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The Best Rabbit Carrier Bags 2020 – Top Reviews & Picks

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Finding the best rabbit carrier bag can be difficult. This post explores some of the best on the market and brings you a buyers guide.

Since carrier backpacks for rabbits are relatively quirky in terms of transporting your rabbit, you might not know what you’re looking for. This is why we decided to write this guide on finding the best backpacks for carrying your rabbit.

We found the best rabbit carrier bag to be the Anzone Space Capsule Backpack this is down to its excellent design, its waterproof, spacious and letting in lots of air and light.

We’ve explored various areas, from spatial considerations to lumbago prevention during our search.

Below we have listed the 4 best rabbit carrier bags you and your bunny will love.

ModelPriceColorsEditor's Rating
Anzone Pet Space Capsule Backpack
Anzone Pet Portable Carrier Space Capsule Backpack
(Best Overall)

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Black, Blue, Pink, White4.75/5
Hokonui Pet Outdoor Backpack
Hokonui Pet Outdoor Travel Carrier Backpack

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Pawsee Backpack
Pawsee Pet Carrier Backpack

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Grey, Blue, Pink, Purple4.35/5
Yosoo Premium Mesh Backpack
Yosoo Pet Carrier Premium Travel Outdoor Mesh Backpack

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Black, Green4.10/5

The 4 Best Rabbit Carrier Bags 2020 – Reviews

1. Anzone Pet Portable Carrier Space Capsule Backpack – Best Overall

carry 1

This is the first carrier backpack for rabbits, and forget saving the best till last, we’ve brought you the best backpack first! This is our top rated backpack.

With its stylish space capsule design, with a spherical transparent window design, this definitely thinks outside the box and we just love the design.

We definitely feel the window will help ease any anxiousness around traveling in the backpack. It gives a great view of the surrounding area, helping your rabbit feel as comfortable as possible.

Not only is the design dazzling, but the backpack is also waterproof. A thin protective film covers the surface, with multiple air vents for making it nice and breathable.

For convenience, there is a top handle and also an outer pocket which is perfect for storing your bunnies treats inside.

2. Hokonui Pet Outdoor Travel Carrier Backpack

carry 2

This is the close second rated rabbit carrier backpack on our list, and rightly so. Great consideration has gone into the material design of this one. Adapted waterproof fabric, oxford cloth and PCT fluorescence leather makes it very easy to clean.

The large capacity means your rabbit has plenty of room to stay comfortable in. With a max capacity of up to 10kg your rabbit will have ample space.

This makes use of an impressive anti shedding design. With innovative belts for the waist at free stretching length, you can better place this on your shoulder or in the car. Even when moving, this rabbit backpack won’t move violently. This ensures a pleasant experience for your bunny.

Four large ventilated net mesh windows mean that the air flow to this backpack is great. Your fury friend will have all the room and ventilation needed to breathe easy whilst on their travels. 2 net bags on the side allow functionality to be mixed with great aesthetics. I mean what could be better than a great looking backpack mixed with practicality?

3. Pawsee Pet Carrier Backpack

carry 3

The next rabbit carrier backpack on our list comes from the manufacturer Pawsee. This is designed for optomial comfort, with adjustable waist and chest buckle straps.

This helps keep the backpack stable whilst you’re mobile. This is great not only for your pet, but also for your own comfort and posture.

Four highly breathable mesh compartments means that your rabbit will be comfortable breathing and looking through. Ventilation is obviously key when in concealed spaces and this is a quality that’s done very well by this backpack.

Another great feature of this backpack is that due to its measurements, it’s accepted by many airlines as carry on. This is definitely beneficial for you when on your travels. Although do make sure to check with your specific airline prior to travelling.

Durability is something that we love about this product. Made of nylon you’ll find the backpack resists bites, abrasion is washable and allows you to carry your pet as safely as possible. It also comes in a variety of colors including grey, pink and purple.

4. Yosoo Pet Carrier Premium Travel Outdoor Mesh Backpack

carry 4

This carrier backpack is perfectly size for your rabbit. It is designed to fit other small animals in such as baby dogs and mini poodles. This means you can rest assured that your rabbit will fit nicely.

The mesh window adds an aspect of safety. Not to mention the fact it’s breathable ventilation and visibility for your bun. The adjustable shoulder strap and comfortable handle makes carrying it a pleasure.

We love the overall design of this carrier backpack, due to the fact that it’s stylish yet practical. It could easily pass for an every day backpack, the fact that you can take your pet places with you is an added bonus.

Rabbit Carrier Bag Buyer’s Guide

rabbit carrier bags buyers guideGetting your bunny around is an important part of being a rabbit owner. Whether it’s by carrier or backpack, you need to have some form of mechanism for carrying your rabbit. Remember, never carry or transport your rabbit loose. This is a dangerous idea and could potentially cause harm for your rabbit.

Now if looking for carrier backpacks is a new concept to you as a pet owner, it’s likely that you won’t know where to start. This section of the article breaks down some of the qualities you should look for in the top backpacks for carrying your bunny. These are qualities that are listed within the backpacks above so if you choose any of the carrier backpacks for rabbits in this article, you can be sure you’re getting your hands on a good one.


This goes without saying that your carrier backpack needs to be breathable. Ventilation is key in ensuring that your rabbit remains comfortable during your travels. Make sure to look for a backpack that has specially designed holes or mesh for ventilation purposes.


Your rabbit obviously needs space in order to be comfortable whilst you carry it around. If you’re concerned that your rabbit may squeezing in to the backpack, it’s probably not the right backpack for your bunny. Make sure to purchase something that your rabbit has enough room to stand up in, and isn’t rubbing up against the sides of the backpack.


The last thing you want whilst carrying your rabbit in the backpack is for any harm to come to it. This means that you need a carrier backpack for your rabbit that is secure, and stays this way. Once your rabbit it’s securely in place, it shouldn’t be able to escape or fall out of the carrier backpack.


This is something that needs to be considered for your point of view. After all, if you’re carrying your rabbit around you need to make sure that you don’t end up with back pain. Make sure that the straps are adjustable on the rabbit backpack, and if possible try to opt for something with padded straps.


Durability is a key quality of all of the best carrier backpacks for rabbits. You need to make sure that you purchase something sturdy. After all, you don’t want to end up with something that gets ripped after your first time using it. Look for materials such as leather or nylon, that you know will add to the overall quality of the backpack with features such as waterproofing.

Final Thoughts on Rabbit Carrier Bags

This may be your first time purchasing a carrier backpack for rabbits. We hope that this article has managed to provide you with an improved understanding of rabbit backpacks. It should have given you some food for thought regarding the best carrier backpacks for rabbits on the market. You should also now know which qualities to look for in a great backpack for carrying rabbits.

These range from comfort for you as the carrier of the backpack, to the importance of ensuring the backpack is as breathable as possible. If you end up purchasing any of the carrier backpacks for rabbits in this article, you’ll be sure to end up with a great quality product.

If your rabbit is clearly against the idea of being carried around in a backpack then a carrier backpack isn’t the best idea.

You may find that you need to ease your rabbit into using one.
This doesn’t involve purchasing one and walking for miles with your rabbit in the back, you need to take baby steps. Introduce the backpack to your rabbit and gauge the response from there.

If you’ve decided that you don’t need a rabbit carrier backpack, and want to opt for a more traditional avenue that’s fine. We’ve also written a post on the best travel carriers for rabbits which you can check out here.


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