The Best Outdoor Rabbit Cages For All Climates

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Last Updated: January 29, 2019

Finding the best outdoor rabbit cage isn’t easy. You need to know what you’re looking for to keep your rabbit safe from predators and adverse weather. This article explores the 5 best outdoor rabbit cages and brings you a buyers guide.

We checked out a bunch of outdoor cages for rabbits in this post but have to say our favorite was the Purlove Pet Rabbit Hutch Wooden House. This is down to its spacious design with a built in run area. 

Top 3 Outdoor Rabbit Cages:

Purlove Pet Rabbit Hutch Wooden House62L x 18 x 36.8 inchesCheck Price
Purlove Pet Cage for Small Animals 56.5 x 22.6 x 43.3 inchesCheck Price
Kinbor Outdoor Wooden Bunny Hutch41 x 36 x 15.5 inchesCheck Price

The Best Outdoor Rabbit Cages

All of the cages we reviewed below are varied options, but all great quality cages which we’re sure you’ll be happy with. Below we have listed 5 of the best outdoor bunny cages that you and your bun will be sure to love.

Merax Rabbit Cage Wood House

The striped wooden plank design helps prevent any wear to the wood that may be caused from bunny bites. The cage comes with seperate rooms with two seperate trays designed for multiple uses. It’s very easy to clean the cage due to the pull out drawer.

You know this is a good quality product due to the fir wood design, known for its strength and resistance. The water proof design gives it extra resistance and protection from the outdoors.

Purlove Pet Rabbit Cage Wooden House

This cage is a fantastic mixture of both auburn and white, meaning it looks great as well as getting the job done! The multi level design means a nice spacious cage for your rabbit. With a seperate area for nesting whats not to love? Three large pullout trays will make cleaning this cage a much easier task.

It’s durable in all conditions to due wire mesh and fir wood construction. This will help protect from all outdoor elements. The slanted roof design means water just trickles off rather than getting stuck on top of the cage!

Purlove Rabbit Cage Wood House Pet Cage For Small Animals

We love this mix of auburn and white, despite serving the purposes of a great rabbit cage it also looks amazing in most gardens. The design is built to be spacious with a nice warm room for your rabbit to rest inside. Two large pullout trays will make your cleaning efforts a much easier process.

The fir wood and wire mesh means that this is a strong durable rabbit cage. It’s water proof with a slanted roof to ensure it can withstand any weather conditions it comes across.

Pawhut 40″ Small Animal House Pet Cage

The front of the living space opens out allowing you to get easy access to your pet. The divider in the living area which is removable means you can customize the way the cage is set up. The ramp helps your rabbit easily enter the cages inner box.

This cage has a very open feeling due to the fact it comes with an open run area. The slant roof design allows water to spill off the top of the cage.

Kinbor Outdoor wood House Pet Cages For Small Animals

We love the galvanized wiring which helps keep your rabbits in and the predators out of the cage. The multi floor design means pets have a bit of freedom within the cage. Its non slip ramp increases the safety of this cage preventing your bunny from having any falls.

The opening doors and hatches give you easy access to your rabbit. The slide out trays make your life much easier when its time to clean the cage.

Finding A Rabbit Cage For Outdoors

It’s really important you find a good outdoor bunny cage. Contrary to belief, slightly more thought needs to be put into the decision making process when buying an outside rabbit cage. This is because your rabbit is susceptible to certain instances of the outdoor world it just wouldn’t encounter whilst being inside. An outdoor rabbit cage definitely needs to share similarities with indoor cages, but there are also a few differences.

Considerations When Looking For An Outdoor Cage

In this next section we look at the considerations to take into account before purchasing a cage for outdoor use.

The Size

Despite the fact that rabbit cage is for outdoor use, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be space conscious. Not everyone is lucky enough to be working with a large garden, and even if you are you may need to fit the cage in a specific allocated space.

Not only do you need to make sure your rabbit cage fits in the outdoor spot, you also need to be considerate of the size of your rabbit in comparison to the cage.

We recommend taking measurements prior to purchasing, rather than making it a squeeze afterwards.

Sturdiness Of The Structure

Something you need to be more conscious of when compared to an indoor cage, is the sturdiness and durability of the outdoor bunny cage. Due to the fact that this is a rabbit outdoor cage, you’ll need to make sure that it can cope with whatever weather conditions it comes up against. If you choose to purchase something that isn’t sturdy you risk ending up with a poorly made structure that could be easily damaged by weather conditions.

The Budget

The budget is of course a consideration that doesn’t change. You need to make sure that whichever rabbit cage you choose, you get a great deal. You can still get your hands on a great rabbit cage without breaking the bank. We feel that all of the rabbit cages for outdoors within this article are reasonably priced considering their high quality.


Ease of cleaning is an important consideration before purchasing any cage for your rabbit. This is especially true when the rabbit cage is for outdoors. You will have different kinds of dirt finding its way into the cage. For example, more insects and small leaves are likely to end up in the cage, which wouldn’t be the case if it was for indoors.

