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What Makes Good Rabbit Litter & Bedding?

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This article explores exactly what you should be looking for when buying a good rabbit litter and bedding. Although rabbit litter and bedding are fundamentally two different things the best of these share common ground in more than one area. Lets look at exactly what these are in a bit more detail.

What Makes a Good Rabbit Litter and Bedding

Without further introduction, we will now look into the features that are required to make a good rabbit litter and bedding.

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Credit: Kapa65, Pixabay

Controls Odors

A good litter and rabbit bedding will be able to control odor for a sustained period of time. Making sure your rabbits cage or hutch smells good for longer is really important. This is especially true if your rabbits hutch or cage is inside your house. There’s nothing worse than walking into someones house and having their pets urine be the first thing you smell, don’t be that household.

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This is the next important feature of good litter and bedding. It’s fairly self explanatory but your rabbit bedding or litter needs to be able to absorb anything its faced with and as much of it as possible. This means that your rabbits bedding or litter will stay drier and cleaner for longer periods of time.
This is great for your rabbit because it’s a much more comfortable living environment to be in. It’s also great for you as the rabbit owner because the more absorbent the litter is the less frequently you will need to change it. It’s always worth looking for a rabbit litter or bedding that offers a minimum of absorbing up to 3x its own weight.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

No Dust

Another important feature of the best rabbit bedding and litter is the dust free factor. The less dust there is within the litter or bedding, essentially the less mess it’s as simple as that. It’s not hard to get your hands on a good dust free product, with the vast majority of good rabbit litter or bedding offering a minimum of 99% dust free. This means when the time comes to clean your rabbits cage there will be a lot less mess for you to worry about!


This is a feature of any rabbit product that goes without saying, but we thought we would add this one in. Your rabbits safety should be the under arching priority for you when looking to try out a new product. This is especially true for your rabbits bedding and litter because it’s going to spend a huge amount of it’s time surrounded by this stuff.
Make sure that you look out for bedding or litter that’s non toxic. Often due to the fact that bedding or litter is made from old recycled paper make sure you look for “never been printed” paper. This prevents any ink that may have been used on the paper from harming your rabbit.

If you use any paper with ink extracts, be sure to check with the supplier that it’s safe for animals and non toxic before bringing your rabbit into contact with it.
Open Litter Box, Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Environmentally Friendly

In this day and age something being eco friendly is an important feature regardless of the product type! As we’ve just said, rabbit litter and bedding are usually made up of recycled material such as old pieces of paper. There’s absolutely no need to be using something which isn’t eco friendly for these kinds of products.
We recommend that when you’re looking for rabbit litter or bedding, you definitely keep an eco friendly consciousness throughout your search. Look for features such as being sustainable, renewable, biodegradable and compostable. Any eco friendly buzzwords like that are great!

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Final Thoughts

Purchasing a good rabbit litter or bedding isn’t as simple as just visiting the pet store and grabbing the first one from the shelf.
Although the bedding and litter in the pet store should be a top quality one, make sure you check for the common traits that make a great bedding or litter discussed in this article.
We hope this article has helped clear up what to look for when searching for a rabbit litter or bedding.

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