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The Best Rabbit Carriers 2020 – Reviews & Guide

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Finding the best rabbit carrier isn’t always easy. In this article, we review of the top models available and bring you a buyers guide.

After careful consideration, our top-rated travel carrier of 2020 so far has to be the Petmate Sky Kennelthis is down to its heavy-duty nature and overall build quality.

A great rhas good ventilation making the space as fresh and breathable as possible. It’s also one that’s durable. You need to be comfortable knowing your bunny won’t chew its way out of the carrier. Another important feature is ensuring it’s robust enough to take the mass of your bunny.

Below we’ve listed 5 of the best rabbit carriers on the market, which will be sure to keep your rabbit safe and secure while on your travels.

1. AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel – Best Overall

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A comfortable and convenient way to get your rabbit where it needs to go. This is designed with the safety, security and comfort of your pet in mind. This 19-inch provides all the space with your rabbit would need and some.

This travel carrier features two doors, a front door and one on the top of the carrier. This will make it much easier for you to get your rabbit in and out of the carrier when you need to. Easy entry means that the whole travel experience will be less stressful for you and your rabbit.

The versatile design allows you to open the top door in both directions, left and right. You just need to pull one of the black handles forwards which will release. You then just need to lift and swing to the side to open. The front door offers a spring-loaded latch. By pinching together top and bottom leaves of this latch and pulling forwards, the door will gently open.

This has a heavy-duty sign, made of sturdy and durable plastic, with a steel-wired front door. The AmazonBasics two-door top-load carrier offers strength, security, visibility and ventilation on the top and back of the side of the carrier.

This carrier has a very secure construction. The top and the bottom of the carrier snap together with the use of four latches. The screws (come included) can be used to enhance the secured top and bottom, giving extra reinforcement.

Once your pet is inside the carrier, the secure handle on the top allows you to easily carry it from A to B with just one hand.

2. MidWest Homes for Pets Spree Travel Carrier

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Carriers produced by Spree are the perfect for all different kinds of travel requirements. Trips to the vet, vacations or just short journeys in your vehicle are all great ways to use these carriers. Designed around the safety, security and comfort of your rabbit.

This carrier brags the amenities of most plastic carriers, great ventilation, a sturdy carrying handle and made for durability.

You will be pleased to hear that assembling these carriers is made really simple. No tools are required and with the simple four-step assembly they can be put together by anyone.

This carrier is really easy to clean. Remember, pet carriers need to be cleaned very frequently as often they will be used for trips to the vet and carry many germs. All you need to do is spray out the carrier with water, or wipe with a cloth and use a mild but pet-friendly cleaner.

This carrier comes in a choice of colors, with red blue and green options available. You also have the options of choosing the size of the carrier. This is great because no matter how big your rabbit is, you will be able to find a carrier which fits it perfectly.

These also come with a one year manufacturers warranty so if there are any defects with the carrier you should be covered. As with all warranties make sure to check the terms and conditions to understand what you are covered for.

3. Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel

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Access to your rabbit is made easy by the well rounded two-door design of this bunny carrier. Having two doors also improves the ventilation of this carrier and also the visibility. When riding in this travel carrier your rabbit will have the best view and cool ventilation it can.

This carrier can be considered one of the most secure of its kind. It comes with a secure win-nut and bolt design and a steel front door, with a secure latch. The same goes for the top door of the carrier with secure steel wiring and plastic for combined safety and security.

This means that your bunny won’t be able to get out of the carrier until you arrive at your destination of course!

This product is customizable in that you can choose from a variety of different colors, including red, white and blue. You can also get this in different sizes. The standard size is 19” but if you’re looking for something bigger a 24” option is also available.

It’s great to know that you’re in safe hands with this carrier. Petmate the manufacturers, are passionate about both pets and their families and are a worldwide leader in the pet industry.

This is something they have been doing for 50 years, so they’ve had time to perfect their craft. We’re sure that you are going to love this travel carrier for your rabbit.

4. Petmate Sky Kennel

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The Petmate Sky Kennelcomes with a vaulted door which provides your pet with comfort, safety and security. This door features a four-way latching mechanism which provides enhanced safety and security for your rabbit.

The Sky Kennel is deemed to be the Gold standard for pet travel. Each kennel comes with a ‘Live Animal’ labels, identification stickers, and absorbent materials also food and water cups.

