Best Rabbit Water Bottles For Keeping Bunnies Hydrated

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We spent over 20 hours researching and exploring the best rabbit water bottles for rabbits on the market to date. We also took a look at why you need a water bottle for your rabbit.

Of course, there’s no one size fits all for rabbit water bottles. However, this article should open your eyes as to why you need one, and list some of the best bottles you can buy.

Our Recommended Rabbit Water Bottles

Our Pick

Choco Nose H528 Rabbit Water Bottle

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It’s important you find the best water bottle for your rabbit, after-all hydration is a key part of keeping your rabbit healthy.

We explored dozens of rabbit water bottles, in search for our favorites.

A water bottle is one of the pieces of equipment you inevitably have to acquire and incorporate into your rabbit keeping armoury.

This is because the bottle serves several purposes at a time. It may be used to administer medication, feed the younger rabbits and keep your bun hydrated throughout the day.

So, after plenty of head scratching and weighing up pros VS cons, we managed to choose our top 3 rabbit water bottles which are listed below.

1. Choco Nose H528 (Our Pick)

The real selling point of this rabbit water bottle is that it’s leak proof. This means no more cleaning out your cage overly frequently due to the constant dripping from leaking water bottles, and hay being ruined due to it becoming damp.

Obviously the fact that the bottle doesn’t leak is a benefit in itself. However, you will also find that you don’t need to fill up too frequently, after all with a look proof bottle less water gets wasted.

It’s really easy to snap this bottle on and off in order to clean and refill the water bottle.

It’s really easy for you to install this water bottle due to the screw on bracket mechanism.

You’ve also got the option of nailing this to a wall, perfect if you’re attaching it to the part of a hutch without metal bars. This is our favorite water bottle for rabbits out of all of the ones we reviewed. This is due to how easy it is to remove and attach to your rabbits cage. Not to mention, this water bottle puts a stop to leaks making life easier for everyone.

2. Lixit Corporation SLX0670 All Weather (Best Capacity)

This great rabbit water bottle from Lixit was a close runner up in our top three.

The main benefit with this water bottle is how much it can hold. It comes with a 64-ounce capacity and as you can see from the picture, it’s a fairly large water bottle.

This comes with two wire holders, making it possible to mount the bottle to your cage, which is a pretty easy task with this bottle.

The only real downside to this bottle was that it can be awkward removing the entire bottle to refill it especially due to its size.

However, one of the other benefits of this water bottle is weather resistance. Non applicable if you have a house bunny, but something that can make a real difference to those keeping their bunnies outdoors.

3. Kordon/Oasis SOA80850 All Weather (Medium Capacity)

This scored the lowest in our top 3 ranking, but is still a great option for keeping your rabbit hydrated. Similar to the last water bottle, a major selling point is the fact it’s weather proof. Making it a great option for outdoor hutches.

This bottle has a great capacity, at 32 ounces. A few people found this bottle leaked so it’s important to remember to screw the top on really tightly when using this bottle.

Again, this is another really strong option if you’re looking for a decent water bottle for your bunny.

The only real downsides to this bottle are that the frosted look can make it difficult to gauge the water levels, at least at a glance it can be difficult. However, this is a good characteristic of outdoor rabbit water bottles, as a frosted finish can protect water from sunlight.


Buying the right water bottle for your rabbit is really important. That’s why an article dedicated to this including a detailed buying guide of this kind is something we really wanted to bring you guys. We are going to look in great depth at rabbit water bottles. We will explain to you why you definitely want a water bottle for your rabbit. This will include a conclusive comparison between water bottles and water bowls.

After this, we are going to explore those tips you should stick to while searching for the right bottle for your rabbit. During the later parts of this article we will look at how you can attach the bottle to your hutch or pen, and how to stop the bottle freezing in winter.

We hope this article will give you the information, guidance, and head start you require to navigate this issue well and settle for the right bottle. Below we have listed some of the considerations you should make when buying a rabbit water bottle.

