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5 Best Stackable Rabbit Cages 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

A rabbit in a cage

Giving your rabbit a safe and secure place to sleep, eat, and use the bathroom is essential for their health and well-being. But what’s a responsible rabbit owner to do if they suddenly have more rabbits than they have floor space for cages?

Investing in stackable rabbit cages or multi-story hutches can make the most out of any limited space that you’re working with. By building your rabbit’s housing vertically, you’ll be able to save space and give your pets more room to themselves, rather than trying to house too many rabbits in ones cage.

We’ve tested and examined dozens of rabbit cages to bring you this list of reviews for the 5 best stackable rabbit cages on the market today. In this article, you’ll find options for every size, space, and budget requirement — as well as a helpful guide full of tips and tricks for finding the perfect cage for your rabbit.

A Quick Comparison of our Favorites (updated in 2020):

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Trixie Natura Rabbit Hutch with Sloped Roof Trixie Natura Rabbit Hutch with Sloped Roof
  • Multiple doors for easy entry and exit
  • Comes partially assembled, and is easy to finish
  • Dual-level use with provided ramp
  • Best Value
    Second place
  • Long-lasting frame not prone to tipping
  • Doors prevent accidents and escape attempts
  • Fantastic price
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    PawHut 2-Storey Elevated PawHut 2-Storey Elevated
  • Fully equipped to house up to two rabbits
  • Pull-out trays on both levels for easy cleanup
  • Access ramp allows for cross-over play between two rabbits
  • Homey Pet Open Top Heavy Duty Homey Pet Open Top Heavy Duty
  • Extra-large interior
  • Heavy-duty construction is built to last
  • Stacks up to 3 tiers high
  • Homey Pet Stackable Heavy Duty Homey Pet Stackable Heavy Duty
  • Largest stackable rabbit cage available
  • Removable floor tray makes cleanup fast and simple
  • The 5 Best Stackable Rabbit Cages:

    1. Trixie Natura Stackable Rabbit Cage with Sloped Roof – Best Overall

    Trixie Natura Rabbit Cage

    Top-of-the-line rabbit housing usually comes with a whopping price tag — but not so with the Trixie Natura Rabbit Hutch. Available in three colors and two sizes, it’s an all-in-one enclosure for your rabbit that features multiple entries and exits and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It’s a highly customizable rabbit cage option that will give you plenty of choices for housing one or two rabbits.

    Coming mostly pre-built and requiring only minor assembly, the Trixie Natura hutch is an attractive stackable rabbit cage that looks good in any home. We love its multiple doors and loading options, including a hinge-opening top that makes scooping your rabbit fast and easy. A ramp allows one rabbit access between both levels, while a locking gate can separate this home into two equally usable spaces.

    In short, it’s a fully functional option for owners with any breed of rabbit and is decked out with far more plush amenities than its price would seem to indicate. We strongly recommend it as your first consideration for purchasing a stacking cage for your rabbit.

    • Three color choices to match with any home décor
    • Choice of two sizes helps to accommodate rabbits of any breed
    • Multiple doors for easy entry and exit
    • Comes partially assembled, and is easy to finish
    • Dual-level use with provided ramp
    • Option to separate into two floors with a locking grate
    • Pre-made two-floor stacking limit

    2. LITTLE GIANT Stackable Wire Rabbit Cages – Best Value

    LITTLE GIANT AH2424 Wire Rabbit Hutch

    Rabbit owners on a budget looking for low-cost, durable cages should turn their attention towards the Little Giant galvanized steel stackable cages. While their spartan design certainly leaves room for improvements in comfort and livability, their unbeatable price and spacious interiors make them some of the best stackable rabbit cages for the money.

    Each 24-inch by 24-inch by 16-inch cage requires significant assembly, but the included wire clip pliers and hardware make this task quick and simple. We appreciate the simple utility of this heavy, durable cage — its steel construction weighs in at 8 pounds per cage, keeping it safe from accidental tip-overs even when stacked up to 4 cages high. Additionally, the spring-tension door latch is easy to operate and is surrounded by vinyl to prevent pinching accidents.

