Rabbit Fun Facts

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Last Updated: November 23, 2018

Whether you’re a rabbit expert or a new rabbit owner it’s always fun to learn new things about bunnies. This article brings you some rabbit fun facts on the pets we all know and love.

Rabbit Fun Facts

So without any further introduction lets go, below we’ve listed 8 rabbit fun facts that you might not know!

No Vision After Birth

Did you know rabbits are born without vision and spend their first few days blind? These are days well spent getting some deserved rest in a nest made of grass and fur lining from their mother.

Social Animals

Although many people consider rabbits the be lonely animals, they’re actually very social pets. Think about it, you often see rabbits in the wild in groups, and they live in burrows with a number of other rabbits to keep company.

Rabbit Need Brushing

Bunnies unfortunately shed an insane amount. It’s really important that you help them brush their fur. Without your assistance rabbits will often get hairballs from self grooming too much. Brushing your rabbit is actually beneficial to you as well as your bunny. If a fur ball gets stuck in their throat they may need to be taken to the vets to get it removed.

Why not spend some quality time brushing your rabbit each day and save everyone time?

Easily Bored

What do we do when we get bored, watch a movie? Hang out with friends? Guess what, rabbits get bored too. They are social creatures and need lots of space to get their much needed exercise. If rabbits are left to their own accord they can often become bored. Make sure when you’re home you give them lots of care and attention. Why not invest in some rabbit toys for your bunny to play with when you’re not around.

Ever Growing Teeth

This sounds like a pretty strange one but believe it or not it’s true! Rabbits teeth continuously grow but are kept short by their prolonged grazing habits. This is why chew toys and other chewing activities support healthy teeth.

10 Year Life Span

Rabbit generally live up to around 10 years! This is why it’s super important you don’t get a bunny on the spur of the moment. Many people get them as Easter presents and aren’t aware of a rabbits long life span. This contributes to the high number of rabbits being deserted by their owners every year.

Different Names

Rabbit can be called different things depending on their age and their gender. For example, a baby rabbit is called a kit or kitten. Female rabbits are called does and male rabbits are called bucks.

Can’t Vomit

Rabbits aren’t able to vomit the way us humans can. It’s important that you feed them the right foods to prevent them being ill as their bodys cant reject to wrong kinds. Going back to what we said about fur balls, as rabbits can’t vomit you will need to take them to the vet should they have anything stuck that they can’t cough up.

They Love the USA!

More than half the worlds rabbits live in North America, crazy right?

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Rabbit Fun Facts Conclusion

We hope you had fun reading our article on fun rabbit facts! If you’ve got anymore for us to add to the list feel free to get in touch and let us know.

For more information on rabbits check out this rabbit factfile from the RSPCA!