8 Best Rabbit Foods for Good Health

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Making sure you’re using the best rabbit food for your rabbit is crucial in keeping it healthy. This considered, providing it with the right diet not only keeps it happy but gives you peace of mind.

The aim of this post was to choose the healthiest rabbit food This was fairly difficult, considering the high standard of the rabbit foods in this article. All of the products we looked at were great choices, however we had to narrow them down.

After careful consideration, we’ve decided that the Vitakraft VitaSmart Rabbit Food Is the best rabbit food for good health. If you’re intrigued to see why, keep reading we will explain later.

Best Rabbit Foods for Good Health

We appreciate there’s plenty of companies around all trying to sell you their product. It’s hard to know which products are the real deal, hopefully you find this article useful and informative. With so many on the market, it’s hard to tell which product is the best for you and your bun. So, less of the talk lets get into it.

Below are what we consider some of the best rabbit foods for keeping your rabbit healthy. 

Vitakraft VitaSmart – Best Rated 

This food comes rich in Timothy grass, essential fatty acids and omegas. This is also considered one of the best rabbit food for protein. A nutrient needed for consistent and healthy muscle growth.

Contains the formula for a complete and balanced nutrition, making this product one of the best foods for supporting your rabbits health through healthy nutrition.

This product is designed with the right vision in mind, to provide complete health and well being for your rabbit.

It’s always great to know that the manufacturer is making the food with good health for your rabbit being the ultimate end goal.

The health benefits of this food isn’t limited to rabbits of certain ages and can be utilised by rabbits regardless of their developmental stage.

With a well balanced feeding program which supports both healthy growth and optimizing health and wellness for rabbits of all ages.

Adult Healthier & Happier by Sherwood

This is a hay-based food, and is free from grain and soy. The food boasts containing the perfect amount of long-strand fiber.

It’s a great choice for your rabbits daily diet as it’s a low calorie, and a balanced meal.

Providing you follow the daily guidelines, this means that you can feed your rabbit safe in the knowledge that you aren’t accidentally over feeding them.

Another benefit is that it provides extra Timothy grass hay. This supplies essential nutrients needed for optimal health, and is advertised to aid your rabbit in achieving a healthy weight.

Whether your rabbit is currently an unhealthy weight and looking to change that, or you’re looking to maintain its’ current healthy weight, ”Health and Happier” is a great source of nutrients for your rabbit.

This product is made by a company with good transparency, and a real enthusiasm for rabbits and their health.

Kaytee Timothy Complete Diet for Rabbit

Kaytee Timothy Complete food was developed by animal nutritional experts, to ensure your rabbit gets the proper nutrition for a long healthy life.

Timothy Complete is in pelleted form, made with hay extracts selected by hand. With essential vitamins and minerals.

This food comes high in fiber, and with protein levels lower than that found in Alfalfa this food helps with supporting your rabbits digestive health.

With the food being made from timothy hay which is lower in calcium than other grasses, it may decrease the likelihood of urinary tract problems and other health issues relative to rabbits.

The manufacturer hold over 150 years of nutritional experience. As the consumer this gives you a real sense of assurance, knowing that you’re rabbits diet is in safe hands.

Supreme Selective Fortified Rabbit Food

This is a great product given rabbits needs for a high fibre diet.

With rabbits natural diet containing mostly grass, which contains about 25% fiber, this is something that pet rabbits need to suplement.

This product has 25% fibre so that you can provide a high fibre diet, that will help keep on top of your rabbits complex digestion system. Afterall, house rabbits don’t always have access to grass. Supplementing the fiber it misses from grass with this food is a great option.

What’s also great about this rabbit food is that it comes full of natural ingredients like linseed with both Omega 3 and 6. This will help keep your rabbits skin and coat healthy.

The food also contains natural prebiotics which helps in promoting friendly bacteria.

High levels of sugar can lead to obesity and dental problems further down the line so this. In Selective rabbit food, there is no added sugar. This means you can rest assured knowing that your rabbit is eating a healthy meal with all the nutrients to ensure a balanced diet.

