Best Indoor Rabbit Cages For House Rabbits

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Finding the best indoor rabbit cage is no walk in the park.

This article brings you the 5 best indoor rabbit cages on the market to date.

Our personal favorite and best rated is the Living World Deluxe Habitat this is because we feel it has a great balance of essential features needed for any rabbit cage, but to find out all the details keep reading!

The Best Indoor Rabbit Cages

Regardless of where you’re rabbit is kept certain precautions need to be made. It needs to be kept somewhere secure, spacious and clean. The great thing about having an indoor rabbit cage is that you’re closer to your bunny to give it that much needed human interaction.

We spent 16 hours looking into the best indoor rabbit cages on the market and have put the best candidates into this article. All of these cages are slightly different options, but all of them are top quality cages which we’re sure you’ll be happy with.

Below we have listed 5 of the best indoor bunny cages that you and your house rabbit will love.

Living World Deluxe Habitat

Our Rating:

Hybrid – Upper wire framing and a bottom base made from plastic gives a secure, breathable and pleasant place for your rabbit to be.

Balcony Included – Complete with a balcony ramp your bun will have a point of elevation.

Sizing options – Available in three different sizes, we recommend the XL size for rabbits.

Dimensions – Measures 46-8/9 inch L 22-4/5 inch W by 24 inch H

Yaheetech Level Indoor Rabbit Cage

Our Rating:

Durable – Made from iron so you can be sure of this products durability.

Dimensions – L 64 x W 43 x H 131 cm

Versatile – Contains 5 ramps, 5 shelves a slide out tray a water bottle and food box.

Multiple Doors – 3 opening doors for easy access to your rabbit.

Ferplast Krolik 140 Plus Rabbit Cage

Our Rating:

Extension – Seperated extension section for your rabbit to nest and sleep.

Good Design – Large Habitat with a patented design built for space efficiency.

Wide Opening Door – Easy access to your rabbit with a nice easy door to open.

Dimensions – 55.9 x 23.6 x 19.7 dimensions in inches

Ferplast Rabbit Cage

Our Rating:

Specialist Bottom – No flares offers more living space for your rabbit.

Extension Provided – Ideal quiet space for your rabbit to nest.

Dimensions – 63.78 x 23.62 19.62 x 19.68″

Accessories Included – hay feeder, drink bottle and bowl.

Easy Access – Wide opening door means you will have no trouble with access.

Kaytee Extra Large Rabbit Habitat

Our Rating:

Effortless Cleaning – Due to the fact that corners are rounded on the cage, cleaning is made light work.

Durable – Good quality cage that’s built to last.

Dimensions – 41.25″L x 18″W x 18.75″H

Easy To Access – Doors which are spring loads at the top and front doors provide security.

Stackable Rabbit Cages

Another option you’ve got is to go for stackable rabbit cages. This great stackable cage from homey pet is a good option if you’re looking for something expandable. We feel this is one of the best stackable cages available as it comes with a multi tier option, can hold a mass of up to 70 lbs and is heavy duty with a automatic locking mechanism. The obvious advantage of stackable cages is that they are able to gain surface area vertically rather than by taking up square meterage on the floor.

Finding The Best Indoor Rabbit Cage For House Rabbits

Indoor rabbit cages will keep your bunny warm, safe and comfortable plus they are readily available in different pet shops although many manufacturers produce them in different designs. One of the readily available rabbit cage design is the one designed with a wire frame at the top and a plastic tray on the bottom. However, how do you filter down to the best indoor rabbit cage for house rabbits?

What most pet owners don’t understand is that stepping into the world of pet cages is like going down a rabbit hole. These cages are all over the marketplace and come in different types, shapes, and sizes than what you would ever expect to find. First-time rabbit owners are usually overwhelmed with the type of cage that best suits their bunnies. What’s more, with the bunny myth flying around it doesn’t come as a surprise that most people get it wrong more often than not.

This guide will explore the different aspects of an indoor rabbit cage including the benefits, what to look out for in a good cage and the things to avoid when buying the cage so that you can make an informed decision. After you’re done, you should know exactly how to find your house rabbits new indoor cage.

