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What Makes A Good Rabbit Litter Tray?

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Chances are if your a new rabbit owner, or thinking about getting a rabbit you’re doing some research on house training. This can be a trying task, but one that definitely pays off. A fundamental part of house training involves litter training. This poses the question, what makes a good rabbit litter tray?

What Makes A Good Rabbit Litter Tray?

No doubt, you can buy them in most pet stores or even put together make shift ones yourself. Before buying or building your own rabbit litter tray, you need to know exactly what comprises a good rabbit litter box.


It’s really important that the rabbit hutch you choose caters to your rabbits specific needs. This means that it should be the perfect size for your rabbit. Not only your rabbit, but also for the space you’re looking to place the rabbit litter box. This is because if you purchase a litter tray that’s too big for the space, you’ll end up with issues. This is true for the surface area of the rabbit litter box at least.

You also need to consider how deep the litter box is.  Your bunny needs to be able to get in and out of the box nice and easily, and maintaining a high level of comfort while using the litter box. This is why it’s especially important to check the dimensions of the litter tray before you buy one.

Make sure you compare these dimensions to the overall size of your bunny.

Ease Of Access

Rabbits are stereotypically very energetic, and bouncy animals. However, it’s important that you factor in the ease of access to your rabbit litter box. Your rabbit needs to be able to get in and out of the tray as easily as can be without any strenuous effort.

This is certainly the case if you have older rabbits. As you will notice, these are often slower and less active than they once were sadly. If your rabbit looks like it’s struggling at a young age to get into the litter tray, just think about how difficult it will find it as it gets older.

You should try to find something that has a low front end, which will allow your rabbit to easily step on top of the litter box. You also want to make sure it can step off the litter box nice and easily and isn’t at risk of any harm after doing so. Place the litter box carefully so that even if your bunny has a small fall it won’t bump into anything that may cause it harm.

Prevents Nesting

Nesting is going to be a horrible business in this context. Messy for you as your rabbit owner as it’s going to be very difficult to clean. Messy for your rabbit too because it’s going to be nesting in its own filth. Make sure that you choose a hooded option or choose something with a gridded cover. Your rabbit will be able to stand on, use but not be able to nest in the litter that lines the tray.

This is worth noting if you’re deciding to make your own litter tray and is something that often gets overlooked. It’s worthwhile knowing to go for a grid cover design before starting construction so you don’t need to make any later amendments.

Strong Material

If you opt for making your own rabbit litter tray, you definitely need to pay close attention to the materials you choose. Cardboard for example, would not be a good choice at all. This is because when dampened it gets weak, and can often collapse.

If making one yourself you will need something sturdy such as a wooden box.

If you’re buying something from the store, make sure you check that the rabbit litter tray is sturdy enough for your rabbit to stand on comfortably. You certainly don’t  want it breaking whilst your rabbit is busy doing their thing. It would be embarrassing for everyone involved, and your bunny might never be able to forgive you.

Final Thoughts

There’s a bit more than guesswork when it comes to choosing a rabbit litter tray. You need to be conscious of the size, durability, ease of access and the structure of the box.

Now you know this you should find your perfect rabbit litter tray with no problems. Best of luck! For tips on litter training check out this great resource


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