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Flooring For Rabbit Pens: What Should You Use?

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Struggling to find flooring for rabbit pens?

This article explores what you should and shouldn’t be using for rabbit pen flooring.

The type of flooring you use isn’t a typical consideration for many people buying rabbit pens. They’re more fixated on what size to choose, the material it’s made from and how sturdy it is. If you’ve found your perfect rabbit pen then great, this article will detail just that.

Finding A Rabbit Pen

If you don’t have a rabbit pen yet, you might want to know which type of rabbit pen is best for you. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for don’t worry. We feel these can be split into three different categories:

Rabbit exercise pens – Large rabbit pens, used to help your bun get excercise.
Outdoor rabbit pens – Rabbit pens that are built for outdoor use.
Indoor rabbit pens – Rabbit pens that are suitable for use in doors, may also be used outdoors.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Flooring For Rabbit Pens

Figuring out what to use for rabbit pen flooring depends on a variety of factors. Consider whether your rabbit pen is being used indoors or outdoors. If your rabbit pen is being used outdoors you don’t need to use anything for flooring (assuming you have a grass area). Your rabbit will appreciate the grass underneath the pen to graze on.

If your rabbit pen is used indoors, you will need to consider appropriate flooring to prevent any accidents on your carpet or floor.

Flooring For Outdoor Rabbit Pens

As we’ve previously mentioned, outdoor rabbit pens are great because you can just use grass as the flooring. This way your bunny has grass to graze on when it pleases. This mimics the natural diet of a rabbit in the wild and also provides it with a good exercise mechanism.

This is providing that you have a grassy area outside. If you don’t have grass but use an outdoor play pen, obviously this doesn’t apply to you. It’s important to consider the flooring of your garden because it could be extremely uncomfortable for your rabbit.

For example, if you have concrete floor and live in a hot climate, you might find that it gets too hot for your bunny to stand on. In such instances we would recommend lining the floor with something rabbit friendly such as hay.

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This will provide your bunny with something between its feet and the hot sun. It will also provide your bun with something to graze on during its time in the pen.

Alternatively, you could use newspaper but this may not be suitable if its windy. You also need to ensure that you’re using an ink free paper which is safe for rabbits.

The obvious downside to using newspaper of hay or grass is that your rabbit isn’t able to graze on it throughout the day.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Indoor Rabbit Pen Flooring

Now that we’ve discussed what to use outdoors, lets consider the flooring options for indoor rabbit pens. It’s important that you consider all the options to determine the most suitable flooring for your rabbit.

If you’re lucky enough to have vinyl flooring, you can almost stop reading right now. This is a great flooring option for your rabbit pen. It’s easy to clean, it’s not going to get chewed up by your bunny either. The other obvious plus point is that if your entire floor is made from vinyl, you won’t need to purchase any extra materials.

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The next best thing to vinyl flooring for indoor rabbit pens would be a sheet of plywood. This could then be lined with hay and you could have your rabbit pen sat on top of it.

Make sure your rabbit can’t access the edges of the sheet or it’s likely that its going to chew it.

The other options you’ve got are newspaper and cardboard. The obvious issue with these materials is that they’re fairly absorbent. When they absorb your rabbits urine they’ll end up holding the liquid and causing foul smells. This also makes cleaning the floor area an absolute nightmare.

It’s important to note that your rabbit may get confused by newspaper especially if it’s currently going through litter training and you use it in the rabbits litter tray. Again, it’s important to urge that if you do use newspaper please make sure that you use a non toxic safe for rabbits option.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Rabbit Pen Flooring To Avoid

We don’t recommend using chunks of carpet. This is because your rabbit is very likely to chew them when they get bored. This could potentially cause your bunny to get sick. Not to mention they’re also fairly absorbent so again, these would lead to fowl smells.

Plastic flooring may be a bit too slippery for your rabbit so we don’t recommend using this as an option. If your rabbit decides to chew the plastic it is also likely to get sick. This is because you’ll probably be reusing old materials that aren’t necessarily fit for use with rabbits.

rabbit carpet
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Final Thoughts

It’s important that you find something to line your rabbit pen floor. If you’re lucky enough to have a nice grassy garden, you don’t need to use anything for your outdoor rabbit pen flooring. However, if you do find you need to use some kind of flooring make sure its safe for rabbit use.

As we’ve said we recommend vinyl flooring or a sheet of plywood lined with hay for your bun to graze on. We hope this article has helped you find all the information you needed, and good luck on your search for rabbit pen flooring!


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