Despite this carrier containing the gold standard for travel, you should also make sure to check with your airline prior to your travel date. Different air lines will have varying requirements so it’s better safe than sorry.

Again, as this product is made by Petmate you know you’re in safe hands with this carrier. The manufacturers, are passionate about both pets and their families and are a worldwide leader in the pet industry.

This is something they have been doing for 50 years, so they’ve had time to get it right. We are confident that both you and your bun will love this rabbit carrier for travelling.

5. Suncast Portable Pet Crate

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This is a slightly larger sized carrier. Which is great for overweight rabbits and if your rabbit is of healthy weight there will be plenty of room for it and its’ water bowl.

In fact, there are slots within the carrier that allow you to hang things such as your rabbits food bowl and water bottle. There are also storage compartments which you can use for storing other rabbit related items, and a sticker on which you can put your rabbits name. this carrier actually comes with a bowl for food and water included.

Due to the design of this carrier, your rabbit will get great visibility. Made up primarily of metal mesh, lots of light will be let in. Your rabbit will also be able to lots of the outside world, making it feel more comfortable when on its travels.

This design means that there is only one door for which you can use to access your rabbit. This doesn’t seem to prevent ease of access with this carrier. You should still manage just fine putting your rabbit in and removing it from the travel carrier.

The fact that three sides of this carrier is made up of metal mesh makes it so much more difficult for your rabbit to chew. The last thing you want when purchasing a new carrier is to have your rabbit chew its way out.

Finding The Best Rabbit Carrier Buyer’s Guide

A travel carrier for rabbits is an important tool which needs to be used whenever you need to take your bun anywhere. Whether you’re taking it to the vet, or moving house you need a secure travel carrier for your rabbit. For the safety of your rabbit, It’s vital that you never take it anywhere without a carrier. Since you’re here, we’re assuming finding one of the best travel carriers for rabbits is your objective, but achieving this can be difficult. This is especially true if you don’t know what qualities you’re looking for.

Getting your hands on the best transport cage for rabbits is easy when you know what to look for. This section of the article details some qualities of the best rabbit carriers for travelling with.

Ease Of Access

Getting your rabbit in and out of the carrier needs to be easy. This is the case regardless of what you will be using your bunny holder for. Make sure to assess how big the doors are on the carrier. It’s all good and well getting your rabbit in. However, trying to get a scared rabbit out of its carrier with a small door may be difficult.

As well as size of the doors, it’s important to consider where they are located. Some carriers come with multiple doors which can make it easier to remove a reluctant rabbit. If you opt to go for a rabbit with a single door, you might find it slightly more difficult.


Chances are, you won’t be using your carrier that often but when you do it will be for vet trips. This means that you will need to thoroughly clean it after each trips to ensure all germs are removed from the carrier.

Again, a carrier with multiple doors will make this easier for you. Some carriers can be taken apart, this makes it a lot easier to clean every inch of the carrier. For carriers that don’t come apart you may find yourself struggling a bit more. Cleaning those hard to reach corners can be difficult, but It shouldn’t be too much of an issue.


Ventilation is one of the, if not THE most important feature to lookout for with rabbit carriers. You need to make sure that your rabbit carrier has plenty of holes to allow for easy breathing for your rabbit and to cool it down.

Good ventilation will prevent your rabbit from overheating. As you can imagine, being moved from place to place can be traumatic for rabbits. If you choose a carrier with poor ventilation in place on the carrier could cause your rabbit discomfort.

Carrying Your Rabbit Transport Cage

They’re called carriers for a reason, you need to be able to carry them around with you. Ease of carrying is an important quality of the best travel carriers. It’s important to make sure that your carrier comes with a sturdy handle, which is well attached. This will allow you to easily carry your rabbit around with you, and is essential for carrying your rabbit safely.

You can also get larger carriers with straps and wheels. This is especially useful for larger rabbits as you may find it difficult to hold their weight using a handle.

dwarf rabbit
Image: Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Safety And Security

Security is the next consideration you should make when purchasing a travel carrier for rabbits. You need to make sure that your carrier is made from strong material. This will work to prevent your rabbit from chewing holes in it and escaping easily.

If you need to break suddenly in the car your travel carrier needs to be strong enough to stop any damage to the carrier. In effect this works to prevent any damage to your rabbit from accidental impact. Make sure to secure your rabbit carrier somewhere sturdy within your vehicle where it can’t slide around.

