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The Best Rabbit Exercise Pen 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Finding the best rabbit exercise pen is tough. This article explores some of the best on the market and brings you a buyers guide. We actually found the best rabbit exercise pen to be this Heavy Duty Pen from PetDanze. To find out why to keep reading!

A great rabbit exercise pen will be a lot of things. Obviously it will be spacious enough with enough surface area for your rabbit to run around in comfortably. It will also be robust, made from something durable such as steel or iron. You will also need to ensure the pen has a high level of security and is safe for use. Below is a list of the 5 best rabbit exercise pens on the market.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

ModelPricePanelsEditor's Rating
PetDanze Heavy Duty Large
PetDanze Heavy Duty Large Playpen
(Best Overall)

Check Price
16 panels4.85/5
MuteBay 16 Pannel
MuteBay 16 Pannel Exercise Pen

Check Price
16 panels4.60/5
ShinShop Exercise Playpen

Check Price
16 panels4.50/5
TMS Exercise Fence

Check Price
16 panels4.25/5
Yaheetech Exercise Fence

Check Price
8, 16, 32 panels4.05/5

The 5 Best Rabbit Exercise Pens – 2020

1. PetDanze Heavy Duty Large Playpen – Best Overall

Pen 1

With 16 panels, your rabbit will have plenty of room to run in this exercise pen. Having that many panels means there are a wide variety of shapes to make for your pet to enjoy.

This playpen provides 66.52 square feet of room to roam. Additional sets of 8 can be purchased to connect with this playpen. With panels being 32″ high, you don’t have to worry about your rabbit jumping out. With a 13″ door, even the chubbiest rabbit should have no issues getting in or out.

Coming with metal stakes, this rabbit pen is just as appropriate for outdoor use as it is for indoor use. Not only do the stakes connect the different panels in whatever design you choose, but they can also be pushed into the ground to secure it in place outside. The black vein powder coating helps make sure the product won’t rust, giving you and your rabbit a product to enjoy for years to come. Assembly is quick and easy. PetDanze includes simple instructions so that your pet can start enjoying the new exercise pen within moments.

Since this is a durable and sturdy pen, it is a bit on the heavy side. It may not be as portable as some people need. For anyone needing an exercise pen to keep around the home or yard, this would be a great buy.

2. MuteBay 16 Pannel Exercise Pen

This is another exercise pen for rabbits that comes with 16 panels. You do not have to use all of the panels if you do not have space for them indoors. On the other hand, this pen can have additional panels combined to make it even more spacious.

All these different size and shape configurations make this a great exercise pen for both indoors and outdoors. This playpen also has a 13″ wide door for easy access.

Being two feet tall, this playpen should have no trouble containing most rabbits, although a something a little taller is generally preferable.

The wires are only 1.5″ apart, ensuring that your pet cannot squeeze between them. It is very sturdy and made of steel metal. The black finish is very stylish and will look great in any room of your home.

Putting this exercise pen together is a breeze. It comes with everything you need to get it up and ready for your rabbit. There are 16 stakes to attach the panels to each other. Once assembled, be sure to check for any metal pieces that stick out in a way that could injure your pet.

When you need to store it, simply take the stakes out and lay the panels flat. This product is suitable for anyone needing an outdoor or indoor space to let their rabbit stretch their legs.

3. ShinShop Exercise Playpen

Pen 3

This is yet another 16-panel exercise pen for your consideration. Like the previous pen, it is two feet tall. There are several different shapes to construct this playpen in, including square, rectangle, and octagon.

If you have a patio or deck you would like to enclose, this would be a great product. Just be sure you can put the panels in the dirt right off the patio so that you can use the metal stakes to hold it up. There are no posts to keep these panels up themselves.

They rely on being connected to each other (with some corners) or the ground to stay up. Although you could construct it on cement, it would be able to slide across it without the ground stakes in place.

Since this is such a durable and well-made product, it is quite heavy. Do not expect to be able to move all of the panels at once. This would be a great buy for anyone who wants to put their exercise pen up once and then leave it there for a long time.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are horizontal bars in between the vertical ones. This is true of many wire playpens for pets. While rabbits are not known for being climbers, it the bars do essentially act as a ladder. Be sure your rabbit does not get stuck in between these bars.

4. TMS Exercise Fence

pen 4

There are a lot of great features with this playpen. It has the 16 panels that can be arranged in the standard shapes. As with the others, you can use fewer or buy more panels in order to suit your needs.When using all of the panels, you will get 66.52 square feet of area for your rabbit to run around in. It is made of steel metal. Rather than being silver, it is black thanks to the black vein powder coating that acts as protection from the elements.

Being appropriate for indoor and outdoor use, they are a large number of ways to use this playpen. Since it comes with two door panels, you could even use it as two separate 8-panel pens if you have two rabbits that need to be separated for whatever reason. If using outside, it has sturdy ground stakes to make sure it stays where it needs to.

This is another playpen that is two feet tall. The doors are hinged and 13″ wide.

The ground stakes are optional, but the pen is held together by stakes that slide in between the panels. This makes assembly very easy. It also makes it easy to take down and store.

5. Yaheetech Exercise Fence

pen 5

Being the most affordable pen on the list does not mean this isn’t a great option for many rabbit owners. Like all of the others, there are 16 panels that could be used in many different shapes.

If you use all of the panels in a square, you are looking at almost 100 square feet. That should be plenty of room to let your rabbit run around in.

This is another playpen that could be used as a long fence in certain circumstances. As long as there is something to keep your rabbit inside the enclosure on the other sides, this pen can convert into a gate with two handy doors. There needs to be soft ground to push the metal stakes into in order for this to be a good plan.