    Overall, the Little Giant Wire Rabbit Hutch is an excellent base upon which to build a much more comfortable cage for your rabbit, and is available at such a reasonable price that you’ll be able to spend a little bit more on customizations without breaking the bank.

    • Long-lasting frame not prone to tipping
    • Large interiors for all but the largest rabbit breeds
    • Doors prevent accidents and escape attempts
    • Fantastic price
    • Wire cage bottom will cause sore hocks unless covered with something softer
    • Does not come with any sort of litter or urine tray

    3. PawHut Stacked Wooden Rabbit Cage – Premium Choice

    PawHut D51-086 Elevated Stacked Wooden Rabbit Cage

    With a look that strongly resembling our top pick, but specifically made for housing multiple rabbits, the PawHut Stacked Wooden Rabbit Hutch offers a luxury rabbit housing experience that’s equally well suited for sleeping, playing, and eating. In our opinion, the compact and comprehensive design, including easy access doors at each level, makes it worth every bit of its premium cost.

    Each level of the PawHut rabbit hutch can be used as an enclosure for an individual rabbit, making the cost of this cage more reasonable when you consider that two rabbits or multiple small animals can live in it comfortably. Or, if you’re so inclined, you can leave the dividing gate open and allow cross-over between the two levels via an access ramp. With two pull-out trays for catching litter and urine, there’s no wrong way to use this well-appointed hutch.

    As far as we’re concerned, this is the best stackable rabbit cage for anyone who’s willing to make a larger investment up front. For rabbit owners on a tighter budget, though, the prohibitively high cost will likely put it out of your reach.

    • Fully equipped to house up to two rabbits
    • Multiple openings on the top, front, and sides
    • Pull-out trays on both levels for easy cleanup
    • Access ramp allows for cross-over play between two rabbits
    • Attractive and compact design works well indoors or outdoors
    • Expensive
    • Requires quite a bit of assembly

    4. Homey Pet Heavy Duty Rabbit Cages

    Homey Pet Open Top Heavy Duty Pet Cage

    For securely stacking cages for large rabbits, look no further than the Homey Pet Heavy Duty Pet Cage. Its hugely spacious interior, open top access, and heavy-duty all-metal design make it best suited to handling the needs of breeds that smaller cages cannot accommodate.

    Originally designed for use with dogs, a simple adjustment to the placement of this cage’s pull-out tray makes it an easy fit for rabbits. Being mounted on casters makes this cage easy to move as well, which is good, given its nearly 40-pound weight for a single tier of stacking.

    The larger spacing between bars makes this cage well-suited to large rabbits and indoor/outdoor use, though we would recommend choosing a different cage for rabbits under 10 pounds.

    • Extra-large interior
    • Heavy-duty construction is built to last
    • Super wide top access gate
    • Mounted on casters for easy transport
    • Stacks up to 3 tiers high
    • Bar spacing is too wide for small rabbits
    • Quite heavy and requires significant assembly

    5. Homey Pet Stackable Heavy Duty Bunny Cages

    Homey Pet Stackable Heavy Duty Cage

    Cousin to the heavy-duty cage listed in our previous review, the Homey Pet Stackable 43-inch cage features a more rabbit-friendly door and floor design that is still better suited to large breeds. With both top and front access doors and a pull-out tray for easy cleaning, it’s a convenient and portable option for indoor/outdoor rabbits.

    All-metal construction lends itself well to the heavy-duty — and just plain heavy — nature of this cage. Weighing in at nearly 60 pounds fully assembled, it’s both the largest and heaviest option of any stackable rabbit cage in our review. You’re definitely going to want a friend’s help in assembling this one!

    • Largest stackable rabbit cage available
    • Front and top doors for easy access
    • Removable floor tray makes cleanup fast and simple
    • Bar spacing is too large for rabbits under 10 pounds
    • Very heavy and somewhat difficult to assemble

    Buyer’s Guide

    Here are some helpful tips and questions to ask yourself as you decide which stackable rabbit cage is best for you and your rabbit:

    Why Choose a Stackable Rabbit Cage?

