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The Best Rabbit Nail Clippers & Buyers Guide

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Want to learn about rabbit nail clippers? Whether you are a new or prospective rabbit owner, you should always strive to take the best possible care of your bun. In this post we review a great pair of nail clippers and bring you a buyers guide.

Our Best Rabbit Nail Clippers:

If you’re starting off as a rabbit owner you’ll need to make sure you’ve got a great pair of clippers.

We found the best nail clippers for rabbits to be the Kaytee Small Animal Pro-Nail Trimmer. To find out why read out review below:

Kaytee Small Animal Pro-Nail Trimmer

To kick off the post we’ve reviewed the Kaytee small animal pro-nail trimmer. This is made from great quality materials. The trimmer is 4 inches in length to give you an idea of how big it will be in your hand.

The clippers allows you to make precise cuts to your rabbits nail due to its quality blade and easy to grip handle and the well shaped design. This can be used for a series of small animals including guinea pigs and ferrets but is perfect for rabbits.

The professional quality of these clippers is really quite astounding. These nail clippers will be your go to tool for regular nail trimming sessions to help stop nail breaks and long nails snagging on things. Overall these are a great quality product and for the price one that you can’t go wrong with.

Why Do Rabbits Need Their Nails Clipped?

Rabbits, just like other pets, require proper grooming to maintain their overall health and well-being. Proper nail length is an important part of caring for a rabbit. Unless a rabbit spends a significant amount of time hopping on rough surfaces, its nails will grow out.

If allowed to grow too long, the nails can begin to curl into the foot.

This will cause great pain and discomfort for the animal, and even make it difficult for the rabbit to walk. Long nails also pose a risk of getting caught on objects while the rabbit is moving around. This can be quite dangerous and potentially result in injury.

An important reason to maintain your rabbit’s nail length is down to the anatomy of their nails. Rabbits actually have a vein that runs into each one of their nails. This vein is called the quick and extends roughly three quarters of the way into the nail. When trimming a rabbit’s nails, it is important to not cut too much off, as you run the risk of cutting into the quick. This will result in pain and bleeding for the animal. Keeping up with proper nail length is essential because the quick will grow along with the nail when left unchecked. This means that if a rabbit’s nails are left to grow out, the vein will also have grown in length. Once this happens, it is difficult to get the nails back to a proper length, as the quick extends out too far.

Improper care of the nails could also lead to the rabbit experiencing sore hocks. When the nails grow out too long, it alters the way that the rabbit is able to walk, stand, and sit. The weight of the rabbit is distributed in a different way as it tries to compensate for the discomfort caused by its long nails. This is very unpleasant for the animal, and results in the fur on the hocks getting raw. In extreme cases, the feet can even become infected and a trip to the veterinarian could become necessary.

How Often?

The frequency of nail trimming can vary from animal to animal. As a general rule, a rabbit should have its nails clipped once every three to four weeks at a minimum. However, each individual rabbit can experience nail growth at different rates. This means that some rabbits could require more frequent maintenance of their nails. Other factors can also affect the frequency that trimming is required.

If a rabbit is allowed plenty of time to hop and play outside on rough surfaces, its nails will get worn down from use. This provides a natural method for maintaining healthy nail length. On the other hand, rabbits that spend a lot of time indoors and on soft surfaces will not experience this natural wear on their nails. Rabbits in this situation will most likely require trims more often.

What Do You Need?

Trimming the nails of your rabbit is not an overly complicated process, and only requires a few items to be done properly. First you will need a pair of clippers designed to be used on round nails. Human nail clippers will not work for rabbits, because our nails are flat. It can also be helpful to have a soft towel to wrap the rabbit up during the process. If your rabbit has particularly dark nails, you might want to use a small flashlight to shine through the nails in order to see where the quick is located.

Cutting Nails Safely

Because rabbits are natural prey animals, there are certain measures you should take to ensure they are calm and safe during a nail trimming. In the wild, rabbits dig cozy burrows as their homes. They get a sense of comfort from the warm protection around them. When attempting to cut your rabbit’s nails, it can be helpful to use a soft towel to wrap it in during the process. This can help calm the rabbit, and at the same time give you better control and restraint.

It is dangerous for the animal to be flailing or moving while you are cutting its nails, so utilizing a towel as a wrap is a good practice.

You might even want a second person to assist you by holding the rabbit as you operate the clippers. This allows for more precise control of the clippers and could prevent unnecessary cuts to the animal.

It is also important to ensure that the tools and area you are utilizing for trimming are clean. You should wash off your rabbit’s feet before attempting to cut its nails to remove any dirt or germs that might be present. Also make sure that your clippers are sanitary by rinsing them off before and after you use them. By doing this, you will lessen the likelihood of any infection or agitation of the feet taking place. This is especially important in the event that you accidentally cut the quick on a nail. If this happens, there is an open wound on the rabbit and it is important that the area and tools that would come into contact with the cut are clean.

Keeping Rabbits Calm

One of the best ways to keep your rabbit calm is to introduce it to nail trimmings early on in its life. If you implement rewards for good behavior during the process, your rabbit will learn to associate nail clipping with positive feelings. Things like treats and petting your rabbit can help to sooth its nerve and reinforce good behavior.

Sometimes a rabbit can be easily frightened by the sound of the nail clippers. Once again, training your rabbit with nail trimming early in its life can help alleviate this reaction to the sound. However, if the animal is still scared by the clippers, it might be a safer option to use a file to take the nails down to the appropriate length. This will take more time than using nail clippers, but will be much safer if the rabbit is too startled by loud noises.

Using Styptic Powder On Hands to Stop Bleeding

In the event that the quick is accidentally cut, you should have some styptic powder within reach. This powder is easy to find in major pet stores or online, and will help the cut on your rabbit close and heal. Simply wipe the bleeding area and dab the styptic powder on the area, and your rabbit will be just fine.

Final Thoughts

Owning a rabbit is a wonderful experience that brings joy to people of all ages. They are delightful creatures that possess a sweet demeanor and adorable looks. Keeping rabbits as pets has many advantages, such as their small size and ability to be in the house. However, if you decide to welcome a rabbit into your family, you need to be aware of the commitments you are making to its upkeep.

Nail clipping is a necessary part of being a rabbit owner, and should be performed at least every three to four weeks. It is your responsibility to ensure that your animal’s nails do not grow to an unruly length. If you are uncomfortable with trimming nails for the first time, take your rabbit to the veterinarian and let them show you the proper technique. By exposing a rabbit to having its nails cut early in life, the process will be easier to accomplish without extra stress on the animal. Adding treats as rewards for positive behavior can also help train the rabbit to enjoy having its nails clipped.

When performing a nail clipping on your rabbit, it is important to have a few items on hand. Primarily, you will need a pair of nail cutters. Make sure that the clippers are designed for cutting round nails, as ones designed for flat nails will not be effective on a rabbit. Clippers like this can be purchased at pet stores or online. It is also helpful to have styptic powder accessible during the process. This can be used on the rabbit in the event that it is cut during the clipping. Styptic powder can be applied to the injured area and will help to stop any bleeding.

Overall, the process of trimming a rabbit’s nails is not as daunting as it may seem. With proper preparations and a few helpful items, it can actually be an easy and enjoyable task.


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