Automatic Rabbit Feeders – Are They Worth It?

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Are automatic rabbit feeders right for you and your needs? How you answer that question will depend largely on two factors. The first one being your lifestyle, the second one being which type of rabbit owner you are.

Everyone leads different lives but there are common grounds that we have that we can use to relate to other people very easily. Whether you’re in full time education, employment or a full time parent; lots of people lead busy lives. So, would an automatic rabbit feeder enhance yours and your rabbits lifestyle?

Our BEST Rated Automatic Rabbit Feeders 

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This is a question that I want you to keep in mind when you are asking yourself if you need an automatic rabbit feeder. Although it’s not the most important decision you’ll make this year, you need to be sure you need one before you buy. Luckily for you this is something you should know the answer to by the end of this article.

Automatic Feeders Can Suit Every Owner

Sometimes, you won’t be around the house. However, when rabbits are hungry they need to be fed. This is a commitment you made to your rabbit when you decided to take it on as your pet. So, it is important to bear this in mind when you are looking to get yourself an automatic rabbit feeder. Again, this is not the biggest decision that you would have to make; but it’s an important one.

In this post you are going to find are different scenarios that relate to you if you are looking to have an automatic rabbit feeder. Whether you are looking to buy a rabbit or you already have a rabbit in your care, you will learn if you actually need an automatic rabbit feeder.

Below we have listed some of the considerations to make when deciding whether to get an automatic rabbit feeder. We have also reviewed our 2 recommended rabbit feeders.

Single house rabbits

So, let’s start at most basic example of someone who has a single pet. You could be a parent looking to buy a rabbit for your child and you want to make sure that they aren’t too forgetful with the new rabbit. You may be a twenty-something who has enough room in her heart to finally get a rabbit of your own.

Depending on busy your lifestyle should dictate whether you need an automatic rabbit feeder. As the lucky owner of a single pet rabbit, you would know if you have a rabbit in your home and if your memory serves, you would know that rabbits need to eat regularly.

If you have a calm life where you don’t have to worry about having to forget about that one single pet in your home. Even if you have a busy lifestyle, you need to make sure you don’t forget about feeding your bun. However, that’s not to say that an automatic rabbit feeder wouldn’t supplement it’s feeding.

Multiple House Rabbits

Now, we are breaching away from the single-pet owned home to the home that has multiple rabbits running in your home.

Maybe your rabbit had some offspring and its offspring is running around, hopping everywhere. The question (that could be revisited) is, “Do I need an automatic rabbit feeder?”

When you have multiple rabbits running throughout your home, it would make some good sense for you to go out and buy yourself an automatic rabbit feeder. They are relatively cheap with them costing just around $50 or less.

If you still feel that you can feed five rabbits that are speeding across your home manually, then you are free to test your abilities to do that. However, if you have a job. If you have a life that is not completely dedicated to taking care of your multiple rabbits, then buying an automatic rabbit feeder can definitely be in your best interest.

At this point, you are paying for convenience and the security of knowing that as long as you are buying rabbit food pellets, your rabbits will be fed from the automatic rabbit feeder. This way, you can dedicate your time to other rabbit care taking duties or having a life outside of this.

Owning A Farm

You own a farm with multiple types of lifestock. You have horses, cows, and chicken on your farm. You also happen to own rabbits as they happen to make great fertilizer for your crops.

We don’t have to be a rocket scientist to state that rabbits need to eat regularly. However, if you are taking care of all of those animals at once. It might make more sense if you are able to feed the rabbits better and in a more sustainable way by getting yourself an automatic rabbit feeder.

You are looking to save yourself some time and some convenience However, you must always be able to feed your rabbits on time consistently and never once have you ever relapse in your habitual responsibility to ensure that the rabbits were fed.

However, like all emergencies, there’s something that requires your attention. Maybe, there’s a violation on your farm that you need to take care of. Maybe, there’s your truck just broke down and you need to be able to fix it promptly. Either way, that is time that is taking away from your lifestock to you having to deal with emergencies.

You could end up forgetting to feed your rabbits. It’ll be evening and you will have to decide to feed your rabbits or go to bed. You don’t want to have to make that decision – especially when you are super tired.Because of that, the best decision that you can make is that you get yourself an automatic rabbit feeder so you wouldn’t have to make that decision.

So, if you own a farm, there are definite benefits for getting yourself an automatic rabbit feeder.

Small Pet Store

You have a small pet store. If it’s an independently owned you don’t have to respond to an overarching corporate body. Your pet store wasn’t franchised from a giant corporate entity. You don’t have everything that is being taken care for you.

Maybe you run this store on your own or you have several employees. Because of this, your pet store makes sure (or as close as you can) to make sure that your pet store is about to feed all the pets that are within your care.