Why Your Rabbit Needs a Water Bottle

Hydration: This is perhaps the most important use of the water bottle. Rabbits lose a lot of water by way of sweating. This is especially the case in the summer months. To ward off the likelihood of dehydration, the lost water has to be replenished as fast as possible. A water bottle is by far the most effective equipment for such a task. The water bottles enable you to quench this thirst conveniently. This is because it directs the water straight to the mouth and throat of the rabbit with as little wastage as possible.

Feeding Younger Rabbits: Younger rabbits are not as good as feeding on their own as elderly rabbits. They have to be fed manually. A water bottle can also play this role well. This is because it holds liquid food which you may seamlessly channel into the mouth of the rabbit.

Administering Medication: As has already been hinted above, these water bottles may also be used to administer liquid medicine to your rabbit. Animals are usually poor at ingesting solid drugs. Also, they get agitated and wild whenever they are injected. This leaves only the oral administration of the drug as the only feasible way forward.

Training Young Ones: You may also use the water bottles to train the young ones to carry out a number of chores. These include suckling, ingesting liquid foods and medication, and gnawing. This way, you will increase the survival rates of your rabbits considerably. This is because such training reduces the likelihood of premature death that may arise out of malnutrition.

Rabbit Water Bottles VS Rabbit Water Bowls

Even though water bottles and water bowls serve the same roles, they differ markedly in their efficiency of doing so. The following are some of the points of departure between this two feeding equipment:

Accidents: All factors considered, water bowls are prone to accidents than water bottles. This is because they are easier to tip off owing to their open nature. They relatively instability also contributes to this. This likelihood to be tipped-off increases significantly especially when younger and more playful rabbits are involved.

Contamination: Apart from being prone to accidents, the water bowls are also prone to contamination. The rabbit feces, urine, ambient dust, and bacteria are some of the common potential contaminants. This predisposition arises from the fact that the bowls have large open tops. It is these tops that let in the contaminants listed.

Capacity: In all, bowls have large capacities than water bottles. For this reason, they are more suited for feeding larger rabbits or multiple rabbits at a time. They are also easier to fill up once the water is fully depleted or exhausted. This again makes them all the more desirable for use in feeding rabbits.

Reliability: All factors considered, the water bottles are more reliable than the water bowls insofar as tending to rabbits is concerned. This is mainly due to two reasons. For one, they preserve the temperature of the water well. They also maintain the volume of water to the required levels given that they inhibit evaporation.

Overall Suitability: The water bottles are mainly suited for younger rabbits and single feeding. The water bowl, on the other hand, is mainly suited for multiple rabbits at a time or feeding elderly or mature rabbits. You should, therefore, ascertain the kinds and quantities of rabbits you intend to feed before purchasing suitable feeding equipment.

Tips For Buying a Good Rabbit Water Bottle

Capacity: This refers to the quantity of water that the bottle may hold at any given time. The choice of a good water bottle on the basis of this consideration is mainly determined by the number of rabbits that you intend to feed at any given time. Choose a higher capacity water bottle if you plan to feed multiple rabbits at a time, and vice versa.

Spout: The size, shape, and configuration of the spout also matter a lot. To let you feed your rabbit with ease, you want one that has a long and flexible spout. This spout should ideally be made of rubber to allow for easy suckling and cleanliness.

Material Composition: A good water bottle has to be easy to clean and long lasting at the same time. For these two to be guaranteed, the bottle has to be made of a reliable material such as stainless steel and ceramics. As a general rule, you should avoid any plastics as rabbits may usually chew them and get poisoned in the process of so doing.

Age/Size of the Rabbit: Some parts of a water bottle such as the spout may not suit all ages of rabbits. For this reason, you ought to consider the age and the size of the rabbit also while shopping for the right water bottle. Pay keen attention to the brand, recommended age, and shape while looking for the right bottle for this consideration.

Ease of Cleanliness: These bottles are not supposed to sustain any dirt. However, they will often accumulate dirt from time to time. For this reason, you should also take care of how they will be cleaned. Look for a bottle that comprises dirt-resistant materials such as ceramics and stainless steel.

