How To Predator Proof Your Rabbit Hutch

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Last Updated: November 19, 2018

If your rabbit spends its time outdoors, it’s going to face threats that indoor bunnies aren’t subject to. Of course, the weather poses a threat to your rabbit but it’s nothing that a weather proof rabbit hutch can’t solve. However, a much graver threat that your rabbit faces outdoors is attack from predators. This article explores how you can reduce the chances of attacks and how to predator proof your rabbit hutch.

Predator Proof Your Rabbit Hutch

The difficulty in protecting your rabbit from these predators is firstly, you aren’t there to protect your bunny all the time. Predators are sneaky and often attack during the night when you’re usually fast asleep. Another difficulty your up against is the intelligence of predators. It’s not always enough to just buy a rugged looking rabbit hutch.

Predators know all the loop holes for gaining access to your rabbits hutch and causing damage.

What Are Outdoor Rabbits Up Against?

Sadly this is a longer list than you’d expect. The common consensus that your rabbit just needs protecting from foxes is definitely untrue. Some of the predators that may attack your pet rabbit include Foxes, badgers, cats and even dogs. This list isn’t exhaustive either, with your rabbit up against so much you definitely need to take preventive measures.

What Can You Do To Prevent Predators Attacking Your Rabbit?

Again sadly, there’s no definite answer to this question but there’s definitely measures you can put in place to reduced the likelihood of a predator successfully attacking your rabbit. Following some of the tips below will drastically improve your rabbits chances of avoiding predator attacks.

Strengthen Hutch Wiring

If your rabbit hutch is made from chicken wire, it’s vital that you replace this with something sturdier. Chicken wiring is designed to keep small animals in a concealed space, not to prevent other stronger animals getting in. Strong cage wire is the key to protecting your rabbit from attack.


If your rabbit hutch has latches as the mechanism to keep your rabbit inside the hutch, these also need to be strengthened. A 4 year old kid could open a rabbit hutch latch, please don’t underestimate the intelligence of hungry badgers and foxes. We recommend putting some kind of bolt in place to secure entry to the hutch. You don’t need to remove the latch entirely, just make sure entry is reinforced with the use of a bolt.

Prevent Digging

Foxes are sneaky enough to actually tunnel underneath your rabbits hutch. So if your bunny is situated in a hutch or run that uses the grass as it’s flooring a fox will have no trouble burrowing in. Make sure that you either move the rabbit hutch on to an impenetrable floor such as concrete, or reinforce the floor with wood panels.


Earlier we’ve mentioned it’s impossible to constantly supervise your rabbit, but if you let your bunny free to have the run of the garden be careful. Even if you leave your rabbit unsupervised for 10 minutes it’s unsafe. As we’ve mentioned foxes and badgers can be sneaky so could be patiently waiting in undergrowth for their chance to pounce. Your rabbit is also opened up to threats from other domestic pets that may be lurching such as cats and dogs.

If you live in a more rural area, remain conscious of the threats from birds of prey that are well known to swoop down and take rabbits.

Final Thoughts On Protecting Your Rabbit From Predator Attacks

Protecting your rabbit from predators is something that as a rabbit owner, is your duty. Although a predator attack will never be entirely preventable, there are measures you can put in place to significantly reduce the likelihood, impact and severity should one occur.

Following the steps in this post will help you on your rabbit to predator proofing your rabbit hutch and protecting your bunny from attacks. We wish you all the best in protecting your rabbit and fighting off those pesky predators! If you’ve got any concerns about the safety of your hutch you should consider buying a purpose made outdoor hutch.