Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Rabbit

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Last Updated: November 23, 2018

Rabbits are really great pets, that can bring their owner lots of joy. They are gentle and kind, aren’t poisonous nor venomous and don’t bring harm to other animals. They are not at all likely to inflict any harm on you or your family members. With this considered, getting a rabbit is something that would benefit any loving household.

They are however delicate and demanding. They are prone to all kinds of issues. These include pests and diseases, weather patterns, thieves, predators, and constant interferences. Therefore, great caution has to be taken by all who may want to keep them.

Before Getting A Rabbit You Should Know

As we’ve said, you must take precautions before getting yourself a pet rabbit. The failure to uphold these precautions may normally bring along undesirable consequences. Failure to do so may result in your rabbit coming to harm or being mistreated. This is why certain issues have to be put right before making the first step of acquiring a rabbit.

Examples of these issues include the health of your rabbit, food supplies, security of the rabbit, and so on. We are going to identify, highlight, and examine this in greater detail. Hopefully this puts you on the right track for your new found fluffy friend.

Feeding Habits

You have to examine the feeding habits of the rabbits. While doingg this, look out for such issues as allergies, the rabbit’s favorite meals, and unfavourable food. This will determine the kinds of foods you should feed your bun. Generally your rabbits diet should consist of hay, grass and rabbit pellets.

Existence of Predators

Rabbits are vulnerable to predators. These include stray dogs, cats, and foxes. Before bringing in a rabbit into your home, be certain that these predators do not exist around your area. If predators do live in your vicinity, make appropriate security arrangements. This can involve predator and weather proofing your rabbit hutch.

Likelihoods of Thefts

Just like predators, rabbits are also prone to theft by third parties and unsuspected passers by. For this reason, be sure to safeguard them against these kinds of threats. Find out whether your area has a high rate of animal thefts.

Rabbits Need a Fresh Water Supply

Rabbits need plenty of water. They only take fresh water and may be poisoned or even seriously harmed by salty or contaminated water. They also urinate a lot and may contaminate their cages with smell and germs. This is why you also have to factor in the water supply and waste disposal.

Rabbit Health

Rabbit does not differ widely from humans and other animals. They too fall sick. They may also have some chronic disorders like diabetes or high blood pressure. This means you have to examine your rabbit’s health carefully before bringing them in. Find out the existence of any such health issues and put in place a substantive intervention mechanism.

Unique Requirements

Rabbits may have specialist needs related to their health. These include disabilities, psychological disorders, and predispositions. You also have to examine your rabbit of interest against such issues. You should then proceed to put in place credible intervention measures to curb or mitigate the issues.


This is perhaps the most significant of all the various products necessary. This is because the rabbits spend much of their time within the house. They are sedentary and hardly go out roaming around. A good house has to be spacious and well ventilated. This is to prevent suffocation and allow the rabbit to move about freely.


Once in awhile, your rabbit may often have to leave its house to go elsewhere. These could be a visit to the veterinarian, to stroll around, or long distance travels. To do this conveniently, your rabbit requires a carrier. Search for a good carrier that can inflict as minimal harm to your harms to your rabbits as possible.

Food and Water Bowls

Because rabbits eat a lot, it is imperative that you supply it with food and water bowls. Buy different food bowls for different kinds of foods. These include jars for water, feeders to hold the hays in place, and bulk food storage. Be sure to acquire many of them to allow changing them frequently.

Litter Boxes

Rabbits, as has already been stated, urinate and defecate a lot. For this reason, you have to acquire several litter boxes exclusively for these twin purposes. These litter boxes have to be easy to clean as this will prevent germs from building up. They should also be lighter to aid in waste disposal.

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In all, this process of preparing your premise for rabbits is very important. You must, therefore, carry out strict due diligence. You have to study your home thoroughly and dedicate a portion of it wholly to the keeping rabbits. This is the only way to avoid much of the problems that may come along later.

Committing to a pet rabbit isn’t something that you should do on the spur of the moment. Take plenty of your time to study the rabbit of choice. Take your time also to make adequate preparations. The likelihood of making any mistakes reduces drastically if you spread out the entire process long enough. It will decrease the likelihood that you overlook or miss something important.

Since you want to spend as little amount of money as possible, you have to compare the prices and quality of products. Doing so will see to it that you examine what the various products may have to offer first and foremost. You will in the process have the luxury of determining which one most suits your unique preferences.

And finally, you do not want to make any mistakes on the kind of rabbit you eventually settle for. That is why you also have to examine the various species available. Be sure that the species you eventually settle on is able to thrive in your climatic conditions and environments.