You may have a stricter regime in place to make sure that the pets in your store are getting fed. You have checklist just in case you or your part-time employees make a mistake.

If you’re a small business with few employees, you may not have the luxury of employing staff to feed your pets. The essential thing regardless of your situation is that each and every pet is cared for. You always need to ask yourself when it comes to pets, are they getting the attention that they need from you?

For this reason alone, even if you own a small pet store that is consistently feeding their pets on time, getting an automatic rabbit feeder would be in your best interests. The reason for this is because you will be able to save time with the rabbits already being fed so you can tend to other pets that also need your attention.

Yes, pets are not just numbers, they’re animals with their own individualised needs so use automation as a way to service those individualized needs would be crucial and beneficial for the other pets in your pet store.

Traveling Professional With A Rabbit

You found yourself in an employment opportunity where you are able to travel professionally for your job or your consultancy. You just happen to have a rabbit in your care. Of course, you love your little rabbit but sadly you know that you can’t take it with you wherever you go. (If only, right?)

So, you leave your apartment but your rabbit is still there – wondering where its next meal is. Do you understand that you need an automatic rabbit feeder for this very reason. Sure, you can ask a neighbour to drop by to fill up the rabbits water and food. However, an automatic rabbit feeder would give you an extra sense of assurance while you’re away.

Specialised feeders can stop your rabbit eating too much as well, this can prevent you worrying about your rabbit overeating. If you are traveling professional with a pet rabbit then buying yourself an automatic rabbit feeder would be a great decision.

Our Recommended Automatic Rabbit Feeder Reviews

PETFLY Remote Control Automatic Feeder

This fantastic automatic rabbit feeder is made of high grade materials with a large LCT control panel. This is a very durable product and one that has convenient programming functionality to set up your automated feeding.

This supports the feeding of up to 5 meals per day. There are 12 different portion options for each meal, with each portion being around 25g of food.

The transparent hopper comes equipped with a large 10.6L capacity for dry food. It’s easy to monitor the amount of food left in the feeder and refill whenever you need to. However, the impressive features don’t stop there.

The feeder actual comes equipped with a voice recorder, and dual power supply (battery & rechargeable). This support remote controlling and feeding your pet with the press of a button. It’s easy to see how much easier this can make you and your buns lives.

Our Rating:
Voice Recording
Dual Power Supply
Remote Control Feeding

DecoStain Programmable Automative Pet Feeder

This is a great option if you’re looking for an automatic rabbit feeder. It allows you to set the number of meals, desired feeding times and portions. The feeder allows for flexible dispensing of food, with up to 1-12 portions, at selected 1-3 meals everyday.

This feeder also comes with voice recording functionality. It does so by playing a recorded voice message 3 times at meal times.

The transparent hopper holds up to 5 litres of dry foods, with a diameter between 5 and 15 milimetres. Like some other automatic rabbit feeders this also has a dual power supply, battery mode can be activated during a power cut. Low power indicator reminds you when batteries need to be replaced. This means your bun will never be left hungry due to forgetful battery changing.

This also comes with a 30 day money back warranty and a 60 day free exchange for quality issues.

Our Rating:
Voice Recording
Dual Power Supply
LCD display

So, Do You Need An Automatic Rabbit Feeder?

Luckily, you were able to look through all or at some of the scenarios that had best describe you to ultimately decided if you need an automatic rabbit feeder for your home.

While everyone’s needs are vastly different and no one can clearly state that you need an automatic rabbit feeder, it does make sense to make sure that you get yourself an automatic rabbit feeder if it would improve you and your buns lifestyle.

Of course, this goes against the notion if you are a child and you are looking to practice your first time in taking a rabbit on your own or you’re a parent who wants to make sure that your child understands the need to take a rabbit on their own.

You might not need automatic rabbit feeders at all because your child only has one rabbit to take care of. However, for other scenarios, especially if you own a business and you want to make sure that your rabbits are taken care when you leave or when you own business that deals with animals specifically.


Automatic rabbit feeders can never act as a replacement for manual feeding of your pets. We would only recommend purchasing one to assist you. Never to replace your feeding rabbits entirely. Always make sure your rabbit has constant access to hay and or grass. It needs to graze as it would naturally throughout the day. Always make sure you’re feeding your rabbit with healthy food.

While purchasing automatic rabbit feeders won’t save the world, it will give your world some extra time. When it comes to that, having an automatic rabbit feeder would be very beneficial in your situation.

Have your own experiences with automatic rabbit feeders? Whether you purchased one of the feeders in the review, or have general input we would love to hear it! Let us know in the comments section below.

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