Best Rabbit Toys For Playful Rabbits

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Last Updated: November 23, 2018

Finding the best rabbit toys can be difficult.

This post explores some of the best rabbit toys on the market and brings you a buyers guide.

We found the X-large Activity Zone Rabbit Toy to be the best rabbit toy on the market to date. To find out why keep reading!

Rabbit Toy Comparison

X-large Activity Zone Rabbit ToyActivity
Rosewood Pet Bunny Fun TreeTree
Marshall Chew ToyChew

The products in the table above are what we consider to be the 3 best toys for rabbits available. These are ranked in no particular order but as you can see we’ve specified which type of toy they are. Regardless of which toy you choose, these are all great rabbit toys which we’re sure your bunny will love.

Best Rabbit Toys On The Market

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Finding a great rabbit toy isn’t as simple as you may think. Many people head to the pet store, pick up the first toy they find and wonder why their rabbit doesn’t want to play with it. A good rabbit toy needs to be engaging, free of toxins and cost efficient. After all, we all know how quickly bunnies can chew through things when they want to!

Below we’ve listed 5 of the best rabbit toys on the market that will keep your bunny entertained for a long time to come.

X-large Activity Zone Rabbit Toy

Sturdy – The well constructed design means that this toy is safe even for the most heavy rabbits. It’s able to hold rabbits over 8 lbs and you can be sure that it takes the weight well.

Safe – Something that’s absolutely vital for rabbit toys is being deemed safe for animal use. This product is just that! Made from non toxic wood and it also uses non toxic coloring.

Versatile – This toy doesn’t just serve on purpose. This is why it’s great for your rabbit! You will soon learn that bunnies can find several uses for this type of toy. These include perching on top of it, hiding underneath it and playing with the toys that hang down.

The Dimensions – The overall dimensions for this product are 15 inches in width by 22 inches in depth and 12 inches in height. You can see why this is marketed as an X-large rabbit toy.

Rosewood Pet Bunny Fun Tree

Sturdy – The design of this tree is really impressive. It’s stable enough to withstand force from even the heaviest bunnies without toppling over.

Safe – You’ll be pleased to learn that this is made from pet friendly materials which include the likes of corn leaf and seagrass.

Versatile – This toy can be fun for your rabbit for a whole bunch of reasons. Due to it’s material your rabbit will love to chew it as well as play with it. It will also enjoy scratching it not to mention playing with the carrots that dangle down from the branches. It can also be used by various other pets including guinea pigs.

Tray Like Base – You will notice that the base of the toy has a tray like design. This is great for puttings snacks or chew toys in for your bunny whilst they play.

Marshall Chew Toy

Long Lasting – The great thing about this option is that it’s a six pack of chews. This will last your bunny a long time and is great if you have multiple rabbits.

Healthy – The great thing about this toy is that it promotes oral health through the healthy chewing required to prevent teeth overgrowth in rabbits.

Toy Treat Combo – This is a combined treat and a toy all in one which your rabbit will be sure to love!

Great Taste – These come in an apple flavor which your rabbit will be sure to love!

“The Tree” Pet Rabbit Toy

Durable – The tree is able to hold the impact of even the heaviest chewers and allows for multiple rabbits to use it at once!

Safe – Safety is the number one concern of the manufacturer. This is made from safe and non toxic materials.

Handcrafted – Each tree that is ordered is made by hand by a small family in the USA! It’s great to know that your pets toy is made with love rather than being just another toy coming off the belt in the supply chain of a multi national corporation.

Great For Chewing – This will help keep your rabbits teeth in shape as they will love chewing and playing with the colorfuly designed tree!

Sungrow Grass Matt

Great For Rabbit Feet – If your rabbit gets sore feet placing these in your rabbits cage or hutch will help your bunnies feet health and hygeine.

Safe – This is made from seagrass and nothing else. It’s great for your rabbit to chew as it doesn’t have any additional chemicals or toxins.

Multi Purpose – These serve multiple purposes. Not only are these great fun for your bunny to sit on and chew, they also make great bedding. These are great to line cages and hutches.

