How To Keep Rabbits Cool During Summer

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Last Updated: November 23, 2018

It’s vital you keep your rabbit cool during summer.

This article explores ways to keep your bunny cool in hot weather.

Whether you live somewhere with a hot climate or if summer is approaching, you should know that just like humans, rabbits need to keep rabbits cool. Just like us humans, rabbits can easily get too hot, difference is we don’t wear a fur coat during the summer.

We’ve explored some of the best tried and testing ways to keep your rabbit cool during hot weather. Finding ways to keep your rabbit cool during summer is vital for ensuring it stays comfortable. Below is a list of 3 great ways to keep rabbits cool during summer.

1. Provide Shade

Sounds obvious doesn’t it? This is a hugely important part of keeping your bunny cool, which is often overlooked. If your rabbit spends most of its days outside, it can be slightly harder to control shade due to movement of the sun throughout the day.

If your bun is situated in an outdoor rabbit hutch, make sure that it’s got an extended area protected from sunlight. This is important, not only for providing shade but also as a quiet area to nest and relax.

You may find that your rabbit spends time in places that don’t have build in mechanisms for shade. For example, many rabbit runs are made up purely of wiring without sunlight free areas. This isn’t a problem and you can still control the shaded area. You can do this by placing objects in front of the suns path, hence creating your own shade.

Depending on the size of the rabbit run, you might find putting something in the way such as an outdoor chair will do the trick.

Alternatively, you can choose to wrap material around the sides of the run, for example netting. This will create that shaded area which is so important for your rabbit in the sun.

2. Ensure It Has Plenty Of Cool Water

Water is another vital element of keeping your bunny cool. It’s important that your rabbit has constant access to fresh water at all times. In the summer, this it becomes increasingly dangerous to restrict your rabbits water supply.

In the summer, why not try implementing ice cubes in order to make your bunnies water even cooler. Try putting a couple of ice cubes into your rabbits drinks bottle, or water bowl. This will make the world of difference in keeping water cool. This is especially true if your rabbit spends most of its time outside with the sun on its water supply.

Your bun will also appreciate use of a water bowl for this in hot temperatures. This is because buns love to cool their face in an icy water bowl to cool themselves down.

Remember, as bunnies don’t sweat, cool water can act as a great way to cool themselves down through moisture applied directly to the fur and skin.

3. Cool Flooring

Ever flipped your pillow, and felt the other side to be cold and refreshing? This works the same way with your bunnies flooring. Going back to the pillow example, because the bottom side isn’t exposed to the warm air in the room, it’s nice and cool. This will be the same for the covered areas of your rabbits flooring.

For example, if your rabbits floor is covered with hay, digging away at the warmed up hay and touching the cold floor below will be extremely refreshing for your rabbit. This is assuming that your rabbit is based in the shade of course. If your rabbits floor is exposed to sun light, the newly found floor won’t stay cool for very long.


Keeping your rabbit cool in the warm weather is as important as keeping yourself cool. As rabbit owners it’s all of our duties to ensure our rabbits stay safe, regardless of weather conditions. This article has listed some simple, yet hugely effective ways of keeping your rabbit cool during the heat. If you employ all 3 of these methods, your rabbit will stay cool and relaxed while catching those sun rays.

Never try pouring water on your rabbit or making it swim.

For any concerns regarding rabbit care, checkout this RSPCA Article.