F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Gourmet Pet Rabbit Food

This great rabbit food is what Brown call Vitamin-Nutrient-Fortified. This means it was specially formed, for meeting your rabbits daily dietary needs.

The food comes with omega fatty acids, and good bacteria which is beneficial for your rabbit. This is because they support and help stimulate good digestion. Ultimately, it helps your rabbit to get the most out of the nutrient dense ingredients.

This food can be considered as nutritionally rich as they come. It contains over 30 unique gourmet ingredients. This includes fruit, vegetables nuts and more. Meaning your rabbit can get the complex carbs, vitamins, minerals and fiber that it needs.

This food is great for supporting your buns immune system. With fresh veggies that contain antioxidants, they will aid in supporting your rabbits healthy immune system.

This is also great for ensuring your rabbits oral health. It contains specially formulated ZOO-Vital®Biscuits for healthy teeth and gums.

SupremePetfoods Russel Rabbit Food

This food is composed of a mueseli-style mix, stimulating rabbits appetites keeping it healthy and satisfied.

Alfalfa is included in this food as a source of fibre and calcium. Other vegetables are also included. This means that you can be safe in the knowledge that your bun is getting the protein, vitamins and minerals it needs.

Containing Timothy Hay (a great source of fiber) we know your rabbit is going to love this one. With a special formulation to keep rabbits fit on both the inside and the outside.

As well as being nutritionally balanced, this food comes with no added sugar. Your rabbit will find it just as tasty, without any of the negatives that adding sugar can bring.

If you’re the owner of a slightly smaller rabbit, fear not. This food is suitable for all breeds of rabbits including dwarf rabbits.

Ecotrition Essential Blend

The Ecotrition Essential Blend Food for Adult Rabbits brings another nutritionally rich option to the table.

Made up of a mixture of healthy ingredients, it’s scientifically formulated to help your rabbit flourish.

Contains a delicious mix of your rabbits favourite vegetables, fruits, hays and grains.

These are carefully chosen and blended with a variation of bright, vibrant pellets. Allowing your pet to meet nutritional requirements, and delivering the required daily stimulation.

These quality ingredients are fortified with a collection of vitamins and minerals for growing and upholding overall health.

Also with antioxidant nutrients and fatty acids for excellent nutrition in a small animals diet.

Oxbow Animal Health Bunny Basics Essentials Adult Rabbit Pet Food

Rabbits need high fiber to keep their digestive system working correctly, and vitamins and minerals to boost their health.

This is a great example of a food that gives these qualities.

Essentials adult rabbit food combines the necessary fiber with steadied nutrients to ensure a balanced diet, served with oxbow loose grass hays.

The founder of Oxbow Animal Health, John Miller created the industry’s first timothy hay-based food for rabbits. This food is built on the same basis.

It’s assuring for any owner to know your rabbits’ diet is in good hands.

The timothy base is complimented by a great level of protein, essential fiber healthy fats and carbohydrates.

Myths surrounding carrots and lettuce

Rabbits have a complex digestion system and the right diet is crucial in ensuring that this works as it should. The main food that springs to peoples minds when they think of rabbits are carrots. However, fruit and vegetables are too sugar dense do be a rabbits primary form of calories. 

Another food commonly associated with rabbits is lettuce. Certain lettuces such as Iceberg lettuce shouldn’t be given to rabbits. Lactucarium within these can be harmful to rabbits in large enough quantities.

The more water in the lettuce, the worse. This is because there’s so much water that they offer a very small amount of nutritional value. Look out for the lighter shaded lettuces are these are typically the ones that are water dense.

Darker lettuces with more leaves and fibre can be fed to rabbits. However, it is important to slowly introduce it to your rabbits diet, as too much to quickly may lead to digestive problems. As a general rule of thumb, too much lettuce of any kind can lead to digestive problems for rabbits.

