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Funny Rabbit Pictures

The header image for the rabbits to brighten up your day article.

If you’ve made it this far, chances are you’re looking for a little something to brighten up your day. Whether you’re looking for something to make you smile after a bad day in work, or you just want to make your already great day even better we’ve got you covered

Funny Rabbit Pictures

Everyone needs a funny rabbit picture to brighten up their day. Below is a list of 6 great funny rabbit pictures we’re sure you’ll love!

Love me

This little bunny is clearly very needy and there’s nothing wrong with that! Who doesn’t like to be cuddled and told everything is gonna be okay?

No more food!

This is the face you pull when you’ve clearly had too much to eat. The regretful expression and remainder of a nice juicy carrot left on the floor tells the full story. We imagine this little bunny hopped away shortly after, and found a comfy spot to sleep it off.


This well groomed little bunny, looks pretty high maintenance. Posing for the photo while sitting on a luxurious rug, we imagine this rabbit doesn’t settle for less, and lives a 24 carrot lifestyle.

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Can we have some more?

These bunnies are all in agreement, one bowl between three just isn’t enough! Although we get the feeling the guy in the middle may have had more than his fair share.. you just can’t say no to these little faces.

Floppy ear, don’t care

This little fella is clearly content as can be. Chilling in the long grass, while letting his adorable long ears flop around.

Sleepy bunny!

Don’t be alarmed. This little guy definitely does have eyes, he’s just shutting them very, very tightly. We imagine he’s dreaming about hopping around in the daisies, or chewing away on the worlds biggest carrot.

We loved every one of these bunnies and we hope you do to. Looking for more rabbit fun? Checkout some of these funny names! 


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