The Best Brush For Rabbits

Dr. Beth Arnold of Crossroads Animal Hospital contributed to this article.
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Last Updated: June 19, 2019

Finding a great brush can be really difficult, especially if you’re a new owner or don’t know what to look for. Below is a list of the 3 best brushes for rabbits on the market to date.

We felt the best rabbit brush on the market is the Ware Groom-N-Kit and to find out why keep reading!

Ware Groom-N-Kit for Small Animals

First up on our list we’ve got the Groom-N-Kit and when you buy this kit you’re literally getting so much more than just a grooming brush, you’re getting two! This kit comes with a great rabbit brush included but also a selection of included extras.

It comes with a bristle brush, a pin brush, a rabbit nail clippers and a tasty treat to get your bunny in the mood for some grooming.

The combination of the brushes are great for not only catching the loose hair but for also giving your bunnies coat a healthy shiny look. This is the perfect kit to turn grooming time into bonding time with your bunny.

Pet Republique Deshedding Rake

This brush is highly effective and nice and easy to use. This is thanks to the multiple sized blades that allow you to easily remove falling fur from your bunnies coat. The non slip handle makes it nice and easy to control and helps you make sure it doesn’t slip out of your hand while in use.

Something we love about this company is that 15% of the profits gets donated to American Animal Rescue Society. This means by purchasing this brush not only are you getting a great product, you’re also helping rescue other animals!

This product can be used for a variety of pets and due to the fact that the blades are different sizes it can be used effectively for everything from dogs to rabbits.

Pat Your Pet Five Finger Grooming Glove

Next up on the list is something slightly less conventional but absolutely adorable! This grooming glove acts exactly like a grooming brush. Only difference is you’re literally stroking your bunny while you’re using it. This helps you really turn brush time into bonding time!

The five finger design makes it simple to groom those areas that you’d find hard to reach with a regular brush. You don’t need to worry about how well this glove will fit other family members. This is due to fat it’s universal and has an adjustable strap meaning everyone can get in on the fun!

Overall this is a great option for grooming your bunny. It gives brushing your rabbit an added sense of fun! Anyone looking for a good quality piece of equipment for brushing their rabbit should consider this one.

How To Groom A Rabbit

Check out the video below for some tips on how to groom a rabbit!

You can also find some great tips here on WikiHow!

Finding The Best Rabbit Brush For Grooming Your Rabbit

Rabbits are delicate and sensitive. They are thus prone to sicknesses and other dangers. You cannot gamble with their health and wellbeing. This is why you have to put in place all manner of precautions while tending them.

Many people under estimate the importance of a rabbit brush. This is a brush especially made for grooming the fur and the skin of a rabbit. It comprises gentle thistles and is easier to hold and use.

Most manufacturers will often exaggerate their strengths and significance. That is why a neutral and objective buying guide such as this is by all means necessary. We are going to dig deeper into the subject matter of the rabbitbrush.

We will examine the factors to consider while looking for the right brush. The qualities of the right brush, its uses, and what to avoid while looking for the right brush.

We Asked a Vet for Advice

We asked Dr. Beth Arnold, a Doctor of Vetinary Medicine with a special interest on rabbits for her option on choosing a rabbit brush.

“There are so many different types of bunnies with different types of fur; but, the one thing they all have in common is thin, easily injured skin” She said.

“My overall preference is a standard metal flea comb, that if used gently, is great for getting all the underlying loose fur. There are more aggressive brushes and combs but if used improperly and sometimes, even appropriately, can tear skin” Dr. Arnold went on to say.

“Mustache/beard clippers are great for clipping mats, but again remember the skin tears easily. I have seen clipper lacerations from cutting directly over the skin. I recommend trying to clip the mat at a distance from the skin to slightly free it up and then gently use the flea comb to tease the rest of the mat out.”

“Spoolie brushes, i.e. unused mascara type brushes, can be great for the face and areas where eye discharge is matted in the fur. Rubberized hand covers may not remove a ton of fur but are easy to use and very safe. Most buns will tolerate that type of brushing.”

Benefits Of Using A Bunny Brush

Buying the right rabbit brush comes with some great benefits. This section of the article details the plus sides that come with buying a rabbit brush.


As obvious as this may sound, the main benefit of rabbit brushes are they allow you to groom your rabbit. Who would have thought eh? Ever noticed your rabbit scratching its body or fur against walls and other surfaces? This is probably the wake up call you need to realise its time to buy a rabbit brush and get grooming!

Massages Your Rabbits

Rabbits, like humans, can develop stiff muscles. When this happens, they can get bored, lose their agility, and lose motivation to exercise.

Massaging them is a effective way of combating these muscle fatigues. They generally unwind the rabbit and straighten the cramps.