Benefits Of An Indoor Bunny Cage

One of the main reasons why people prefer to have an indoor rabbit cage is because it keeps the rabbit warm and dry in the winter. It’s vital that you have enough space because they are not designed to be used outdoors. What’s more, it needs to be at least four times the size of the rabbit so that there is enough space to hop about. Here are some of the benefits of an indoor rabbit cage.

They provide Security and Warmth

Outdoor rabbits are prone to attack by predators such as hawks, cats, and dogs while those that are indoors are safer and have a more social life. Apart from keeping your bunny safe from predators, you can easily monitor them and ensure that they are always happy, healthy and safe.

Rabbits Can Be Toilet Trained

The indoor rabbit cage is designed to be a sleeping area more than anything because it is not large enough to keep them in all the time. The good thing is that they are easy to litter train and clean which makes them a perfect indoor pet.

You Can Easily Build Trust With The Rabbit

With an indoor rabbit cage, you have more interaction with the bunnies which makes it easier to build trust. Also, the more you get to understand the rabbit personality the more you can put yourself in your rabbit’s shoes. Even if you have your rabbit kept indoors most of the time, it’s best if you let them have an outdoor run since it gives them the chance to nibble on grass and also get fresh air.

What to consider when buying an inside rabbit cage?

There is no doubt that rabbits make excellent indoor pets plus they are cuddly and cute. If you are thinking of keeping your bunny indoors, it’s important to consider the different types of inside rabbit cage that will provide safety and security for your bunnies. Rabbits need ample space, and this is one of the things that you should take into consideration. Whats more, getting designs made out of plastic is aesthetically pleasing compared to the wooden design.

Ensure that the material used isn’t toxic so that they don’t end up getting sick if they gnaw on the plastic bars.

A great design is the one that provides plenty of room to scurry and play about. Here are some of the factors you should consider when buying an indoor rabbit cage.

The Size Of The Cage

The size of the hutch you are going to construct is dependent on the size of the installation site and how many rabbits you are planning to keep in one containment. In most cases, the larger the rabbit hutch, the happier the rabbits. Most indoor hutches aren’t as large as the outdoor counterpart since they are usually designed to house smaller species of rabbits. Despite this, it’s still possible to find and place a large rabbit cage indoors.

The Materials Used

The material used in the construction of the rabbit cage is one of the things that shouldn’t be underestimated. Most rabbit cages are designed with metals, chicken wire and wood to screw the materials together. Also, there are those that are made of metal materials or plastic, but of all the designs available in the market today those made from metal screws, wire mesh and wood are the sturdiest.

The Budget

The type of hatch you wish to purchase will depend on the size or whether it’s new or second hand. If you are looking for the luxurious models, then you are going to spend more, but it’s important to understand that the price doesn’t always reflect on the quality. One of the ways to ensure that you settle on the right design is if you take time to view the rabbit hutch at your free time before deciding whether or not to buy. This way you are going to rule out any weaknesses and be sure that your bunnies will be safe and happy.

The Ease Of Cleaning

You need to take into account the number of opening in the rabbit cage. Rabbit cage with more openings is much better compared to those that have less because it makes it easier to clean that way. On the same note, while wooden hutches might be durable, you should consider settling for those with removable trays underneath and bottoms of woven wire. This way the rabbits waste can be conveniently and easily washed away on a regular basis. Also, you need to have at least a part of the rabbit cage interior covered with wood so that it spares the rabbit’s feet. The fact you will keep your rabbit cage indoors means that the easier to clean it is the better, as you wouldn’t want to risk any dirt transfer from cage to home.

Rabbit Cages On Wheels

Considering a rabbit cage on wheels is something you should do. This is because when your rabbit isn’t inside the cage consider if you will need to cage for other things. For example, if your rabbit sleeps in the cage at night but has the run of the house in the day, you could move the hutch somewhere else during the daytime. A rabbit cage on wheels makes this a much easier task, especially considering how heavy they can be.