Brand: Some brands such as Lixit, Ferplast, and Kordon Oasis have consistently ranked as the most reliable of all the rabbit water bottles. They are more likely to serve you uninterruptedly for longer. You should, therefore, consider giving them a topmost priority in your search for a suitable bottle.

Attaching a Water Bottle to Your Rabbit Hutch or Pen

Step I: Turn the Bottle Upside Down

The first step is to turn the bottle upside down. This is to ensure that the flow of water is not at all impeded whenever the rabbit suckles the bottle. (Water travels along the pull of gravity i.e. from higher elevations to lower elevations). It is also to avail the spout in such a way as to be easily reached or accessed by the rabbit that is fed.

Step II: Insert the Spout through an Opening in the Hutch or Pen

Find an opening on the hutch, pen or cage where the rabbit is kept. It is in this opening that you should subsequently insert the spout of the bottle. Do not place the bottle inside the pen. Rabbits do gnaw just about anything they come across. Such a decision may thus lead to far-reaching repercussions.

Step III: Fix a Hook on the Hutch or Pen

After inserting the spout in the said opening above, proceed to create and attach a hook to the pen or hutch. To do this, find a flexible wire. Attach it tightly to the pen or hutch on one end. Leave the other end flexible also for the sake of subsequent fastening.

Step IV: Fasten the Water Bottle

Encircle the bottle using the hook. Fasten the other end of the hook onto the pen or hutch tightly. This is to provide the support and reliability required for long-term use.

Step V: Carry out Final Touches

Carry out any final touches that may be necessary. These could include re-tightening the hook, sealing any loopholes, insulating the bottle further and indeed, more besides.

Stop Rabbit Water Bottles Freezing

Step I: Purchase an Appropriate Water Bottle Cover

Look for an appropriate water bottle cover. This procedure is by far the most significant. This is because different covers are designed for different kinds and sizes of bottles. A cover that suits bottle A may not suit bottle B, and so on. You should also see to it that the bottle has the desired quality and material composition as per your preference.

Step II: Wrap it Around the Mouth of your Bottle

Once you have identified and acquired the right water bottle cover, wrap it around the mouth of your bottle. Squeeze it as tight as you possibly can. This is to completely seal any possible openings through which heat may be lost.

Step III: Consider Placing an Insulation Lining Strip

In case the cover is not as tightly sealed as should be the case, you may consider placing an insulation lining in between the mouth of the bottle and the cover. This is to provide further insulation and completely prevent any loopholes that may let in cold or let out heat.

Step IV: Seal Tightly

Carry out the sealing process one more time. You just want to be sure that there are no leaks or openings.

Step V: Incorporate other Intervention Measures

It goes without saying that using a bottle covers may not in and of itself deliver the desired end results. Because of this, you may also wish to consider other intervention measures. These could include wrapping the bottle in soft, warm, and thick cloth, sealing the mouth of the bottle with a tape, and storing the water in a very warm place.


We hope that you have found the information we provided above very informative. Please note that we could not exhaust everything because of the limited space and time we had at our disposal. If you find yourself still wanting more information we suggest that you carry out some further independent research to familiarize yourself with some of the details we left out.

If you are a keeper of rabbits, you clearly have no choice but to acquire and incorporate a water bottle as a vital part of your armoury. As you can clearly see from the foregoing, these pieces of equipment are very handy. You just can ever hope to feed and tend your rabbits better without them at all.

This being the case, why don’t you consider purchasing at least one bottle for your use? In case you do not have any bottle in mind, we strongly suggest the Choco Nose H528 Rabbit Water Bottle. Afterall, this was rated our number one best rabbit water bottle.  However, if you’re looking for something slightly bigger, or more weather proof we recommend considering this Lixit All Weather Rabbit Water Bottle.
To be sure that you are on the safe side at all times, you should consider changing your bottles or looking out for the latest in the market. This is to also guarantee you of the highest possible quality and degree of satisfaction. It is also to prevent the likelihood of the bottles sustaining permanent stains and germs. We now urge you to go ahead and feed your rabbits well. Afterall, you should now have a good idea of what the best rabbit water bottles are. So best of luck!

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