Due to the number of panels, it would be hard to carry all of them at once. This product is made of metal with the black vein powder coating to keep it from rusting. It would be a great product to put up outside and then leave there.

If you do decide to use it indoors, bear in mind that a determined bunny might be able to get it to slide across the floor a bit, especially if you aren’t using all of the panels.

Rabbit Exercise Pen Buyer’s Guide

Having an exercise pen for your rabbit is a great idea. Your rabbit will quickly become bored and miserable if he is contained in his cage or hutch all of the time. Exercise is not only great physical stimulation but mental stimulation as well. Investing in a high-quality pen for your rabbit to run around in, either indoors or out, is one of the best things you can do as a pet owner.

Since this pen is responsible for keeping your rabbit safe from the many hazards to them both indoors and outside, it is important that it is well-designed and sturdy. Doing some research before making your purchase is essential to make sure you get the right product for you. This guide is intended to go over the basics to look for when shopping for an exercise pen for rabbits.

Benefits of Having an Exercise Pen

Your rabbit will love you for buying them an exercise pen for a few reasons. On top of alleviating boredom, it helps them be a bigger part of your life. A pen can be set up in different areas, allowing for more interaction and bond-building between you and your pet. They will be mentally stimulated by all of the different sights and sounds.

If you set your exercise pen up outside, your rabbit will get to experience nature. They will likely enjoy feeling the grass under their feet. Recent research suggests that sunlight is beneficial for rabbits. It helps to activate Vitamin D, which helps with calcium absorption. Since rabbits need those nice, long teeth, calcium is very important! Direct sunlight is better than getting it through the window. Having a safe place to put your rabbit down outside is very beneficial.

While inside, an exercise pen allows your rabbit to have its own safe space. If you use a lid of some sort, it will keep the rabbit safe from any other furry friend in your home. Even if you have no pets or small children to protect your rabbit from, your home is likely full of hazards you may not even be aware of.

Rabbit in a Pen, Credit: Pxfuel

The Best Rabbit Exercise Pen Is Secure

As stated above, it is important that your rabbit is kept separate from the dangers of your yard or home. It is important that the design of your pen keeps the panels connected well and keeps it from falling over or moving around. If the pen collapses on your rabbit, it could cause serious injury. If your rabbit loves to dig, you will need to keep an extra close eye on them if you use the pen outdoors.

On top of keeping your rabbit in, your pen should keep other animals out. This includes small children, so be sure the doors can be locked! If you have a medium to large dog, make sure he doesn’t have the opportunity to jump into the pen with your rabbit, no matter how friendly he is. The exercise pen should be a safe place for your rabbit at all times.


Anything your rabbit will be around will need to be checked carefully for hazards. Since they are made of metal, make sure that the design will not leave any pieces of it sticking out into the cage. A curious rabbit can easily injure himself. Since rabbits like to chew, be sure that any coating used on the pen to make it stand up to the elements is not toxic to rabbits.

Watching your rabbit while he is using an exercise pen is important. Although you may think that you have completely rabbit-proofed an area, it is impossible to control everything.


It is important to find an exercise pen that works with your space. Since almost all of them come with panels, you have a lot of options. If your space is limited, you can design your pen without using all of the panels. On the other hand, if you are trying to set up a large area in your yard, you can order additional sets of panels and give your rabbit a lot of room to run.

If you live in an apartment or smaller home, an exercise pen is still great for your rabbit. Any portable space meant for your rabbit will help you give him the variety and exercise he needs.

When buying any large product, it is a great idea to measure the area you plan on using it.

This is especially true if you are ordering online. It may be hard to visualize how big the dimensions of the pen really are. Plus, being made of metal, these pens can be quite heavy, making it expensive to pay for return shipping.

Rabbit in a Pen, Credit: Pxfuel


If your rabbit can easily (or even not so easily) jump out of the exercise pen, there isn’t much point in having one. Ideally, you will buy a pen that is at least 30″ tall. If you know your rabbit is a jumper, aim for at least 36″. For those who aren’t sure how high their rabbit can jump, it is always better to overestimate rather than underestimate the jumping capabilities of their pet.


Although prices vary a bit, plan on spending a decent amount of money on your rabbit’s new exercise pen. Most quality ones cost well over a hundred dollars. If you think of it as an investment in your rabbit’s health and happiness, it may be easier to stomach the expense.

As with any major purchase, it would be a good idea to shop around to try to find the best price. Price alerts online can help make sure you get the best possible price for your rabbit exercise pen.

Tips for Use

Exercise pens for rabbits are great for a lot of reasons. As we all know rabbits need plenty of exercise.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of yours:

If you have cats in the home, you can easily make a lid by setting one of the panels or something similar across the top. As always, be sure to supervise your bunny while in the exercise pen so they do not knock the lid down on themselves.

Your rabbit needs to spend at least an hour or two out of their cage per day. For healthy rabbits, the more time exercising and exploring the better.

Rabbits are most active in the early morning and late evening. These are the best times to let them out of their cage to get the most out of their exercise time.

Check the stability of the pen every time you set it up. Over time, wear and tear an make it less secure for your rabbit.

Final Thoughts On Rabbit Exercise Pens

An exercise pen will add a great deal of joy to your rabbit’s life. Whether your choose to use it indoors, outdoors, or both, it will allow your pet to experience some variety. If your rabbit gets bored, he can easily become destructive, depressed, and/or overweight. Time out of the cage or hutch every day is a simple solution.

Be sure to take the time to research any product you buy. Keep in mind how secure it is, how big it is, and if it will work with your budget before deciding to buy any rabbit exercise pen. If you’re looking for regular outdoor rabbit pens rather than exercise pens check out our post here.


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