Combats Stress and Depression

Other than just falling sick, the rabbits can also get stressed and depressed. Once again, the brushes play the role of combating such stress and depression. If your rabbit is lonely, spending some time brushing it each day is a great way to provide some company. This will be sure to release stress and depression in your bunny.

Considerations To Make When Buying Rabbit Grooming Brush

This next section explores some of the considerations for buying a rabbit brush. This will give you a better insight into how to tailor your efforts into finding the best brush for your rabbit.


Rabbits come in different shapes and sizes. As do the brushes that you groom rabbits with. It’s pretty obvious but the larger the rabbit, the larger the brush you’ll need for grooming it with.


The age of your rabbit should definitely be a consideration you make. Younger rabbits are delicate and tender. This also applies to elderly rabbits. As such, they require brushes that have finer bristles for the sake of their fur and body. Those rabbits that are middle-aged have tougher fur and skin. They can, therefore, withstand harder thistles.

Fur Thickness

Just like skin, rabbit furs also have varying degrees of thickness. This again has a bearing on the kind of brush you might possibly utilize. Thicker fur needs harder thistles. Whereas thinner furs can be handled well using finer thistles. Find out how thick or thin the furs are to determine the most suitable brush.

Breed of the Rabbit

Different breeds display unique characteristics. Some breeds like Chinchilla and New Zealand White are very delicate. They are therefore easily irritable and more likely to be injured by hard brushes. Others like Holland Lop are hardy and tolerant to extreme forces. You can use the hard bristles without any worries at all.


The manufacture of these brushes is awash with numerous players. Some brands or manufacturers have stood out as being particularly exceptional. Peter’s Rabbit Grooming Brush is perhaps the most outstanding of all the big brands. In your search for the right brush, it is the one to think of greatly.


Lastly, you have to put into consideration the cost of the brush. Contrast this versus your own financial resource endowment. Find a brush that is not so expensive as to impose undue financial strains on you. Compare prices from various retailers to arrive at the best possible deal. Do not also forget to bargain if you can!

What Makes The Best Rabbit Brush?

So now you know why you need a rabbit brush, and what to consider its time to find one. This next section of the article examines exactly what it takes to make the best rabbit brush.


A good rabbit brush has to be very strong. This is to reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and damages. It is to also minimize the costs of repairs and maintenance you might have to incur.


Apart from being strong, the brush must also be durable. This simply means that other parts like the joints and thistles also have to be firm and strong. This is the difference between strength and feeling built to last. With a durable brush, you won’t spend money on repairs or maintenance very often.

Easy to Clean

Obviously, the brush will sustain dirt and debris. They have to be cleaned to rid them of this. The best rabbit brush has to be easy to clean. It has to be waterproof as waters used to wash them.

Reputable Brand

As stated, some brands are better than others. They are more reliable and have an excellent track record. Such brands are also accompanied by a generous warranty and robust after-sale-services. The best rabbit brush has to be of a reputable brand. This is the only way you will leverage these benefits.


Obviously, everyone wants to spend as little as possible. You want a brush that is cheap and very affordable. Be sure to compare various brushes and retailers. Go ahead and settle for the cheapest option to enable you to achieve this.


Due to their tender and delicate skin, rabbits are prone to bruises and bleeding. It is for this reason that you want to factor in their safety as well. The safety of a brush is largely determined by the thickness of the thistles. Safer brushes have finer thistles and vice versa.

Things To Avoid When Buying A Brush For Rabbit Grooming

This next section details some of the things to be avoided when looking for a rabbit brush.

Used Rabbit Brushes

Do not buy used brushes. This is for two reasons, used brushes do hold germs which may inflict diseases on the rabbits. Rabbits could also develop allergies and other diseases when in contact with used brushes. Spare them these problems by settling for brand new brushes.

Cheaper Brushes

Cheaper brushes are generally lower in quality, and have a shorter lifespan. This means look for good quality brushes, regardless of price tag. As they say – cheap can end up expensive.

Expired Warranty

Warranties come in handy when trying out a new product. This is because the products can sustain damages or possess faulty parts and components. So make sure you avoid any brushes that come with a poor warranty.

Ordinary Brushes

There is usually the temptation of using ordinary brushes to groom the rabbits. Never do this! As stated, the fur and skins of rabbits are very tender and delicate. Ordinary brushes, on the other hand, are designed for hard floor surfaces.

Using them on the delicate skin of rabbits can inflict a lot of harm.

Our Final Thoughts

Despite being not as vital as other care products such as rabbit water bottles, rabbit brushes play an important role in your bunnies life. We hope this article has helped you on your mission in finding the best rabbit brush. Rabbits have delicate skin so it’s vital you buy something purpose built. If you decide to buy any of the brushes in this article we’re sure you’ll end up with a good quality rabbit brush.