Again the same principles apply, ease of access to the cage determine how easy it’s going to be to clean the cage. For example, if there’s only one door and you cant reach every corner on the inside of the cage, it’s going to be hard for you to clean it.

Predator Proofing

This is something that you don’t necessarily need to look for when shopping for cages that go inside your home. However, this is different rabbit cages for outside and needs to be a big consideration. You need to make sure that the cage is able to protect your bunny from any predators that wish to attack them.

Some examples of how these can be predator proofed is by ensuring you buy a cage which is raised from the floor. This makes it more difficult for predators to reach up to the cage.

You can also reinforce the security of the structure using mesh or wiring from your local hardware store.

Benefits Of Rabbit Cages For Outdoors

Rabbit cages for outdoors are actually reasonably different than ones you’d keep inside. Outdoor rabbit cages are great because they allow your rabbit to be exposed to an outdoor environment, while being kept securely concealed. In this section we explore some of the benefits of rabbit cages for outside use.


This is one we touched upon in the previous section, but security is something that the best rabbit cage for outdoors will definitely offer. If you were to use a makeshift rabbit container, it would take literally minutes for somebody to dismantle and steal your rabbit. A good quality and sturdy rabbit cage, would allow your rabbit to be kept secure and even locked to prevent theft if crime is an issue in your area.

Of course, security doesn’t just mean protection from thieves, but also protection from wild animals such as foxes, which might want to attack your rabbit. It also means that your rabbit will be kept safe in a weather proof rabbit cage, from whatever mother nature throws at it.

Protection From The Sun

A good cage for outdoors will provide your rabbit with a mechanism from hiding in the sun during the warmer months. This is because many cages come with a separate section for resting. This area is secluded compared to the exposure of the rest of the cage. It’s a shady area, which allows your rabbit to nest, relax and shelter from the sun if needed.

What makes a good outdoor bunny cage

Outdoor rabbit cages are a brilliant way to provide your rabbit with an adequette living space, whilst giving it the protection it needs from various elements of outdoor life. Whether you are upgrading a current cage, or looking to purchase your first rabbit outdoor cage, it’s important you get a good one.

It’s common for the top cages to share common traits with one another, which was a common factor of the cages in this article! But what exactly are these traits? This next section looks at exactly what it takes to make a good outdoor rabbit cage.


We’ve touched a lot on the security of your outdoor cage for rabbits. Lets not forget, your rabbit needs to be comfortable when inside the cage. This ties in closely with the size element we discussed earlier. If your rabbit doesn’t fit in the cage properly, it’s likely it will be uncomfortable.

Also remember to line the cage with a good quality bedding to ensure that your rabbit is able to get that extra warmth it needs when living outdoors.


With outdoor cages being potentially subjected to harsh weather conditions (depending on your local climate of course) it’s important they’re durable. You will need to make sure that if your cage is made of wood, it’s made from a sturdy wood that’s been treated for outdoor use.

Multi Room

We spoke earlier about the best outdoor cages having a secluded area from your rabbit to be protected from the sun. This is something that all of the highest quality outdoor rabbit cages have. Make sure that It’s part of your pre purchase checks when looking for a cage.

Things to watch out for

So you now know what makes up the best outdoor rabbit cages, but what about things to be cautious of before purchasing? Remember if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, you don’t want to end up another horror story about a purchase gone badly wrong.


Many people selling cages for outdoor rabbits have the best intentions for other peoples pet rabbits. However, when they’re trying to make a quick buck that may just glaze over any issues the cages have.
If you’re buying an outdoor bunny cage, we recommend not getting a second hand one. This is because it may have already seen its best years.

You don’t want to be the owner whos bunny gets hurt because of a poor buying decision in an attempt to save some money.


This is something you definitely need to be cautious of. You will notice that many cages have fancy designs, which are really eye catching. However despite offering no more functionality other than looking pretty, they can be priced at a couple hundred bucks more.

Set aside a budget and stick to it. If you get yourself something that looks great as well as being great in terms of functionality then amazing! If not, don’t worry too much your rabbits safety and wellbeing should come before your gardens aesthetic appeal.

Final Thoughts

A lot of thought should go into purchasing an outdoor rabbit cage. Many people think that a 20 minute trip to the store, and they’ll find their dream outdoor cage. Only to return it a few days later to find it wasn’t exactly what they were looking for.

We recommend that you take the points noted in this guide into consideration before making a purchase. It’s a pretty long article so we appreciate you won’t remember everything. If you take anything from this article, it should be that a rabbit cage for outdoors needs to be durable, secure, comfortable and predator proof with strong wire. Not to mention the overarching size factor, in terms of fitting your rabbit in comfortably and fitting your garden space.

We hope that our buyers guide has set you up nicely with a knowledge of what to look for in rabbit outdoor cages. We’re sure that if you decide to pick any of the cages in this article then you’ll end up with one of the best outdoor rabbit cages available. After all, we spend a darn long time looking for them!

We wish you every success in finding the perfect outdoor cage for your rabbit. For those of you that may decide to keep your rabbit indoors, check our our indoor rabbit cages post.