    With so many options available for rabbit enclosures — from open-top fences, to DIY plans with wire grates, to custom-built plastic cages — what makes a stackable cage stand out as the best choice?

    If you’re a rabbit owner that’s short on space, or simply looking to maximize your rabbits’ available roaming area without sacrificing the entire floor plan of your house, stackable cages can be an excellent space-saving alternative.

    Even if you’re not short on space, a two-tiered stackable rabbit cage can give any bunny more comfort and privacy in their living quarters. By providing your rabbits with separate areas for play, eating, bathroom breaks, and sleeping, you’ll easily increase their overall happiness and quality of life. So, while stackable cages can be a more expensive option than single-tiered plastic cages, they’re a better investment in your rabbit’s long-term health and wellbeing.

    Types of Stackable Rabbit Cages

    Stacking cages come in two main varieties. Some will come pre-built, and often feature tiered sections with unique features; these are intended for one or two rabbits to live in comfortably. Others require assembly and are decidedly more spartan and utilitarian in design — think kennels at the vet’s office, or cages for rabbits on a farm.

    Each of these types of cages can be made out of a range of materials. Hardwood and wire are the most common choice for pre-built cages, while steel or aluminum wire are the materials of choice for cages requiring assembly.

    Basically, pre-built cages are intended as a “luxury” option for rabbit housing that gives your pet more options for how to live in their enclosure — whereas assembled cages are built with economic and industrial purposes in mind. To make an assembled cage more comfortable and appropriate for a pet rabbit, you’ll often need to outfit it with some sort of flooring, a litter tray, and somewhere padded and comfortable for your rabbit to lie down.

    What to Look for In A Stackable Rabbit Cage

    No matter what style of stackable rabbit cage you choose, you should look for these four essential things:

    1. Durable construction is a must for any rabbit cage, as your pet is likely to chew and gnaw on any exposed surfaces. Look for cages that are designed with this in mind and feature secure locking mechanisms in addition to long-lasting materials.
    2. Stable stacking is surprisingly difficult to account for, as rabbits are often fond of hopping about their enclosures at high speed, rocking and shaking their foundations. Basically, the heavier the stacking cage the better; while this can be a pain to move, it will make sure your rabbit stays safe in their home.
    3. A spacious interior will keep your rabbit in good health by allowing them enough room to exercise and move around. Your rabbit’s cage should be large enough for your small animal to stretch to their full length, stand up on their back legs, and make at least three hops.
    4. Easy access, preferably via front and top-loading doors, will make it easier and safer to put your rabbit in and take them out of their cage. Always check that the openings are large enough for your rabbit to comfortably fit through.
    rabbit cage
    Image: Wikimedia Commons

    How to Use a Stackable Rabbit Cage

    If you choose a pre-built cage, setting up your stackable rabbit cage will be quick and easy. Just follow any included directions for final assembly. The only things you’ll need to add, in most cases, are a water bowl, food dish, and fresh hay. After that, your rabbit’s cage will be set up and ready to use!

    Wire cages requiring more assembly also require some modifications to make them safe and comfortable for all rabbits and small animals. Because they so often feature a wire floor, this type of cage is prone to causing damage to your rabbit’s hocks — sometimes leaving sores and blisters just from everyday use.

    To prevent this, always consider adding wood, fabric, or laminate flooring to bare wire floors. Then, you’ll be set to add food, water, and a litter box to make it a complete home for your pet.


    Available in three sizes and offering a complete home for any rabbit, the Trixie Natura Rabbit Hutch with Sloped Roof is our pick for the best stackable rabbit cage around. The attention to detail and rabbit-friendly design place it leaps and bounds ahead of other cages in our reviews — and the fact that it’s offered at a reasonable price is even more testament to its value.

    For a less expensive alternative that takes some DIY know-how, consider the LITTLE GIANT Wire Rabbit Hutch. You’ll have to put everything together yourself, including finding a suitable litter and urine guard for the bottom. But as an incredibly bargain-priced option, you’ll be able to afford the time and effort necessary to make the Little Giant more rabbit-friendly.


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