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Rabbit Cage Wire: Protect & Improve Your Rabbit’s Safety

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Looking for the best rabbit cage wire? This post brings you rabbit cage wiring tips, and all the products you need to do it!

The wire on your rabbit cage or hutch, is literally the only thing separating your rabbit from its warm home and a world of danger. We’re not exaggerating, if you’re concerned about your rabbits current cage wire, chances are you need to enhance it.

We recommend using a good quality weld mesh for this, along with some other tools mentioned later.

Rabbit Cage Wire Tools

Finding the best tools for the job is vital in enhancing the security and structure of your cage or hutch. Below we have listed some of the essential tools for wiring your rabbits cage and improving your rabbits safety and security.

Rabbit Cage Wire Roll Weld Mesh

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A good rabbit cage wire roll is the most important thing for improving the safety of your rabbits home. This is because this is the difference between being kept safe or being attacked by predators.

It’s common for many rabbit hutches to use chicken wire as the separator between the hutch and the outside world. However, chicken wire is only strong enough to prevent your pet getting out, not prevent predators getting in. So if you’ve got a chicken mesh hutch, listen up.

We definitely recommend buying good weld mesh. This is available on Amazon in large rolls. This is particularly useful because you have a good supply to use for repairs after initially strengthening the cage. Strong rabbit cage wire panels are undoubtably worthwhile.

Use a thick mesh for extra security, we recommend gauge 14 like the mesh shown above. Bare in mind, the higher the gauger is the less the width so if you find a higher gauge than 14 it’s actually going to be thinner not thicker.

Tin Snips

wire 2

You’re going to need a reliable pair of tin snips for cutting the weld mesh down to size.

A common mistake people make is buying the mesh without giving a second thought to how they’re going to shape it.

This pair cuts through various sheets of metal with a great amount of force, making the process seem effortless.

They also come with a 30 day money back guarantee, and 12 months of replacement warranty included.

This is fairly assuring from a consumers standpoint, and gives you confidence these are made to last.

Heavy Duty Stapler

wire 3

Your new found weld mesh needs to be securely attached to your hutch. We recommend doing this with a heavy duty stapler like this one. It’s much more convenient than using a hammer, and comes with 1500 staples included. So it’s likely you’ll never need to buy another pack of staples to go with the stapler!

Some people opt for a hammer, but its generally a much more difficult job and takes a lot longer. When you consider that you would still need to buy the staples anyway, buying a heavy duty stapler isn’t much more of a stretch price wise.

We recommend taking a calculated approach when attaching the staples to the hutch. We know you have a new staple gun, and maybe want to go a bit crazy but resist! Look for the key weak points on the hutch and place staples accordingly. Don’t be afraid to use multiple staples in single areas if you feel it will benefit the overall durability of the mesh attachment.

What Makes A Good Rabbit Cage Wire Mesh?

If your rabbit cages wiring looks like the image on the left it’s definitely time to change it. As we previously mentioned chicken wire is made to keep animals in not predators out. It’s surprising how easily predators can break through this.

Final Thoughts On Rabbit Cage Wire

Rabbit cage wire is the single most important feature of your rabbits hutch or cage. It prevents them from escaping, being harmed by the weather and attacked by predators. If you don’t have a wire on your rabbit cage, your bunny is in danger.

The best rabbit cage wire is weld mesh, if you currently use chicken wire we urge you to please replace it.

Remember you’ll need a few tools for reenforcing your rabbit cage wire, but it’s an inexpensive task to add such security to your pets life and is well worthwhile.


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