabbit is at risk of harm. It’s worth purchasing a hutch that’s elevated from the floor. This protects it from attacks from ground level predators such as foxes.

It’s always important to consider the threat of theft. If your area has a high rate of animal theft, it may be worth opting to keep the hutch indoors, or in a secure shed.

Rabbit Hutch Buyers Guide: Conclusion

Before buying a rabbit hutch, there’s a variety of factors you need to consider. Rushing into the purchase without considering the above may result in you getting a poor quality hutch, or one that’s not fit for purpose.

It’s important that you opt for a hutch that is secure, spacious enough and robust. Without these qualities you risk putting your rabbit at harm. It’s also important to know whether you have the space to acomodate a rabbit hutch, especially when purchasing larger sized rabbit hutches.



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