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The Best Automatic Rabbit Feeders

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Are you looking for an automatic rabbit feeder? This post explores some of the best on the market.

After lots of careful consideration we found the DecoStain model to be the best automatic rabbit feeder. This is down to its programatic capability which included portion control and convenient timing functionality.

DecoStain Programmable Automative Pet Feeder

This is a great option if you’re looking for an automatic rabbit feeder. It allows you to set the number of meals, desired feeding times and portions. The feeder allows for flexible dispensing of food, with up to 1-12 portions, at selected 1-3 meals everyday.

This feeder also comes with voice recording functionality. It does so by playing a recorded voice message 3 times at meal times.

The transparent hopper holds up to 5 litres of dry foods, with a diameter between 5 and 15 milimetres. Like some other automatic rabbit feeders this also has a dual power supply, battery mode can be activated during a power cut. Low power indicator reminds you when batteries need to be replaced. This means your bun will never be left hungry due to forgetful battery changing.

This also comes with a 30 day money back warranty and a 60 day free exchange for quality issues.

PETFLY Remote Control Automatic Feeder

This fantastic automatic rabbit feeder is made of high grade materials with a large LCT control panel. This is a very durable product and one that has convenient programming functionality to set up your automated feeding.

This supports the feeding of up to 5 meals per day. There are 12 different portion options for each meal, with each portion being around 25g of food.

The transparent hopper comes equipped with a large 10.6L capacity for dry food. It’s easy to monitor the amount of food left in the feeder and refill whenever you need to. However, the impressive features don’t stop there.

The feeder actual comes equipped with a voice recorder, and dual power supply (battery & rechargeable). This support remote controlling and feeding your pet with the press of a button. It’s easy to see how much easier this can make you and your buns lives.

Automatic Feeders Buyers Guide

Automatic Rabbit Feeders Buyers Guide Section

Sometimes, you won’t be around the house. However, when rabbits are hungry they need to be fed. This is a commitment you made to your rabbit when you decided to take it on as your pet. So, it is important to bear this in mind when you are looking to get yourself an automatic rabbit feeder. Again, this is not the biggest decision that you would have to make; but it’s an important one.

In this post you are going to find are different scenarios that relate to you if you are looking to have an automatic rabbit feeder. Whether you are looking to buy a rabbit or you already have a rabbit in your care, you will learn if you actually need an automatic rabbit feeder.

House Rabbits

So, let’s start at most basic example of someone who has a single pet. You could be a parent looking to buy a rabbit for your child and you want to make sure that they aren’t too forgetful with the new rabbit. Or you could be any age and finally finally ready to get a rabbit of your own.

Rabbits aren’t play toys and you simply can’t forget about feeding them. They should always have access to plenty of hay so that they can graze as they would in their natural environment. However, an automatic rabbit feeder is a great way to add an extra feeding source for your rabbit. This is especially true if your rabbit has the run of the house as you can place this in a seperate room to your rabbits regular food supply.

If you have multiple rabbits then this also applies. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have some fresh offspring hopping around the house. With space being limited in your house the more food supplies you have the better. You might find your bunnies food source is now a little crowded with all the little ones.

If you have multiple rabbits they’re likely to appreciate any extra feeding space they can find!

What to Look for in an Automatic Rabbit Feeder

When looking for an automatic rabbit feeders you’ll want to make sure it’s good quality. In this section of the buyers guide we explore some of the characteristics that make a great quality automated feeder.

Stick to The Budget

This is self explanatory but we cannot stress the importance of sticking to your allocated budget. This is due to the fact that automatic pet feeders can go into the hundreds of dollars. Remember, unlike cats or dogs rabbits don’t have allocated meal times. They should be able to graze freely on a food supply throughout the day. Where automatic feeders may be a primary source of food for other pets, they’re strictly supplemental for rabbits. This is why we advise not going over budget just because you like the “extra features” of another feeder.


You’ll need to find something that is of good enough quality to feed your precious rabbit. This means something that won’t cause any harm to your bunny. The best way to ensure you find something of great quality is by reading reviews. Other customers who have bought the product will be able to give you a first hand account of the quality of the product. This allows you to make a more informed buying decision. It’s also helpful to stick to known brands when shopping for quality products. However, it’s worth noting that a recognised name brand doesn’t always mean the product will be the best quality!

Easy to Use 

You need to make sure you’re comfortable with using the automated feeder. This is true whether you go all out and get a fancy electronic feeder, or stick to something more old fashioned. Understanding how to use the feeder is vital to your rabbit taking a liking to it. We recommend that you read the manual that comes with the product to get to grips with using it first of all. Secondaly, it’s worth doing a practice run. If you buy a timed automated feeder then it’s worth you trying out the timer before relying on it to work first time. With a cautious approach you should easily master how to work your new rabbit feeder.

Consider Your Options

It’s important to consider what you want to get from a rabbit feeder. Remember, most are designed to distribute pellet type feed. If you’re looking for something to distribute foods more suited to rabbits such as hay you’ll want to pick up a rabbit hay feeder.

Final Thoughts

As we look to wrap this article up it’s important we remind you of the following:

Important Notice:
Automatic rabbit feeders can never act as a replacement for manual feeding of your pets. We would only recommend purchasing one to assist you. Never to replace your feeding rabbits entirely. Make sure your rabbit has constant access to hay and or grass. It needs to graze as it would naturally throughout the day.

While purchasing automatic rabbit feeders won’t save the world, they will provide your rabbit with a little more fun and provide them with an additional food supply.


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