It’s also important to ensure that the door on your hatch is secure. This could be through use of a latch or some kind of locking mechanism. Once you close the carrier door, you need to know that it’s securely shut. This will prevent any escapes and ensuring your rabbit can only get out when you let it.


As we’ve mentioned your bunnies travel carrier needs to be made out of strong material. You also need to ensure that it can withstand other conditions such as rain. When purchasing rabbit carriers lookout for ones that are made from waterproof materials.

It’s also a bonus if you can lookout for environment friendly travel carriers. As well as this, make sure that the material used is non-toxic as your rabbit may be likely to try and chew parts of the travel carrier. Generally, you will find that the top class travel carriers are made out of these materials.


You need to make sure that the carrier you choose has enough space for your rabbit inside. This is about finding a good balance. On one hand, you need to make sure your rabbit isn’t too cramped. On the other hand, you need to make sure that it’s not too spacious as your rabbit can slip around inside the carrier.

As a general rule of thumb we would recommend something that allows your rabbit to stand and lay down in comfort. Your rabbit should also be able to turn around if possible. One of the most important space considerations is room for a bowl.

If you’re taking your rabbit on a long journey, you need to make sure that it has access to water and food. Some carriers come with built in bowls. You may find that you only need room for a single water bowl. You can then line the bottom of the carrier with some hay as a rabbit food supply.


This may depend on how often you use the travel carrier, but you don’t want to be paying over the odds for one. Most people are only likely to use carriers during trips to and from the vets.

You do not want to be paying too high a price for a travel carrier, as you won’t get the frequent use that would warrant the price tag. However, if you skimp out you might end up with a poor quality travel carrier so it’s about balance. It’s easy to find something that’s affordable but high quality, that does the exact same job as some of the more expensive carriers.

Do You Need A Travel Carrier For Rabbits?

A good rabbit travel carrier is usually the last thing on peoples minds when purchasing a new rabbit. When an emergency arises, it’s important that you have the best tool for the job at hand when you need to transport your rabbit.

Picture of a bunny on a toy vehicle for the best rabbit carrier page.

Always use something intended for purpose – Never use a makeshift box for transporting your rabbit. Your rabbit may be extremely uncomfortable or even end up injured.

Vet Trips

If you need to take your rabbit for a trip to the vets, likelihood is that they may already be in some discomfort or sick. Whatever you do, don’t make this any worse by putting them in some kind of make-shift travel carrier that isn’t fit for purpose.

There is no need to take a risk with this. Why would you compromise your rabbits wellbeing and safety? Especially when there are tons of dedicated rabbit travel carriers, at very reasonable prices just a few clicks away when you switch on your computer.


If you’re planning on taking your pet on vacations, and don’t have a rabbit carrier then get one right now. No seriously, don’t push it to the back of your mind. When the time comes to go, if you haven’t bought one then your rabbit can’t come with you it’s that simple. It’s completely unsafe to ride in the car with an unrestrained rabbit.

You will find that some bunny travel carriers come airline approved. If there’s one thing you do before heading off to your flight, make sure you check this with the airline. Remember, airlines have a limited amount of space for pets. Don’t just rock up on the day with your rabbit, expecting them to have a space saved for your rabbit.

Make sure you check with your airline whether your carrier is airline approved, and make sure you reserve your rabbits space with plenty of notice prior to your flight. Check out this list of rabbit friendly airlines.

Finding The Best Rabbit Carrier Final Thoughts

Travel Carriers are an essential accessory for rabbits, and are almost equally as important as rabbit hutches. No seriously, you shouldn’t take your rabbit anywhere without one. With so many great rabbit travel carriers out there, don’t skimp out or use something home made. Using a carrier designed for carrying rabbits and pets is essential to your rabbits safety and wellbeing. We would like to remind you, when looking for rabbit carriers choose something secure, robust and with good ventilation so that your rabbit does not get too hot. Remember, always make sure your rabbit has plenty of water and food in its carrier. This is especially true for longer journeys.

If you are flying with your rabbit you need to check with your airline that your carrier is airline approved. Remember to book your rabbits space on the flight with as much notice as possible.

In terms of our best travel carrier for rabbits, we felt it was the Suncast Portable Pet Crate. This is down to the easy to clean structure, amount of ventilation, and good quality materials.



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