Can Rabbits Swim?

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Last Updated: March 3, 2019

People often wonder if their pet rabbit swim. In recent years, videos of people putting their furry friend in the pool with them have gained in popularity. However, you should never consider letting your rabbit swim. In this post we explore the dangers and risks associated with rabbits and swimming.

Shock Potential

There’s plenty of reasons to never try and make your rabbit swim. The biggest reason is it can lead to death. Submerging a rabbit in water may actually shock it to the point of a heart attack and death. Knowing the potential for this outcome, many people consider it animal cruelty to ever submerge a pet rabbit in water. Even during bath time!

Rabbit fur


On top of it being frightening for your rabbit, there are some practical reasons it is best to let them stay dry. The undercoat on your pet has the ability to soak up a lot of moisture, which will weigh your friend down. This would be similar to you trying to go for a swim in soaking wet jeans and a coat. You would get worn out quite quickly. The same is true for your rabbit. On top of this, it takes a very long time for rabbit’s fur to dry.

Rabbit skin is very delicate. If it is chronically exposed to moisture it can crack and blister. This may lead to redness, baldness, and eventually bacterial infections.

The most tempting place for most pet owners to try to take their rabbit swimming is their own swimming pool. While online videos may make it seem like rabbits enjoy this, they likely do not. Your rabbit would struggle to keep the water from getting in his eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. Not to mention potentially die of shock.

Rabbits often get uncomfortable after wetting their face using their water bowls. Swallowing pool water, which is often full of chlorine and other chemicals, bad for any creature. With their small bodies and delicate systems, it can be particularly bad news for a rabbit.

Final Thoughts

Never leave your rabbit unsupervised in a situation where it may end up submerged in water. Especially if you have a swimming pool nearby. Rabbits are curious animals and all it takes is a slip for the unimaginable to happen.

Considering all of the other fun things you can try with your rabbit, there’s no need to ever even consider swimming. Remember it can lead to health problems or even death. This is something you should know before getting a rabbit.