Portion control

It is important to control the amount of commercial food you feed your rabbit. You need to prevent your rabbit from over eating “out the bag” foods. Otherwise, you might find that your rabbit loses its appetite for its natural grazing. Remember, grazing is important normal behaviour for a rabbit, lack of this can have a detrimental effect. This brings us on to hay and grass.

Grazing – hay and grass

Rabbits need to graze on hay or grass (or both) as the main part of their diet. They need to be able to chew on something natural through the day to control teeth growth and manage their complex digestion system.

Hay – the single most important part of your rabbits diet.

Hay is the most important part of a rabbits diet. In terms of nutrition the foods listed in this article are some of the best rabbit food for keeping your bunny healthy, but they are in no way a replacement for hay.

It’s said that rabbits need hay and or grass for about 80% of their diet. It’s important that you base the rabbit food in this article, around your rabbits hay intake. As mentioned portion control for other food can ensure they still have their natural appetite for grazing hay and grass throughout the day.

Hay is an essential part of any pet rabbits diet. If you don’t have access to grass, Hay can work as a substitute or be fed in addition. If you’re unfamiliar with hay, ryegrass, timothy and cocksfoot (among others) are generally referred to as meadow hay.

Typically nutritional values of hay are broken down as

Between 30% and 35% Fibre

Between 6% and 17% Protein

It is important to note that straw is not to be confused with hay as straw is not recommended to be fed to rabbits. This is because Straw is low in nutrients, using this as a hay substitute or a grazing food can lead to deficiencies.

Grass – A nutrient rich food found in your rabbits natural habbitat

Grass provides a great balanced protein intake, with digestible fibre not to mention some vitamins and minerals. You should allow your pet rabbit to graze for several hours during the day. However, this can often be a difficulty for house rabbits.

Grass should be grazed from the ground, or fed fresh cut. Do not feed your rabbit lawnmower clippings as they ferment at a rapid rate, leading to digestion implications.

Typically nutritional values of grass are broken down as follows:

Between 20% and 25% crude fibre

Around 15% protein

How much food does my rabbit need to eat?

There is no set in stone answer for this question sadly. There are a wide variety of factors that can affect intake that your rabbit needs. These can include size, age and temperature of living environment. Often growing rabbits can eat up to twice the amount of calories consumed by an adult.When it comes to guidelines, there’s very little published literature on pet rabbits.

Rabbits that have low energy requirements, and are fairly inactive or even those in high temperatures are susceptible to obesity. This is a fairly simple concept, as rabbits would use much more energy in the wild than they would in an indoor environment. So house rabbits burn less calories than wild rabbits therefore, they require less calories.

If you think your rabbit may have issues with weight, and you’re concerned about it’s weight try portion control. Measure how much food you are feeding your rabbit and monitor its weight gain or loss. It’s possible you may be overfeeding or underfeeding your rabbit for it’s level of activity, with portion control if this is the case you can alter the portion size accordingly.


Getting your rabbits diet correct is fundamental in maintaining overall health but specifically in the dental and digestive health. The best possible diet for rabbits is one that mimics that of a natural grass based rabbits’ diet in the wild. Grass and Hay should make up the majority of your rabbits diet. Something as simple as giving your rabbit healthy food can prevent all sorts of health related issues in the future.

New foods being fed to rabbits of all ages need to be introduced very gradually into their diet. If you are introducing new foods to stop your rabbit eating an unwanted item this removal must also be done gradually.

It’s fine to feed treats to rabbits. However, this should only be done in small quantities and on rare occasions. Excessive amounts of treats can lead to obesityand digestive issues.

For mental stimulation and tooth wear providing your rabbit with branches or twigs can be a good idea. They will find enjoyment from gnawing them. General rules for this would be that you can offer branches from any tree that we eat the fruit from. For example, apple or pear trees. It’s important to make sure the tree has not been sprayed with any chemicals.

On the topic of the best food, from all of the foods we looked at in this article we have chosen a winner! Vitakraft VitaSmart Pet Rabbit Foodwas our best option; nutritionally balanced with the highest bioavailability of nutrients. A well worthy winner in a selection of fantastic healthy rabbit foods.

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