Edible Matt – Having a matt in their cage that they can chew to their hearts content will help keep your bunny happy. As well as being theraputic for your rabbits chewing habbits these also offer nutritional value and are high in fiber.

Rabbit Toys Buyers Guide

Best rabbit toys buyers guide


So now you know which rabbit toys are the best, it’s time to understand what to look for when you’re looking to buy a rabbit toy. It’s not as simple as visiting the local pet store and picking out the first toy you find.

What Makes A Great Rabbit Toy?

This next section looks at what it takes to make a great toy for your rabbit. There are various considerations that need to be made before you purchase a rabbit toy and this section will cover them.

Non Toxic

This is a very important feature of rabbit toys and all products that your rabbit comes into contact with. Make sure to lookout on the label to check if the toy is non toxic before you buy.

The Right Size

Toys for rabbits are very similar to toys for other pets. Activity zones, chew toys and balls are all used by other breeds of pet. Rabbits tend to be a fairly small animal so if you buy a toy that can be used by a variety of pets make sure it’s a rabbit friendly size.

Good Value For Money

You need to make sure you get the best value for money when you buy rabbit toys. If you’re looking at something small like a ball or a chew toy we wouldn’t recommend spending anything over $20. However, if you’re looking at a slightly larger investment like an activity zone, you may find yourself spending up to $100 or so.


A feature of the best rabbit toys for endless fun is self use. Certain toys need a human to operate them for your rabbit to have any engagement, such as a toy on a string that you can dangle. These aren’t ideal because your rabbit can’t use them when you’re not around.

The best rabbit toys can be used by your rabbit itself so it can continue to have fun when you’re not around.

Homemade Toys For Rabbits

Not all toys have to cost money, in fact we’re sure you have a bunch of stuff lying around the house which you could use as a toy for your bunny. We’ve listed some of the best homemade toys below.


Rabbits enjoy playing around in paper, and seem to find it pretty rewarding to unravel. Why not mix things up and hide some treats inside news paper and watch your bunny happily unwrap it.

Cardboard Boxes

You can use cardboard boxes to make great hideouts for your rabbit. You can use these boxes as almost a second hutch for your rabbit. Try cutting holes all around the box for windows and entry points. Why not try stuffing some hay inside the box for nesting and extra comfort.

What to Avoid When Looking For The Best Rabbit Toys

Many people end up buying poor quality rabbit toys because they don’t know what they should be looking for in a good quality toy. This next section explores what you need to avoid in order to prevent you making a buying decision that you regret.

Overpriced Toys

Remember to always consider the price before buying a rabbit toy. This applies to expensive products but also ones that are suspiciously cheap. As the age old saying goes.. if it’s too good to be true it probably is. You should always remember this when looking at rabbit toys that seem a bit too cheap. They could be made of poor quality or potentially harmful materials to your rabbit. In this case if you’re lucky the toy will just break however, it could cause your rabbit serious damage. It’s for this reason we recommend cheap toys that don’t feel sturdy.

Toxic Materials

When you’re buying a toy make sure that isn’t made of toxic materials. As we mentioned earlier toys should always be made of rabbit friendly materials. Always be sure to check that the materials are toxin free.

Poor Quality

If you’re buying your toy in a shop and the material feels suspciously weak it’s best to avoid the product. When you’re buying online make sure to read customer reviews from people who’ve previously bought the product. If you’re buying a toy made from poor quality it could potentially cause your bunny harm.

As part of being a responsible owner you should ensure that your rabbit doesn’t come into harm with anything that could potentially harm it.

Final Thoughts on Toys for Rabbits

Just like play tunnels rabbit toys can be a really useful tool for you as a rabbit owner. These help your rabbit stay entertained for as long as possible and stay healthy both physically and mentally.

So, now you know exactly why your rabbit would benefit from having a rabbit toy. You always know what to look for in a great rabbit toy to ensure you don’t regret your purchase. This guide has brought you some great fun toys for rabbits, both commercial and make at home toys.

Regardless of the toy that you choose for your rabbit, we hope whichever one you choose for your rabbit manages to bring them endless hours of joy.