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Best Treats for Rabbits – Top Picks & Reviews 2020

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Choosing the best rabbit treats for your bunny can be tough

This article brings you 5 of the best rabbit treats on the market along with a buyers guide.

We found Oxbow Simple Rewards to be the best rabbit treats on the market. To find out why, keep reading!

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites:

Finding rabbit treats that offer the most nutritional value for your bunny is vital. You’ll want to make sure that you find something high in protein, while low in sugar and bad fats.

Below we have listed the 5 treats for rabbits which will keep your bunny healthy and happy.

ModelPriceFlavorEditor's Rating
Oxbow SIMPLE REWARDS Treats Rabbit Guinea Pig Chinchilla STRAWBERRY .5 oz 3 PACK
(Best Overall)

Check Price
Exotic Nutrition 3-Pack
Herbivore Treats (3 Pack) - for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Hamsters, Gerbils

Check Price
Rose Hips, Veggie Blend, Herbivore Healthy4.65/5
Vita-Licious Essentials - Natural Herbal
Vita-Licious Essentials - Natural Herbal Treats For Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Check Price
Natural Herbs4.40/5
Vitakraft Drops Variety Pack
Vitakraft Drops Variety Pack Treats for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

Check Price
Yogurt, Strawberry, Banana, Alfalfa4.35/5
Emours Natural Bamboo Teeth Chews
Emours Natural Bamboo Treat Teeth Chews for Rabbits Chinchilla Guinea Pigs Sugar Gerbils and More Small Pets

Check Price
Sweet Bamboo4.15/5

The 5 Best Treats for Rabbits 2020 – Reviews

1. SIMPLE REWARDS Treats With Strawberry – Best Overall

treat 1

100% Strawberries – There’s nothing worse than having worries about hidden ingredients a product contains. You can rest easy with this product knowing it’s made up entirely of strawberries. It’s always great to know exactly what you’re getting when you make a purchase.

 Great Taste – Due to the fact these are harvested and frozen dried at the peak of their ripeness. This means your rabbit gets a great tasting treat it’s sure to love.

Nutrient-Rich – This comes as a great source of vitamin C for your bunny and contains natural antioxidants.

Suitable For Other Pets – If you have other pets as well as your bunny you’re in luck. This is also suitable for Guinea pigs and Chinchillas.

2. Exotic Nutrition Herbivore Treats (3 Pack)

treats 2

Multiple Vegetables – This is made up of a variety of sweet potatoes, carrots, peppers and green peas.

Flower Blend – The flower assortment is a blend of 3 different types of organic dried flowers. This includes rose petals, calendula and hisbiscus flowers.

Suitable For Multiple Pets – This is suggested to be used by other pets as well as rabbits. These include Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils and other herbivores.

3. Vita-Licious Essentials – Natural Herbal Treats

treats 3


Nutritionally Rich – Vitamin & Nutrient-Rich assortment which is designed to help support digestion, with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer support. It’s great to know your rabbit can be getting nutritional value whilst getting a treat.

Organ Friendly – Supports a healthy digestive tract, healthy kidney and liver function, a strong heart and good circulation. It’s great that these are made to support the overarching health of your rabbit.

Suitable For Other Pets – If you also have a Guinea Pig then this is great as these treats are suitable for both rabbits and Guinea Pigs.

4. Vitakraft Drops Variety Pack Treats for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

Multipack – The great thing about this treat is it comes as a multipack. This leaves you with plenty of treats to use for different occasions.

Tasty Flavors – With various options for flavors including Yogurt, Banana, Strawberry and Alfalfa. This ensures that your rabbit won’t get bored of having the same flavor over and over again.

Real Fruit & Vegetables – The formula is made with real fruit and vegetables making it very nutritionally beneficial. The pack is fully resealable allowing you to ensure it stays fresh.

5. Emours Natural Bamboo Treat Teeth Chews for Rabbits

treats 5

Safe – Despite being a slightly unorthodox treat these natural sweet bamboo check sticks are completely safe for your pet.

Good For Teeth – This is a perfect treat for assisting with the teeth grinding process needed to support the healthy growth of your rabbits teeth.

Multi Animal Treats – Despite being perfect for rabbits, these are also designed for other pets too. Some of which include Chinchillas and Guinea Pigs.

Rich In Xylose – Gives excellent nutritional value to your bunnies diet.

Finding The Best Rabbit Treats: Buyer’s Guide

When you buy a rabbit, you probably want to pamper it as much as possible. It’s your job to provide housing, enrichment, love, and regular food. giving your pet the occasional treat is a great way to show them you care and help you to bond with them.

You may be thinking that you just need to buy a bunch of carrots to go along with your rabbit’s regular food. While almost every rabbit does enjoy carrots, they are not an ideal treat. This is because they are so starchy. This is an example of why it is important to research any treat before feeding it to your bunny in high quantities.

Feeding the wrong treats can lead to digestive problems or even worse consequences. That is why it is so important to know everything you can about it before adding anything new to your pet’s diet. There are a variety of healthy, natural foods that you can give your pet as the occasional treat.

If it was up to them rabbits would eat nothing but treats.

This is exactly why giving them in moderation is so important. It is important to make sure that the treats you feed your rabbit are part of a balanced diet. Not as something they can eat excessive amounts of.

Benefits of Rabbit Treats

Treats can serve as a form of enrichment. They add some variety and excitement to the daily routine of your rabbit.

Giving treats can help you form a bond with your rabbit. Call their name and then give the treat when they start approaching you. They will start to put two and two together and start coming when called. A pretty neat trick for a pet rabbit!

Treats do not have to be given in a bowl. There are a variety of ways to feed a treat that helps the rabbit use their brain to get their reward. For example, in empty toilet paper rolls. can be filled with their food mixed with a few treats and placed around the room.

