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The Best Rabbit Playpen

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Finding the best rabbit playpen can be difficult. In this article we review the 5 best rabbit playpens and also bring you a buyers guide.

As difficult as it was we had to choose a winner, we found our best rabbit playpen to be the IRIS Weight Eight Panel Playpen. To find out why keep reading!

The Best Rabbit Playpens

Finding the best playpen for your rabbit is something that as an owner can be tedious. You don’t  want to filter through hundreds wondering which one is the best.

Below we have listed what we feel to be the 4 best rabbit playpens for your bunny that we’re sure it’s going to absolutely love!

Loveone Rabbits Pens Collapsible Playpen


Easy Assembly – Due to the slotted multi angle connectors this structure is very easy to assemble or disassemble. This makes it perfect for storing and is arbitrary as it can be assembled into many different shapes.

Different Size Options – Something we love about this is the different size options. You can buy the playpen in 6, 8 or 12 panels

High Quality – The playpent is made of carefully selected, high quality metals. This is durtable and comes in a slick black color which is easily washable and enivornmentally friendly.

Multipurpose – You can make room depending on your needs. Only got a small rabbit? Why not use less pannels. You can store the left overs and always add more panels should your rabbit need more space!

Super Pet Small Animal Pet-N-Play Pen


Protective Mat – This rabbit playpen comes equipped with a protective plastic mat. This spans 47” by 55” and is large enough to cover the playpens surface area and more. This is excellent as it helps protect your floor from any mess that may be caused while your rabbit is in the playpen.

Creative Setup – Another great feature of this playpen is that it’s pretty customizable. It comes with 8 separate wire panels which aren’t constrained to a specific set up. This means that you can be creative and set up the playpen in different styles. This helps you create a play enclosure over 9ft in size for your bunny.

Measurements – On the subject of specific measurements, each of the panels (connectable) are 29 inches in height, 18 inches in width with an inch of wire spacing.

Expandable – There is also a locking cap which is included, meaning that with use of the optional passageway connector you can connect to any FerreTrail Fun-nel tubes making it even more fun for your rabbit.

Pet Exercise Pen Tube Gate w/ Door


Easy Adjust – The size of the playpen can easily be altered due to the heavy duty tube frame and 8 panel design. It allows you to adjust the shape of the pen accordingly to suit your preference and the available space in your home.

Various Size Options – This is also available in various sizes including 24, 30, 36, 42 and 48 inches.

Sturdy – Rust resistant metal means that this great playpen for rabbits is highly durable. This makes it suitable for keeping indoors and outdoors. It’s clearly made to last so you can be safe in the knowledge that this won’t break easily.

Safe – Something we particularly love about this playpen is that it’s designed with your pets safety in mind. This is because it’s made of round edges to keep your pet safe.

Tespo Playpen

Decent Amount Of Space – The spacious design of this pen means that there’s plenty of room for activities inside whilst ensuring your rabbit remains safely concealed within the boundaries of the playpen.

Quick Assembly – If assembling the playpen is a concern to you, then you’ll be happy to know this is very easy to put together. It comes with simple instructions that are very easy to follow.

Customizable – The design of this playpen means that you can customise how you put it together. Multi directional joining pieces mean that you can choose to build side to side, or build upwards making it more difficult for your rabbit to escape.

Expandable – In fact, if you order two of these products you can build a playpen twice the size! The great thing about this pen is discounts can be applied when purchasing multiple sets. The customizable design means that there’s no limits to how creative you are with the construction of your rabbit playpen.

Finding The Best Rabbit Playpens For Exercise

As with most pets, exercise is an important part of ensuring your rabbit stays fit and healthy. It can be challenging sometimes If you live somewhere with a harsh climate, or without a garden. Whatever your living arrangements, it’s essential you ensure your rabbit gets the right amount of exercise.

After all, rabbits in the wild spend the vast majority of their grazing and running around burrows or fields. So, how can you make sure your rabbit gets enough exercise? If your rabbit has the run of the house this is a great start but does involve rabbit proofing your home.

Playpens are a great way to give your rabbit space to exercise whilst keeping them concealed.

What Makes The Best Playpen For Rabbits?

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably still eager to know which features make the best rabbit playpens.

We’ve listed a few of these below!


Another very important feature of the best playpens for rabbits. Remember rabbits are small animals, if your playpen collapsed it would be highly likely to cause your rabbit harm. Make sure you get a durable and sturdy pen.


When it comes to playpens, size matters. You need something with a big enough surface area to give your rabbit plenty of room to exercise. Size is especially important if you’re looking for a pen for more than one rabbit.


Height is a factor that is often overlooked by people who buy rabbit playpens. You need to remain conscious that your playpen needs to be high enough to stop your rabbit jumping out. What good is a concealed environment for your rabbit to get exercise if it can just jump right out?


It’s always nice to have some kind of exit mechanism in place. Some playpens will have an extra hole for a tunnel, others will have built in doors. This is nice for allowing the rabbit to come and go as it pleases. Remember you can always close the tunnel hatch or shut the door when the rabbit does need concealing.

Things To Be Cautious Of When Using A Playpen For Rabbits

There’s a few things you should be cautious of when setting up a a playpen for bunnies. We’ve listed some of these below.


Due to the easy to assemble nature of rabbit playpens it’s really important you check the pen feels sturdy every time you set it up. Even if you have to set the pen up in a rush, always remember to check. It takes literally a few second to check if the playpen feels secure and if you don’t check, the pen may topple and cause your rabbit harm.

Check On Your Bunny

Many people may think that playpens can be used in the same was as a hutch. Please make sure that you don’t leave your rabbit alone for hours on end in the playpen. It’s super important to keep checking on your rabbit to make sure that it’s happy every so long. If your rabbit hasn’t got access to water and food in the playpen then this is something that needs addressing.

Final Thoughts On Finding The Best Rabbit Playpen

Rabbit playpens are a great addition to your home. They’re a great middle ground for your rabbit between being in a hutch and left to roam free.

There are situations in which you might want your rabbit to get some exercise but not get the run of the house, for example if you need to be in another room doing something else. These situations are perfect for indoor rabbit playpens.

However, remember to check on your rabbit frequently to make sure it’s happy and not at all distressed.

Thanks for reading our post, after getting this far you should know exactly what to look for when looking for the best rabbit playpen for your rabbit. Playpens for rabbits should be spacious, safe and have easy access when needed. The right rabbit playpen will bring your rabbit endless fun so it’s important you find one that meets your rabbits needs.


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