What makes a good indoor bunny cage

Indoor rabbit cage is an excellent way to providing adequate living space while at the same time simplifying the cleaning up after it. Whether you are upgrading or replacing the existing accommodation or you are getting a rabbit cage for the first time, it’s important not to overlook some of the things that make a good indoor rabbit cage. Here are some of the things that make a great indoor rabbit cage.


Apart from safety and security a good rabbit cage should offer the rabbits the comfort they need. Every cage is designed to house a certain number of bunnies depending on their size and it ought to do exactly that. A good rabbit indoor cage should have enough space so that the animals can move freely and also rest without any disturbance.

The Type Of Cladding

The type of cladding has a lot to do with keeping your rabbits protected, dry and warm. There are different types of cladding style used in making a rabbit cage and understanding the difference will determine whether you settle for the right shed. Groove and tongue is one of the best cladding you can find out there. The boards feature a slot cut at the bottom edge with the edge of the top trimmed to fit in the slot. This way the boards can merge snugly forming a perfect seal. Usually, the front may have a rounded edge, or the boards might be flat on both sides.


While most people believe that only outdoor cages should be treated because of the harsh weather condition the same also applies to the indoor designs. If you are looking to have a longer lasting rabbit cage, it should be made from wood that has been treated before delivery. If you are using wood finishes, you should go for those that are non-toxic just in case the bunnies decide to take a nibble.

Room For Segregation

A good rabbit cage should provide room for segregation. You can choose to segregate the rabbit according to sex especially if you are not looking to inter-breed. For those who are in the business of breeding the animals then the bunnies should be kept together for a short time.

Correct Size

A good rabbit cage should be of the right size to provide your pet with suitable and comfortable living condition. For instance, if you have two average sized bunnies, then an ideal hutch should be W 6ft by D 2ft by H 2ft. You also need to ensure that the cage is fitted with locks that can be easily fastened.

Things to avoid when buying a rabbit cage for indoors

If you have already planned to house your rabbits indoor, it’s time to consider getting an indoor rabbit cage. There are lots of designs available in the market.

You need to be aware of the common pitfalls so that you don’t end up getting a cage that doesn’t work out for you.

Dubious Sellers

There are a lot of scammers around, and it’s crucial that you source your rabbit cage from a trusted dealer especially if you are buying online.

Before closing a deal, you should read the seller’s reviews to ascertain their credibility. Also, take note of the measurements and size of the cage so that you don’t end up buying one that doesn’t suit your need.

Low-Quality Products

Although the cage is going to placed indoors this doesn’t mean that you should compromise on the quality. If the needs of your rabbits are met, you will have a happy and healthy pet, and this is what every homeowner is always looking out for. Although there are some that can be easily destroyed its best if you settle for those that are affordable but durable.

Don’t Overspend

Just because you have found a design that you are interested in but its way over your budget doesn’t mean that you have to settle for that exact design.

You need to have a budget on how much you wish to spend as well as how many rabbits you are going to have. There are designs suited for a single rabbit while others are designed to house a large number. Therefore, it’s advisable to factor in the number of rabbits you are going to house and settle for a design that is within your budget.

Final Thoughts On Finding The Best Rabbit Cage For Indoors

One of the things that most homeowners sometimes tend to forget is that rabbits are happy, engaging pets that love socialization and interaction but this cannot happen if they don’t have a proper home. If you have a bunny pet, you will come to realize that they are inquisitive animals that love playing games. In fact, if you are used to them and lie on the floor for a few minutes, you’ll be surprised to see that they are trying to lick or nibble different parts of your body.

If your bunny shows signs of aggression especially if it is not a norm, then it is an indication of unhappiness, boredom or ill health. Ensuring that your rabbit hutch has plenty of room that is both safe and secure goes a long way towards having a healthy rabbit. While they might have annoying traits, they score low as the most irritating animal. They might mess up your house sometimes, but they are a good addition to the family since they are good playmates for your kids.

This buyer’s guide provides you with a detailed outline of the different aspects of the best indoor bunny cage so that you can make an informed decision the next time you are out shopping. You’ll have a better understanding of the benefits of an indoor rabbit cage and what to and not to look out for when buying a rabbit cage. Such knowledge will help you spend your money wisely and avoid situations where you get a cage that doesn’t work for your situation.

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