Make some of the locations obvious but hide others behind furniture. Now, mealtime/treat time is an exciting event during their day! Be sure to not overfeed your rabbit if you try this out.

You could also cut a few holes into a cardboard tube and attach lids on both ends. This way, your rabbit has to roll it around and figure out how to get his treats out. Very satisfying for them to accomplish and for you to watch!

Another idea would be to use an empty paper towel roll and some string to make a feeder. Place the string through the roll and tie it horizontally to a chair or something that will allow it to hang at your rabbit’s face level. Fill it with a few treats and watch your rabbit learn how to get them out. This, too, will help your rabbit stay sharp!

rabbits eating carrots
Image: Thomas G. from Pixabay

What to Consider When Buying Rabbit Treats

As a general rule, your pet rabbit’s main food source should be vegetables based. Oats and fruits are better suited for being occasional treats. Fruits can be given to your rabbit once or twice a week. Here are some examples of fruits that might enjoy:

  • Strawberries
  • Blackberries
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Apples
  • Melons
  • Plum
  • Peach
  • Papaya
  • Pears

Make sure nothing you give your rabbit has pits or seeds. Apples, for example, need to have the stem and seeds removed before being given to your pet. If your rabbit is overweight, then no fruit should be given. Rabbits love bananas and grapes but they are very sugary. Due to this, they should be a very rare treat.

Grain, too, should be given rarely. It is fattening. The only exception to this would be if your rabbit was underweight. As well as having your veterinarian recommend adding grain to their regular diet.

Pet stores are full of treats for your rabbit that you should never give them. You can even find rabbit safe “chocolate drops.” These are sugary and should never be fed to your pet. Do rabbits have a sweet tooth? Absolutely. If you give them too many treats, however, they won’t eat the foods that they need to stay healthy.

Take The Cautious Approach

When introducing anything new to your rabbit’s diet, even if it is an occasional treat, you have to be careful not to upset their digestion. Anything too abrupt can be hard on their stomach. Start out slow, with one or two, and increase the amount until it is the amount you intend to feed them on a regular basis. Always provide plenty of fresh water. Water should be changed out at least once a day. It is a good idea to keep a notebook and make a note of any new treats you have tried and how your rabbit reacted to it.

Also, keep in mind that these are only guidelines. While it is a good idea to always steer clear of the bad foods, even good food may not agree with your rabbit. Like people, rabbits are individuals who may not be able to handle certain food. this is the case even if they are approved as treats.

Keep an eye on how your rabbit reacts to any new treat you give them. Your veterinarian may have specific instructions for feeding your rabbit. This can also depend on their health needs.

What Makes a Good Rabbit Treat

A high-quality rabbit treat will have no added sugars, artificial colors, or artificial flavoring. The closer to something found in nature the treat is, the better it will be for your rabbit. Here are some natural things to treat your rabbit with:

If you do decide to buy treats from the store or online, pay extra attention to the ingredient label. The ingredients will be listed in order for how much there is. Check the percentages of fiber and fat carefully before purchasing any rabbit treats.

You can even find recipes online for making your own rabbit treats at home if you fancy some DIY. Homemade rabbit treats are great for tailoring to your bunnies specific dietary requirements.

Rabbits eating lettuce
Rabbits Eating, Kurt Bauschardt, Flickr

Things to Avoid When Buying Rabbit Treats

There are some things that your rabbit shouldn’t eat. We already mentioned that it is best to avoid things with added sugars or artificial anything. Other things to avoid feeding your rabbit, even as a treat, are legumes, nuts, corn cobs, or yogurt drops.

These are not foods that a rabbit would ever eat in the wild and their bodies are not designed to handle them.

The following is a list of things you should NEVER give your rabbit, even as an occasional treat:

– Bread, cookies, pasta, crackers, or anything else high in carbs and sugar. While they may enjoy eating them, it will lead to an upset stomach.

– Avocados. While this may seem safe because it is a natural fruit, it is high in fat and may actually be deadly to a rabbit.

– Iceberg lettuce. This one, too, may seem like ideal rabbit food but it is not, even as an occasional treat. This is because it contains lactucarium, a chemical that is quite dangerous to rabbits. Besides, iceberg lettuce is mostly water and contributes nothing nutritionally.

– Cauliflower. Yet another vegetable that may seem harmless. Cauliflower actually makes rabbits gassy and uncomfortable.

– Peanut butter. Even though this is something your rabbit may eagerly eat, peanut butter is high in fat and will more than likely give them a stomach ache.

– Meat. This may seem obvious, but not everyone realizes that even a small piece of meat can cause a major upset to the herbivorous rabbit.

The foods on the list above are there for a reason. These are very likely to make your pet unwell, or even obese if you feed it to them with any regularity. This is because some are very high in fat while being low in protein.

Finding The Best Rabbit Treats: Final Thoughts

Feeding treats can be fun for the rabbit’s body and beneficial for their mind. It is a good way to keep your pet rabbit from getting bored and for building a bond with them.

Feeding the right treats in the right portions is vital to keeping your rabbit healthy and making sure they are around for a long time.

In addition to the more edible treats we’ve discussed, you can also “treat” your rabbit to untreated wood to chew on. This is great for their teeth and you do not have to worry about the effect it is having on their diet.

Take extra care when feeding your rabbit treats. Many experts recommend not feeding more than 2 tablespoons of fruit or other treats a day. That way they are still getting all of the hay and grass they need in their diet.

If you are already providing your rabbit with a balanced diet, treats are not necessary to be given daily.

When used well, rabbit treats are a great addition to your pet’s day, nutrition, and quality of life.


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