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Can Rabbits Eat Bananas? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Yes, Rabbits Can Eat Bananas and Here’s Why:

Just like other fruit and vegetables rabbits love to eat bananas. You can also feed your rabbit the banana peel but make sure you do so sparingly. Please note that banana must be fed to your rabbit in moderation due to its high sugar content. Remember to always wash bananas before feeding them to your rabbit.

How Can Rabbits Safely Eat Bananas?

So now that you know rabbits can eat bananas it’s important you figure out how to safely implement them. We recommend keeping fruit and vegetable fed to rabbits in very small quantities. This applies for the amount of bananas you feed to your bunny.

The general guidelines for the amount of fruit you can feed your bunny goes off its weight. Feed no more than 2 tablespoons of fruit per give pounds of bodyweight each day. However this rule applies to all fruits, not just bananas. So, if your rabbit is going to eat banana for the first time we recommend feeding no more than 1 tablespoon of it a day.

This is because you don’t know how your rabbit will react to adding this to its diet. Like any dietary change you should make sure it’s something you implement slowly.

Do Not Exceed The Guidelines Above! We can not stress the dangers of over feeding your rabbit fruit. This is down to the high sugar content which can lead to health implications when fed in excess.

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Remember the Basics and Follow the Below Rules:

What are the rules when feeding fresh food for the first time?

Never Forget About These Simple Rules:

  • Dont feed it large quantities but ease up gradually to the recommended amount.
  • Feed in moderation. Remember rabbits should only eat fruit and vegetables as a treat due to the high sugar content.
  • Maintain the essential components of your rabbits diet. Continue supplying your bun with unlimited access to hay and or grass if possible.
  • Don’t feed young rabbits fruit. We recommend waiting around 4 months before doing so.
  • Wait to see your rabbits reaction. Give your bunny a couple of days to see how it reacts to the new food before feeding it any more.
  • Stop if your bunny comes across any complications such as an upset stomach.
  • Always wash fruit the banana thoroughly before feeding it to your rabbit.

Do Rabbits Like Bananas?

So now you know that rabbits can eat bananas, but do they like them? The answer to this question is yes which we’re sure you’ll be happy to hear.

It’s likely your rabbit will absolutely love bananas so it’s important that you resist the urge to overfeed it bananas.

What About Banana Skin and Leaves?

It’s surprising how many animals will actually eat the peel from fruit. Another question is whether its actually safe. Well, we feel that you need to be sensible when giving your rabbit bananas. There’s no need at all for your rabbit to eat the peel, so we wouldn’t risk it.

It’s not overly dangerous by any means as it isn’t toxic. However, it definitely doesn’t come as a recommendation from professionals so for this reason we would avoid it when possible. Don’t be alarmed if your rabbit eats a small quantity of peel but avoid giving it access to an entire peel.

The sample applies for banana leaves. We haven’t been able to find any professional recommendations for feeding rabbits banana leaves. We would advise against feeding your rabbit banana leaves just incase it’s been sprayed with anything toxic for rabbits.

Banana Skin
Credit: bluebudgie, Pixabay

What Are the Risks of Feeding Your Rabbit Banana in Excess?

Firstly rabbits should avoid an excess of sugary foods. Bananas are one of the foods we put into the “sugary foods” bracket. Like with us humans, rabbits can get a sugar rush. They also have complex digestive systems, and have difficulty digesting excessive sugar quantities.

Bananas also have large amounts of starch. This is something that can cause damage to your rabbits intestines. Their intestines are not made to digest highly fatty and sugary products. It’s especially important that you treat bananas as a treat only.

Overfeeding your rabbit with bananas can cause health implications for the above reasons.

Can Rabbits Eat Bananas? Final Thoughts

So now you’ve had all the information you should know that rabbits can eat bananas. They can do so safely when fed in moderation, and in compliance with some of the guidelines stated in this post.

Remember, always give your rabbit time to react to dietary changes and ease food in to your rabbits diet gradually. Remember never feed in excess due to the fact that it can cause health implications, and may discourage your rabbit to eat it’s hay or grass.

We hope this article has provided you with enough information to make a conscious decision on whether to feed your rabbit bananas and do so while keeping them healthy.


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